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National University of Ireland - Galway
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Apartment Host Family


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Included: Personalized Pre-departure Advising; Tuition & Registration; Travel Medical Insurance; On-site Orientation; Housing; Volunteer Opportunities; On-site Staff Support; Excursions and Cultural Engagement; Host Institution Services & Amenities and more. Scholarships available.
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Some Accommodation Activities Airport Transfers Classes Travel Insurance
Jun 20, 2023
Sep 07, 2023
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About Program

Explore Ireland’s western coastline and learn what makes Galway the “cultural heart” of Ireland! Enjoy the thriving theater and music scene, taste the amazing seafood, and go kayaking at Salthill, a popular resort area on the northern shore of Galway Bay.

CEA CAPA partners with University of Galway, where you’ll study with Irish and other international students. Ranked among the top 1% of universities worldwide, University of Galway offers many areas of study: Accounting, Archaeology, Botany, Chemistry, Ecology, Economics, Engineering, English language and Literature, Environmental Sciences, Film Studies, Finance, French, Gender Studies, Geography, History, and Italian.

CEA CAPA offers volunteer opportunities, excursions to other cities, and many other cultural and learning activities to complement course offerings and turn Galway into a classroom.

Interested? Click the “Visit Site” button to learn what’s waiting for you, get out there!

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Diversity & Inclusion

BIPOC Support

CEA CAPA provides, in conjunction with Diversity Abroad, Destination Guides which provide resources and tips for Black/African-American students, Latinx students, Asian American students, and all other students of color.

LGBTQIA+ Support

Through our personalized advising, CEA CAPA takes steps to understand the needs of a diversity of student identities like the LGBTQIA+ community. In addition to diversity and identity training, CEA CAPA leadership engage in continuous department level project work to identify and revise policies and practices using the appropriate Justice, Equity, Diversity or Inclusion lens as a frame to reduce bias and barriers that impact students, faculty, and staff. CEA CAPA is intentional in elevating diverse student voices and providing a platform for a broad array of identities to share their experiences abroad. The CEA CAPA World Blog promotes stories and personal experiences from the perspectives of diverse student bloggers and vloggers.

Neurodivergent Support

CEA CAPA is willing and able to assist students with learning disabilities and physical disabilities. Students are requested to disclose disabilities through the application health forms as part of their application and in discussion with their application advisor or program manager. The earlier CEA CAPA is made aware of learning or physical disabilities the better we can work with the student, institution, and overseas team to tailor an Individualized Education Program if necessary to support the student.



CEA CAPA makes a conscious effort to create study abroad experiences that leave a positive impact on host communities. Each location implements a variety of strategies to support the local community and promote sustainability. Examples include:

Use of recycling bins in Study Center locations and in CEA CAPA housing

Signage in CEA CAPA housing urging students to limit water and electricity usage

Students are often given reusable bags and water bottles upon arrival to limit single plastic use

Students are provided with instructions for acquiring transportation passes to promote use of public transportation rather than taxis

Program Highlights

  • Hands-on learning experiences that transform the world abroad into a classroom
  • Personalized Pre-Departure Advising, including visa and immigration support
  • Courses offered in English that fulfill major and general graduation requirements
  • Comprehensive on-site support, including 24/7 emergency phone
  • Career workshops, Internships Abroad, and Alumni Ambassador positions

About National University of Ireland - Galway

National University of Ireland - Galway
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Year Founded:

Ask anyone who has studied at NUI Galway – it really is a place apart. Our riverside campus is warm and welcoming, and at the same time filled with ambition. It is home to a diverse and vibrant community of staff and students who are dynamic, creative and highly driven.

While firmly rooted in the west of Ireland, with its unique landscape and culture, we reach out to the world through a global network of projects and partnerships.

