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DCU Masters Programs

DCU offers a range of Master Programs across five faculties.

The five faculties are as follows:
-DCU Institute of Education
-DCU Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
-DCU Business School (AACSB accredited)
-DCU Faculty of Engineering and Computing
-DCU Faculty of Science and Health Sciences

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36 years old
Dublin City University

Postgraduate at DCU from the US


Dublin City University is a great place to study and the people are very friendly.

The international office at DCU is phenomenal at what they do and are always ready to assist you in whatever your needs many be. Yet, when they don't have the answer, they are very helpful in guiding you in the right direction as best they are able.

DCU campus in Glasnevin is very safe for students, whether day or night. The Student Union and many societies within the college continuously put on events so you're sure to meet new people and friends in no time.

My programme was very rewarding to undertake as lecturers/professors were always helpful and offered guidance when asked. The classroom environment in all my modules/classes was wonderful. There was constant feedback and communication between the instructor and the students, often discussing topics academically where debate was encouraged. You very much get out of each module/class and programme what you put into it.

DCU has a decent gym, great swimming pool and indoor/outdoor locations for sports and activities which we frequently disposed of. Apart from the big canteen/cafe, several buildings have smaller ones that make it easier for everyone to get food during the day. There is also a local Spar where you can get groceries and visit their delicious deli where you can get all kinds of sandwiches, rolls and other things (the chicken fillet baguette and the breakfast rolls were my favourite!!!)

I would definitely encourage you to attend and experience it for yourself.

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27 years old
Dublin, Ireland
Dublin City University

Postgraduate Student from USA


Living abroad was something that I have always wanted to do. When I came to Dublin for a brief holiday in November 2015 I immediately fell in love with the charm of the city - its culture, the people, and the time spent here stuck with me well after I was back home. I started to look into postgraduate programs in Dublin and stumbled upon DCU's MSc in Public Relations and Strategic Communications program. I applied, I interviewed, and I was accepted.

I attended a university back in the states that has 55,000+ students. DCU has around 30,000 students and, although that is still a plethora of people, it hardly ever feels like you are just a number to the university as it did back home for me. Being an international student means I am a little needy and sometimes clueless. Thankfully, the DCU staff is superb and their response time to my emails and questions are always within a 24 hour window. My university email is bombarded daily with updates on events around or on-campus so there isn't a lack of student activities for someone far away from home.

This is the first year DCU is offering my course so the professors are learning just as my cohort is. What I appreciate the most is that the professors listen to our suggestions on how to make the program even better for the following class. For example, the course is a blended learning course so half of the lectures are done online. During the first semester, many of my peers struggled with the online portion of the course and made their frustrations clear to our professors. It is now the second semester and we still have online lectures; however, the professors rented a room on-campus for those who prefer to attend in-person than online. Their willingness to tailor the program to the needs of the students really proves to me how desperately they want to help us succeed.

I will never regret my choice to move abroad to Dublin or my choice to study at DCU. I recommend this university to anyone who is looking to study abroad for just a semester or a year. You will not be disappointed.

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29 years old

MSc in Digital Marketing


When I decided to apply for the masters in Digital Marketing at DCU, I already knew about the university's great reputation. Thus, during my year studying in its Business School, I could only prove it was the right choice. I experienced the routine of a super modern campus, which offers from library to gym and all kinds of support to the student, giving me a wonderful time. In class, besides academic research, I also developed a series of projects for local companies that provided me with a real-world experience. To make it even better, I had a unique opportunity to go on the programmes' annual trip to India, visit multinational companies - such as Wipro and IBM - and explore digital marketing from an international perspective.

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26 years old
Dublin City University

MSc in Human Resource Management


I found my time here at DCU as a postgraduate student to be exceptional! The Msc in Human Resource Management programme provided me with both theoretical and practical experiences that I found invaluable when securing a job. I thoroughly enjoyed the varied content of the course as well as the practical expertise and advice from the lecturers. With the skills I developed from the programme and the support provided by DCU I was able to apply for the Graduate Scheme, which as a Non EU international student allowed me to gain work experience in a multinational company.

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31 years old
Atlanta, GA

Studying abroad at DCU


My time studying at DCU was honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made. During my time there, I learned so much academically. I also learned so much about myself and what it means to live as a global citizen. The staff was overwhelmingly helpful and helped make my experience a positive one. My only suggestion is to live off campus. While eliminating the need to commute, living on campus can mean the surroundings are often loud, which is not great for studying. Also, living off campus helped me to learn the city and the people a bit better than when I lived on campus. Nonetheless, DCU is a wonderful choice. You won't regret it.

23 years old



Ireland is ranked highly when it comes to information technology and computing and there are many multinational companies that use Ireland as a base for their HQs. This means there is huge scope and opportunity in the industry here for experience and graduate positions. At the Hub (Student union building) in DCU, there are 3 organizations working together to make sure you make the most of your time at DCU both in the lecture halls, and outside them. The Student Union’s doors are always open to students in need of anything from support, advice, clubs, societies, to events. The opportunities are endless!

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