SRISA Study Abroad in Florence - Fine Arts, Fashion, Design, Liberal Arts
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SRISA Study Abroad in Florence - Fine Arts, Fashion, Design, Liberal Arts

Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA) is a highly rated study abroad program in Florence, Italy. SRISA offers courses in Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Fashion, and Design; as well as an internship abroad program with internship opportunities in graphic design, marketing, communication, journalism, photography, and art.
SRISA offers an accredited semester, summer, and year-long study abroad program in Italy. SRISA courses follow the US academic credit system and are taught in English. The curriculum is enhanced by field trips throughout Italy, art and culture seminars, student show and activities.

Our small student:instructor ratio and open classroom philosophy facilitate an interesting learning environment where students have the chance to learn, paint, draw, and design outside of the classroom, experiencing Italy and its charm up close. From visiting museums, to the Venice Biennale art show, to Fashion exhibits, our students are exposed to real-world events. Numerous courses in the following departments: Art, Art History, Design, Fashion, Food, Humanities, Marketing.
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Semester Tuition: $6,980 USD

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I think the answer to this is really up to you, depending on your stress level and work ethic. But I would agree with Maggie to not take more than 2 art studio classes. And also remember that this is a special semester/month abroad, and in my opinion, your priority should be exploring Florence and not be cooped up in your room, doing homework. (But of course don't do so little you fail!) So maybe...

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  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 9
  • Housing 8.6
  • Safety 9.3
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My Swim Surrounded by Mountains

One of my favorite experiences while abroad, and in my entire life, was my trip to Cinque Terre, specifically Monterosso. It was like walking in a dream, even to this day the whole experience feels like a dream, but it was most definitely reality. In Monterosso, we were dropped off by a ferry and went straight for the beach. The town had beautifully colored houses that were compactly arranged up the mountains of Cinque Terre. What we didn't know was how "out of this world gorgeous" it was going to be. We went in the salty Ligurian Sea, which was vast and surrounded by over grown, green mountains. The water was a perfect temperature for the warm day and once you walked a few feet in there was a deep drop off you could swim freely in. What an experience, it filled my heart with unimaginable joy.

How can this program be improved?

I would have liked there to have been more help with the visa process and also a more social experience with the local Florentine people.

Yes, I recommend
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Incredible Experience

The staff is extremely caring and supportive through whatever you need. The teachers expect a lot from you, challenge you, but are also understanding and caring. Preplanned field trips are well worth the money and an incredible experience. I started in the fall and loved it so much I stayed for the spring semester.

Yes, I recommend
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Small Personalized Experience

This is a small art school in the heart of Florence Italy. No matter how serious of an art student you are the professors at this school will challenge you. The support staff at SRISA are extremely helpful and you never feel like you are alone. If you don't speak italian they are especially helpful, as is the italian professor. I really can't say enough about how welcome they made our small class feel just this past fall semester.

Art wise you are looking at renaissance and classical revival stuff, obviously as it is Florence Italy. There are a few modern art venues but be aware you and about 4,000 tourists everyday are there to look at Donatello's sculpture, or Michelangelo's david etc...

The language barrier is hard to conquer in four months and be aware you will have to put in some serious effort for the Italian to open up to you. Obviously it is more enriching to make those international friendships but you can also get around by speaking English.

There are no water bottles in Europe, no free public restrooms either. Eating out is very expensive. Be prepared for a lot of pasta, pizza, and beef stew. Bring appropriate footwear for cobblestones. Bring pants or skirts below the knee in order to enter churches. It does get cold so consider a semi heavy coat and lots of layering options.

Yes, I recommend
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SRISA review

The SRISA staff and teachers were always so friendly and helpful, they really treat you like family. They welcome you into their homes and teach you about life and culture. The art program was phenomenal. The teachers pushed you to explore a variety of new mediums. They also encouraged you to step out of your comfort zone and explore. SRISA made sure that students were safe and secure at all times.

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I would have liked to see is more studio hours on the weekend. Sometimes I did not have enough time in the studio to get my work completed. I would suggest more hours or even opening the art studios earlier in the morning.

Yes, I recommend
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SRISA represents the essence of the Italian culture

What better school to attend abroad in Florence, Italy than SRISA? I had the most phenomenal time studying here. The school is filled with professors and staff members, who are extremely genuine and generous, that know the country inside out from the cultural traditions to the history. The classes are fairly small so the professors give you their full attention in class as well as one on one help. The teachers are passionate about their craft so you will get the full knowledge as long as you take your courses and time at the school serious. The people in Florence are so outgoing and just all around wonderful. There is so much to do and see so make sure you go to the pubs, the clubs, museums, tour other cities and countries, and look up things to do within the city. Come with an open mind and broaden your horizons.

Yes, I recommend
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Putting in the effort will pay off!

SRISA was a wonderful place to spend two months this past summer. Class sizes were small and intimate; this ultimately allowed for students and professors to connect on both a professional and personal level. I was lucky enough to leave SRISA with several new mentors who cared deeply about me and my future success as a student and as an individual. Courses are fast paced and interesting - assignments typically came only at the end of each session. Consequently, it was essential to buckle down and focus on really performing well on final examinations and composing quality works of writing for final papers. You will get out of each course what you put into it. If you approach your courses thinking you can just "slack off" because "it's study abroad" then you're doing it all wrong. Take the academics seriously but definitely remember the importance of a good social life - go out, explore, travel, meet new people, and have fun. SRISA staff and professors were caring and showed the utmost respect to all students who attended their school. If you're looking for an intimate place to study abroad, I would recommend this program for you!

Yes, I recommend
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You get what you put into it

I had a very successful time at this school. I was there for two months in the summer, and had a great time. My session was on the smaller side so I get a good amount of personal attention from teachers. The most important thing that I realized while at SRISA is this: yes, you can focus less on the academics and make projects easier for yourself and you will most likely still receive an "A". However, the projects are always very open to interpretation, and you will have the opportunity to attempt more difficult ideas that challenge you more and are great practice for forming stronger concepts with your work. At SRISA, I was able to devote my time to trying new things with my work and get honest feedback about it, and it really did change how I approach my work and my projects. I am thankful to my teachers for that.

Yes, I recommend
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Clothing and such

The clothing there is different, but it is okay to bring regular day clothes since you're going to look like a tourist anyway. Do bring one or two skirts or dresses though. Also, bring some sun screen since the sunscreen in Florence is expensive if you burn easily. You can buy mostly everything there. I would advise people to bring their own deodorant since the ones in Europe are spray on.

How can this program be improved?

I would change the trip for Siena. The trip was not really fun. If it was to be changed then have activities put down on a list to do and then given to the students. I would make the trip to Rome longer too. Also, advise the students in orientation that cooking in their apartment in so much cheaper. Then advise the student that there is a travel agency around the corner if they were thinking about going to travel. Have some trips on a Saturday instead of a Friday.

Yes, I recommend

About Santa Reparata International School of Art - SRISA

Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA) is an art and design school in Florence, Italy. For students looking to study abroad in Florence, SRISA provides a rewarding studio art, photography, printmaking, fashion design, liberal art, and...