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Spiritual, beautiful, and home to some 1.2 billion people, the vibrancy and sheer scale of India is peerless. And with CIEE study abroad in Hyderabad, it’s yours to discover.

Combining a robust curriculum with genuine intercultural experiences, you’ll earn credit towards your major/minor while exploring the cultural and economic significance of the largest democracy on earth. Situated at the gateway between northern and southern India, Hyderabad’s location give you fascinating insight into the linguistic, culinary, political, religious, and cultural diversity of the region.

Study abroad in Hyderabad and you will:

- Choose from extensive course options with unique courses for majors in the following areas: english literature, political science, South Asian history, philosophy, religious studies, sociology, and visual arts. There are also notable options for students needing coursework in biology and biochemistry

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  • Housing 9.4
  • Safety 8.6
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Adventure of a Lifetime!

I loved my semester with CIEE in Hyderabad! India was a big switch from Indiana, but the CIEE staff was incredibly supportive every step of the way. Culture, classes, travel, health, and emotional health - they were there for everything! The semester allowed me to stretch myself and learn in ways that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to do elsewhere. Besides being loads of fun that I will always remember, it helped me deepen my relationship with my then boyfriend / now-fiancee (originally from nearby Visakhapatnam), enables me to connect with Desi people wherever I am, taught me to think in new ways, and helped me get into a career in economic development.

It's easy to travel to and get around in other Western countries at any point in your life, but a semester with CIEE in India is absolutely irreplaceable. Definitely the right choice for me :)

Yes, I recommend this program

Best Academic Decision I Ever Made

I am so beyond grateful that I chose to study abroad with CIEE Arts + Sciences in Hyderabad. Although I had been out of the US for brief trips before, this was the first time that I ever spent a prolonged period of time abroad. I was nervous. I was excited. I didn't know what to expect or what I was getting myself into. Fortunately, I absolutely had the time of my life and if I could relive the entire experience, I undoubtedly would.

The other reviews seem to have already provided a lot of substantive information, so I'll just share a few thoughts/observations/memories:

At first I did not think I wanted to do a homestay. However, I changed my mind upon arrival, and I am happy that I did. I lived with three other students in a home near campus with a wonderful Indian couple. Settling in off campus helped ease me into life outside of the university while introducing me to an amazingly gracious host family.

Classes are more lecture-oriented than I was used to. I took a course in the politics department and listening to the students discuss current events was fascinating. Also, campus is gigantic and learning to navigate it was a fun challenge. Bikes were provided to us and that certainly facilitated exploring.

Travel (City/Beyond):
I really made a point of familiarizing myself with the city's public transportation (bus, rickshaw, the MMTS train system). This made weekend and post-class jaunts around town a lot easier. Also, as was mentioned in other reviews, Hyderabad is centrally located within India and it isn't hard to get to a lot of other great travel destinations quickly (by bus or train). There is so much to do! It should also be noted that CIEE does a great job of helping everyone learn how to use the trains, rickshaws, buses, etc. when they arrive.

Study Abroad Cohort:
This was probably the best part. I made great friends and the shared experience of everything above made for an irreplaceable life-changing semester.

Yes, I recommend this program
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I arrived to India on December 27th, 2018, and immediately upon getting off of my plane, I was greeted by a man that asked me if I was Enrique. That was my first interaction with Kalyan, one of the program's staff, and that first time truly foreshadowed just how prepared and supportive the staff was. In the first week or so we were given bikes to get around the huge campus, it was arranged for us to get cell phones from an Indian cellular service, and even the orientation before the semester started was longer and far more immersive than other programs there.

One of the first things we did was go on a scavenger hunt all across Hyderabad, in groups of 3 competing against each other, and that day gave us a giant tour of the city and the knowledge of how to best get around via rickshaw. The teachers were very accommodating and one of the language teachers, Bhavani, would actually invite students over about once a month to learn how to prepare various Indian dishes and snacks.

I did a homestay, instead of staying at the Tagore International House on campus. My host family was very welcoming and it truly felt like I was part of their family. I still stay in touch with one of my host brothers and we hope to visit each other again in both the US and India. My host mother was amazing, and despite the language barrier, she was able to explain to me what certain holidays meant and how to prepare dishes like daal and aloo gobi. I did end up spending a considerable amount of time in Tagore to hang out with other students in the program. The social space set up their was pretty nice; a lot of ping pong games were played there, and a lot of great movies were watched. Mr. Das, the guy in charge of everything involving Tagore and its residents, was a great guy and always helped anyone book a bus, plane, or hostel, when we wanted to travel outside of Hyderabad.

We even had a cultural show at Tagore, which was the result of the program affording students the opportunity to learn how to play instruments like the tabla or the sitar, how to dance various styles of Indian dance, and yoga. We got to showcase what we had learned in our respective extracurriculars towards the end of the program and it was such a fun night that the program planned, and out of the many fond memories I have of my time there, that one is one of the ones that stands out to me.

I loved my study abroad experience and I'm beyond happy that I ended up choosing CIEE Hyderabad because I do believe it was an integral part of just how immersive my experience was. I still keep in regular contact with some staff and teachers and I hope to visit them again on my next trip to India.