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  • Academics 4.35
  • Support 4.7
  • Fun 5
  • Housing 5
  • Safety 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Very rewarding cultural, educational, and personal experience

My program took place in Carraroe, Ireland, a town just outside of the city of Galway. This program was the perfect fit for me because it granted me several new experiences. I was immersed in a rural lifestyle, along with a new language and culture, and able to meet and connect with many different kinds of people. CEA CAPA is truly there for you through every step of studying abroad, from when you begin the application to when you're in the midst of the program and beyond. They encourage new experiences and foster independence while always granting you the support you need. I lived in a homestay during my program, so I felt that I was able to easily engage with the local community by getting to know my host family and hearing their stories. I also became good friends with the other students and we would organize fun excursions along with the several trips that CEA provides. Those excursions helped me explore places I would have never thought to visit and learn so much more about the history and beauty of Ireland. For academics, I took an Irish Language and Culture class. Although I had no prior knowledge of Irish, I found the course fascinating and so informative. I was able to practice my Irish with the locals at places like the grocery store or restaurants. Overall, my time abroad left me with lifelong friends from around the world and more confident in myself and my studies. It was an experience that will stick with me forever.

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Response from CEA CAPA Education Abroad

Hi Zoe! Your study abroad program in Ireland sounds super immersive and wonderful. I'm so glad you were able to connect with others, felt supported by CEA CAPA, and took classes you found fascinating and informative. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

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Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing cultural, social, and academic experience

I loved being in the city of Galway, it was a really lively place with an amazing local music scene, nightlife, and interesting culture. I was so appreciative to be a part of my CEA program as the guidance and assistance I received while initially adjusting to Galway as well as throughout my experience was instrumental to my success. I immediately felt comfortable and more knowledgeable about my area through CEA. Furthermore, I loved all of the travel opportunities throughout the country with CEA as it helped me to see more of the country and its beautiful scenery. I also loved studying at the University of Galway. I found the program of study there to be rigorous but enjoyable with great professors that facilitated a lot of great discussions. I enjoyed the ability to hear different perspectives on politics as a political science student whose previous viewpoints had been at least somewhat limited by an American perspective. Finally, I loved being able to connect with my Irish heritage.

  • Safe but fun city
  • Great academic program
  • Supportive staff
  • Housing is a bit far from the university and city but walkable
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Response from CEA CAPA Education Abroad

Hi Julia! It's so great you got to experience everything you did in Galway, Ireland. All the scenery you captured looks incredible. Best of luck to your future endeavors!

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Greatest Four Months of My Life in the Best City!

I really cannot express enough how amazing it was to study abroad in Galway, Ireland. Everything about this location is beautiful and worthwhile, and out of all the other countries I visited while abroad (The Netherlands, England, Poland and Spain), I can truly say that this is the best spot for study abroad students––especially through CEA, which was a super helpful, comforting and beneficial program for me to go through. Even if you aren't sure where to go, you will seriously not regret your decision to choose Galway. Thomas is the program director for CEA, and he actually lives in Galway. Also, he really does know his stuff and is quite the history buff on Ireland. By choosing to go through CEA, I not only guaranteed that someone would be there to look out for me, but I also got to explore different areas of Ireland with most expenses already paid at the time of travel. (We only had to pay a few times for our meals, but this was not extremely bothersome or anything. I didn't even really care much about this factor once we reached our destinations and got to explore this insanely beautiful country.) Additionally, the people in Ireland are really fun, down-to-earth and friendly. Galway is the perfect college town, and honestly the best area to live in Ireland (from what I've heard and seen from other people, not just myself!). Whenever I was on a flight from a different country to go back to Ireland, I didn't feel any sort of discomfort or sadness, because it always felt like I was just returning to my newfound homeland. Ireland became my life, and I cannot wait to return someday.

