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At Global Education Oregon, we create pathways to international, experiential learning for students, faculty, and university partners. Founded on the belief that international engagement is integral to developing global citizens, we prepare students for a 21st century workforce, creating exceptional academic and professional development opportunities abroad.

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I spent this past summer in Dublin, Ireland attending a comprehensive film course at the Institute of Art Design and Technology (IADT). I had never been out of the country prior but I always knew I wanted to go abroad, I just never really imagined it possible. This particular course caught my eye, for one Ireland, I think for many is a dream destination to visit and second, having the opportunity to study film with professionals is a once in a lifetime experience. Aside from attending the course, traveling around Ireland with a new group of about 20 friends is pretty awesome. You meet new people and see new things around every corner. One of the highlights was heading down to the forty-foot after class to swim and bum on the beach, not something you'd picture for a typical day in Ireland!

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The Genius of Study Abroad: Revolutionary Imagination program was an enriching and enlightening experience for me. Dr. Mossberg is a master of creating a class that, while applicable to all students, feels unique for each individual student. I enjoyed the setup of one city per week, especially since I had never been to Europe before. If someone is looking for a more immersive, longer stay in one location this is not the program for you. One thing the program could improve is the housing situation — at certain hostels six students would stay in a room built for four people. All in all, the Revolutionary Imagination program was one of the highlights of my college experience.

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Never before have I left the country. Ireland was an incredible first destination abroad. The scenery and culture were incredibly beautiful and enlightening. This experience was unique for I experienced it with several close friends; together we made the most of our experiences by exploring the landscape as well as a multitude of intriguing historical sites. Culture shock is often a fear for many before traveling abroad. I can assure potential students that the culture shock was very minimal as Irish culture is extremely welcoming, understanding and accommodating of students studying abroad. This was a life changing experience that I will never forget as it has opened my eyes to the fascinating world beyond the United States.

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If you are planning to minor in Italian, this program will be amazing for you. It is fantastic for the language, because you get the opportunity to live with Italian students, so you speak the language in class and at your home. The additional courses that are offered here as well are very immersive, as they include trips to take the classroom outside, which helps you become more immersed in the city and the learning. I took Italian 203, Wine in Italy, Food and Culture, and Cross Cultural Communications. I visited wineries, bakeries, churches and museums, learning hands on making the experience more fun! The city feel safe, for you to explore alone and with friends. The food that you can find is amazing, from great Carbonara to good pizzas. Not only do you see what is in Siena, you will go on bi-weekly excursions that allow you to see a lot of Tuscany, experience their individual cuisine and culture, and learn everyday beyond academics, and how to live the calm Italian lifestyle, to enjoy the trip, day by day.

How can this program be improved?
The Italian 203 course seem a little too jam packed, as each section felt rushed, that is my only concern, it can be improved by removing some sections so we can focus more in-depth with the more important ones!
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Overall I had a great time in Segovia. The teachers were great, the material we learned was useful and not too challenging either. My favorite part about my experience was having a host family. My host family welcomed me into their home as if I were a child of their own and that felt great. One con I will say about the program is that Segovia is a small little town, so at times it could get a little bit boring, with that said I definitely took advantage of traveling on weekends.

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