CISabroad - Semester in Ghana
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CISabroad - Semester in Ghana

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Go off the beaten path and spend a semester in Ghana with CISabroad! Study at University of Cape Coast and choose from a variety of course offerings including: foreign relations, sustainable development, and West African music and dance. Full of festivals, castles, and markets, Cape Coast is a diverse and interesting city full of friendly propel willing to introduce you to the Ghanian culture.

Ghana is Africa's safest and most prosperous country, politically stable and highly multicultural. It serves as a perfect study abroad destination, especially when considering the beautiful beaches and tropical climate.

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20 years old
Winona, MN
Winona State University

Adventures in Ghana


Last spring I studied abroad in Ghana through CISabroad. I had an absolutely amazing experience. I learned so much about life and the world around us. Ghana is a wonderful country to learn about a different part of the world that not many people choose to visit. CIS works as a middle man between your home university and the university abroad. They set you up with a pre-depature orientation to let you know what to pack and prepare for. Also, the site directors (who are AMAZING!) take you on a week long orientation once you arrive in country. It feels like a mini vacation to help you adjust. They are also there to teach you about the culture and daily life. CISabroad puts a lot of work in to make sure you are prepared and have a great experience abroad. I highly recommend studying abroad in Ghana.

How can this program be improved?

I would love to see more organised events planned, but it's not too hard to plan things for yourself.

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24 years old
Tuscaloosa, AL
University of Alabama- Birmingham

Life Changing Semester in Ghana!


I cherish the time I spent in Cape Coast. I especially enjoyed the people I met while walking around the market, the food, and the ocean breeze. My seamstress, Adelina, was AWESOME. Try to find her if you can. She works near "London Bridge"/crab statue area up the road towards Kotokruaba. The Hayford is one of the greatest "western" restaurants in town. The owners are super sweet and you can call ahead to get the table you want. Eat as much fufu and redred you can while you're in Ghana; it is impossible to find elsewhere!

How can this program be improved?

Communication with the on-campus Centre for International Education (CIE) could be improved. Information from them is usually delayed and/or given to only one student to disseminate to the rest. This was frustrating, but they were an overall helpful resource.

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24 years old
Winona, MN
Winona State University

Semester in Ghana


I had a fantastic experience with CISabroad. I participated in the Semester in Ghana program and loved every second of it. The administration was great (both in the US and Ghana) and they helped the students every step of the way. There was a bit of a housing issue halfway through our semester, and CISabroad staff worked around the clock to accommodate us and make sure that we were okay. The orientation program for this was also great - we traveled a lot around the country and felt like locals before the semester even began. If you have a chance to travel with CISabroad, DO IT! You won't regret it.

How can this program be improved?

The price for the program (although the cheapest CISabroad semester) is kind of expensive. If you ask me, though, it's worth it, because they do everything they can to accommodate you, keep you safe, and keep you informed.

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