How can this program be improved?
I can't think of any improvements to the program, but I would recommend to students to be very flexible and open-minded. Power outages are a thing, and it gets pretty hot in the spring, so be prepared for that.
Yes, I recommend this program

Best Decision I Have Ever Made

I had studied abroad before but this experience was exceptional. The staff changed my experience. They were available for emotional support to chai time chats. I always felt welcome and free to ask any questions I might have. We had a much more balanced view than other study abroad programs in the same university. CIEE provided a longer orientation, trips as a group, supplies for events and more. I have never felt more safe or happier than I did while I was in India with CIEE.

Many people were nervous about me going so far but with CIEE's backing, there was no need. The advisors gave us many options and were constantly there to help us. Even while we were traveling in other parts of the country, they were always available on the phone. They were some of the kindest people I have met and I was privileged to have their support. I am so thankful I was able to have this experience and would recommend it to everyone.

How can this program be improved?
The program itself is spectacular, one of the best study abroad companies in my opinion. However, you must take into account the different education system. You pick your classes on arrival so you should be prepared that you might not get all of your choices. I do believe that this experience was so much more about the learning outside of the classroom.
Yes, I recommend this program

Excellent program

The CIEE staff did a phenomenal job of ensuring we learned about Indian culture through immersion and gave us the skills to navigate the country on our own and create a meaningful experience. Not only did we learn about culture, but we had important discussions about modern India that apply to any field of study. India can be overwhelming, but this program made it a fun experience and the staff were always there to support us. They truly treated us like family. Three years later we're still in touch and I've gone back to visit!

Yes, I recommend this program

So much to experience

Studying abroad in Hyderabad, India, was one of the best experiences of my life, and this was largely due to (a) the amazing CIEE program and staff, (b) my homestay, (c) the cultural context, and (d) international and local friends.

(a) The CIEE program itself provided enough structure, but also flexibility, in creating an enriching study abroad experience. There were unique opportunities presented to us such as the arts-based classes (classical dance, henna, etc), the "fieldtrips" (the scavenger hunt around the city, visiting a weaving studio), and seminars delivered by local lecturers. The CIEE staff are incredible - they became not only my support, but my friends, and we are still in touch. The staff goes above and beyond to make this a wonderful journey for all students, and they go out of their way to accommodate the needs of each.

(b) One of the ways the program staff accommodated me was by allowing me to secure my own homestay. This made a huge difference for me because living outside of the university was important for my interests as a student of anthropology. I enjoyed my host family immensely, and I learned a lot from my daily commute using public transportation, which was challenging.

(c) Hyderabad itself has so much to offer. It is bursting with flavors, sounds, scents, colors, and people. It has an interesting mix of North and South India, but yet it has its own history and culture as well.

(d) My friends from the CIEE program, as well as from my university classes made my stay in India so full and fun. I had a roommate during my homestay and it was great to develop a close friendship with her. We even traveled together, and those are some of my best memories - my favorite being our trip to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. I also made some Indian friends who I learned so much from.

Overall, this was one of the most transformative semesters of my college years. For each person, it is and will be different, but that's what makes study abroad so powerful. With CIEE Hyderabad, you're sure to benefit from it greatly!

Yes, I recommend this program

Best five months of my life

I really enjoyed my experience in this program. From orientation to my departure back to the U.S. I knew I had support from the administrators of the program. They made sure that we had the resources we needed (or at least knew how to find them) and were there to ensure we had a fun time as well. I really felt like they did what they could to ensure our time abroad was the best it could've been. Honestly great.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Wonderful cultural immersion semester!

I can't begin to say how happy I am with my semester with CIEE Arts + Sciences in Hyderabad. Hosted at the University of Hyderabad's Study in India Program, this program offers a manageable introduction to Indian culture, history, and society. The program courses are designed for international students, with the option to study in the broader university and customize your curriculum as desired. Students can integrate as much into university life as wanted, and can branch out off campus through homestays and volunteering. The staff is caring and capable, experienced in working with American students and full of recommendations and advice.

Hyderabad is a dynamic city that is changing every day, with young professionals from all across India (and the world) calling it home. The tech industry is most well known here, but there are also many nonprofits, NGOs, and social enterprises with interesting missions and employees. (This also means that English is common, as well as Hindi and the local language Telugu.) It is a mix of north and south Indian cultures, cuisines, styles, and more, making it a great microcosm of the country. It's also centrally located which makes travel to different cities by plane, train, or bus possible.

Five years out, I credit this experience with helping me discover my career path. This past year I was even able to return to Hyderabad to work at a nonprofit; I lived just a short drive from campus. I am still close with my host family and friends from the university. This recent experience wouldn't have been possible without the connections and experiences I gained through the CIEE program.

Yes, I recommend this program

The best experience of my life

Living in India was life-changing in the best way! It was so beautiful, the landscape, the people, the food. Everything was incredible.the culture shock made me a stronger person so I feel like I can go anywhere in the world and feel confident. My favorite place was Varanasi on the river Ganga. The staff were like family. It’s just are able to experience the amazing Hyderabad while traveling through India on the weekends. I even developed close relationships with my Indian classmates. No words. DO IT!

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend this program
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Life changing

This is a great study abroad program. They offer a lot of support for students who have never been to India, or even those with minimal knowledge of the country. CIEE staffs are really good at making sure you are well adjusted and I encourage all the future participants of this program to really take advantage of the staffs, they can be extremely helpful. This program offers an excellent chance to see Indian university campus life and meet young people from all over India and from different background.

Yes, I recommend this program


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