Art on the Move: Athens, Greece
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Art on the Move: Athens, Greece

The unique landscape of the Greek islands and the multilayered city of Athens provide the setting for this intensive three-week studio art course. Through a series of lectures, studio work, daily excursions to archaeological sites and museums, contemporary galleries and engagement with land and sea, students will have the opportunity to weave global history and theory into the practice of making art. Our methods will be interdisciplinary and open to various modes of expression, which might include but are not limited to, drawing and painting, performance, installation, photography and video.

A central mission of the course will be to consider artifacts from the cultural past not only in regard to their influence but also in terms of their contemporary relevance.

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Cost includes: Tuition, excursions, housing, course materials, medical insurance, on-site orientation, pre-departure and on-site support. Scholarships and financial aid are available.

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Program Reviews (2)

22 years old
Oakridge, Oregon

Greece and Art is the Perfect Start


Our group of 14 students spent 3 wonderful weeks in Greece. Our first week was spent on the mainland, in little apartments in Athens with a balcony blocks away from a square where we could enjoy authentic Greek food until late hours of the night. Those first seven days were packed with excursions that almost wore us too thinly. It was inspiring and incredible to witness thousand year old temples and monuments, but we almost had to see too many things in too short of a period of time. Many of us wishes to have had more time to explore while visiting each place, but nonetheless, they were a wonderful experience that tough us many things about history and ancient practices.
The second week we spent on the little island of Spetses. It was good timing, seeing as we were all a bit warn out from everything we'd seen. We were given that week to relax and unleash our bent-up creativity. The island was the perfect location to take some time to create and observe. We were open to explore on our own and find the nooks and crannies we left most comfortable in. However busy the first week was, it in combination with the second week of peace made for some good material.
Our last week was spent back in Athens, trying to prepare our projects. Athens is an incredible city to throw yourself into. It is full of cultural fascinations, positive energy, hope, and delicious food. As an artist, not only do you get to witness a plethora of ancient and modern art, but get to experience a somewhat conceptual atmosphere of mixing cultural values. Greece is a wonderful place to study art. Our program itself had its ups and downs, being the first of its kind, but it overall brought all 14 students closer together and made for an unforgettable experience. Plus, how could it not be great with such a wonderful, inspirational, intelligent professor?

How can this program be improved?

My only thought for improvement would be the overall scheduling of the program. I was absolutely, positively incredible to see so many ancient parts of Greece, but it was a bit difficult on everyone to try to see so many in one week. They were all valuable, but I feel as though they would be better enjoyed spread out where time could actually be taken to explore and learn about each place. I've almost been toying with the idea of the trip being a full month instead of three weeks–it could allow for time to explore all the wonders of Greece, bask in the glory and inspiration of the island, and still have time to come together to create final projects without feeling to warn out.

Default avatar
27 years old
University of Oregon

Remember to Pause


Greece was absolutely amazing and I already want to return. One thing I'd recommend to all travelers is to remember to pause and take it all in. Especially with us art students their are so many things to photograph. I was averaging three hundred pictures a day and my pictures are wonderful, but my memories are most vivid from when I took a moment for myself to just take it all in. While visiting the monuments and museums it doesn't feel real at times because you are viewing things you have only seen in books. Not to mention the size of these monuments are mind blowing to think they were built so long ago. In addition, the history we learn was so vivid and alive. So give yourself some time to think about whose foot steps you might be walking in.

How can this program be improved?

I would have made this program longer!

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