By Eurolingua Institute   Reviews (2)   100% Rating

Eurolingua One-to-One Italian Language Homestay Immersion in Italy

By Eurolingua Institute   Reviews (2)   100% Rating

Eurolingua One-to-One Italian Language Homestay Immersion programs are available year round in beautiful, lively Italy. You live in your tutor’s own home as a guest of the family, sharing family meals, social and cultural activities. Your host is, of course, a fully qualified and experienced Italian language tutor who provides structured individual lessons, customized to your interests, language level and pace of learning. You learn to speak with an authentic accent, naturally, fluently and with spontaneity. Most of all, you will learn how to understand the spoken language!!

Typically, the homestay lasts between 1 to 4 weeks in a quality private accommodation, and you partake in all the usual family meals and in the family’s social and cultural life. Choose from 15 to 25 hours per week formal tuition. Arrive as a guest, leave as a friend!

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Customized individual tuition with your host tutor. Includes quality accommodation, all family meals and local social and cultural activities.
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Program Reviews (2)

66 years old
University of Cambridge

Italian with fossils

Overall 10

I went to stay with Elena as a last effort to become fluent in Italian. For 7 or 8 years I have attempted to learn by going to day time and evening classes, reading self help books, listening to tapes and CDs [La Camera dei Segreti is recommended] and many novels [one or two to the end]. I ended up being able to read Corriere della Sera but not to understand what people were saying in Italian and completely incapable of expressing myself. This was not a good situation when I have an Italian girlfriend whose family does not speak English.
I decided to stay with a family, brush up my Italian not speak English. Elena's was the family. She provided me with good food and wine, Italian lessons and conversation, and an excellent room with television [used, of course, for speech comprehension]. The weather not good and therefore TV and books were used more than expected. However Elena one day took me on a trip up the Brembo valley on the search for Triassic reptiles. We visited Zogno Museum and saw the fossils which had been found in the area. We did not look for them since it is illegal to collect fossils in Italy - they are allowed to weather away to dust.
At the end of the holiday or rather work I did feel more confident and more capable both in understanding and speaking. I succeeded in taking a big step on the way to becoming fluent. All it need now is more practice!

53 years old

Wonderful week in Boissano

Overall 10

My week in Boissano exceeded my expectations. While the immersion experience was challenging, Daniela was warm, patient and encouraging and I left more confident and comfortable in my ability. Every day included a unique experience that gave me a deeper appreciation of Liguria and Italian culture. A drive into the mountains for lunch and a local dance festival. Making fresh pasta together. Watching Italian films at night. And, the highlight, a play that I actually understood enough to laugh at the jokes and respond correctly during a terrifying audience participation moment. Every day I also had some time to explore on my own, or relax at the beach. All in all, a memorable experience that I will always treasure.

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The Eurolingua Institute offers a range of language programmes targeted at the individual, school groups or businesses throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, Caribbean, South Africa, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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Eurolingua One-to-One Italian Language Homestay Immersion in Italy