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Study abroad in Japan at the International University of Japan's post-graduate studies program. International University of Japan (IUJ) offers 5 Master of Arts Degrees in Public Management, International Development Program, Economics, International Relations, and International Peace Studies, as well as MBA and Masters degrees in E-Business Management.

Check the IUJ website for more information on applying and the individual programs offered. Go study abroad at the International University of Japan!

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Where the World Gathers

International University of Japan (IUJ) offers 5 Master of Arts Degree (MA in Public Management, MA in International Development Program, MA in Economics, MA in International Relations, MA in International Peace Studies) 2 Business Degree (MBA and Masters of E-Business Management.

Located northeast of Tokyo, 1 hour and 45 minutes by Shinkansen "bullet" Train, the campus is nestled in paddy rice field with Mount Hakkaisan as the back drop, the school's rural sorrounding is very conducive for learning.

I had the chance to be a part of this community. I took the MA in International Development Program course and the intensive training I received from the school, from the professors and the people around had been a great experience.

The campus itself is well equipped with learning tools, from internet, pc rooms and its library. The school is well updated with major online reference one can think of therefore there is no reason one can not be well equipped with knowledge because everything are for FREE for all the students.

Students live at the dormitory within the campus making it a small and tight community where one knew almost everybody and form friendship and networks that transcends time and cultural boundaries.

Aside from the knowledge and training I have received from IUJ which have proven very helpful by the time I returned to my home country, the people I have meet along on my 2 year stay have widened my network and true to its banner "Where the WORLD Gathers", for me its a journey of a lifetime.

Yes, I recommend this program


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If you are thinking about studying abroad in Japan, then consider the International University of Japan (IUJ)! IUJ offers international students the chance to take both undergraduate and graduate programs in a number of fields. To see some more...