I can't believe it has almost been an entire month since I flew back home to the states. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything else. I was also placed in housing that introduced me to some people who I really believe will be my friends for life (both American and Irish!). I cannot thank CEA enough for this experience, nor the people of Ireland for being so warm and welcoming. I would highly recommend this program to all––you will seriously have the time of your life... guaranteed. :)

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
My advice to future travelers who decide to go through this program would be to say yes to most things, as long as it's not potentially dangerous nor illegal. What I mean by this is it's going to be extremely beneficial for you to step outside of your comfort zone and explore new areas of yourself, while you explore Ireland or wherever else you may wish to go. Also, don't solely rely on other people to go to the places where you really want to go. As a mobile journalist for CEA, I wrote an article with more helpful advice from my own experience as a female solo traveler. But, seriously, you've got this. And enjoy every moment, because once you return home you will want those memories to hold onto... but also don't put too much pressure onto yourself. You know yourself better than anyone, and by studying abroad you will learn even more about yourself that probably wouldn't have been possible to know before your journey.
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Response from CEA CAPA Education Abroad

Kelsey, thank you so much for your thoughtful review! We are so glad you chose CEA for your semester in Galway and had a positive experience with our wonderful staff there. Keep those new lifelong friends close 😊 We appreciate you sharing your suggestions for future CEA students and wish you the very best!

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Yes, I recommend this program

An Amazing Experience

After living in Galway for 2 months, I can say that it is my favorite place I've ever been to. Galway has somewhat of a city feel while still having a small-town, cozy feel. I've become friendly with the locals and it's impossible to go into town without meeting a new person. Galway has a young, diverse population and is an amazing place to study. Everyone in the city is extremely friendly. I have easily made friends with several of the Irish students and joined clubs on campus.

What would you improve about this program?
The class registration portion was a frustrating process. Myself and several other people on the program originally were not able to get into the classes we needed to count for our home university. After several weeks of emails and petitions, I was able to get into the class, but it was a long, complicated process. Making this process simpler could definitely help out future students.
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Response from CEA CAPA Education Abroad

Julie, thank you for sharing your frustrating experience with class registration. We have passed this on to CEA’s domestic team. We are happy that this was sorted out and that you had an amazing experience in Galway.

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Yes, I recommend this program

CEA Study Abroad- Galway, Ireland Fall '16

I studied at the National University of Ireland at Galway. I miss the city's friendly atmosphere everyday! NUIG is a great research university, offering courses to most majors. All my professors at NUIG were incredibly knowledgable and kind. When I needed a break from my studies, I could easily take day trips to places like the Burren, Connemara, the Aran Islands, or longer trips to other counties! I spent most of my time walking around the city's bustling streets, listening to traditional Irish music, and meeting new people! CEA was a great provider to study abroad with. My CEA onsite leader, Tom, was helpful, understanding, and fun to hangout with! Our itinerary got my group traveling and visiting some of the most beautiful sights Ireland has to offer.

146 people found this review helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Left my heart in Ireland

Galway is a beautiful and vibrant city with the friendliest people; it captured my heart.

The University was top notch with some exceptional professors that are always available to help you if needed. The academics are high quality but the structure of tests and the work load is different from the US and some US students might find ease in it.

The housing that CEA provided was very nice and in a safe neighborhood within walking distance of the school, town, and the grocery store. Individual rooms are supplied with flatmates that comprise people in your program and other international students.

Galway city has plenty of things to do and see, even though it's relatively small. It's full of lovely, fun people and lots of culture. There is always something to enjoy in town. Galway is also a prime location for day and weekend trips to some beautiful place. The Aaron Islands, Cliffs of Moher, Connemara, and even Dublin are within visiting distance.

Overall, I felt taken care of by CEA, the University, and and all the staff. Everyone in the CEA program and other international programs were just as excited to enjoy the study abroad experience and lasting friendships were made.

What would you improve about this program?
It would have been nice to have a CEA staff member be an available contact and resource at anytime. I suggest an office on or near campus, somewhere easily accessible for students. At the time our program contact was a local graduate student at NUI-G.
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