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Graduate Degree Programs Abroad

Guide to graduate degree programs abroad

If grad school is in your future, consider shaking things up by earning a graduate degree abroad. International graduate school programs can give you an edge in your chosen field and may even help your resume to stand out to employers. Learn about the most popular countries for grad school abroad as well as how to study abroad for a master’s or PhD.

Popular countries for graduate degrees abroad

The following countries are popular among international students due to their wide range of graduate degrees and welcoming atmospheres.


England is a top destination for both study abroad students and those wishing to go to grad school. Home to some of the world’s top universities, England is a no-brainer for ambitious students. Outside of the classroom, spend your weekends touring beautifully maintained castles, hiking the Lake District, and hopping around cities like London, Manchester, and Liverpool.

📌 Affordable universities for international graduate students in England: Hull University, Leeds Beckett University, University of West London


The Emerald Isle is an immensely popular destination for international students interested in earning their master’s degree abroad. From the busy streets of Dublin to the bohemian seaside vibes of Galway, Ireland’s universities are located in cities and towns perfectly catered to student life.

📌 Affordable universities for international graduate students in Ireland: University College Dublin, University College Cork, University of Limerick


With countless master’s taught in English, Germany is a great choice for international students interested in spending two years earning their graduate degree abroad. Most public universities in Germany don’t charge tuition so students are only responsible for the price of fees which are often under $1,000 USD per term.

📌 Affordable universities for international graduate students in Germany: Technical University of Munich, Humboldt University of Berlin, University of Hamburg


The Land Down Under is especially welcome to international students. Start your graduate school career abroad at one of Australia’s well-respected universities. While Sydney and Melbourne are popular student destinations, great schools are located all across the country. Enjoy stellar weather and get fit with plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure.

📌 Affordable universities for international graduate students in Australia: Charles Sturt University, University of the Sunshine Coast, Western Sydney University

How to study abroad for graduate school

While requirements may vary depending on the school, program, and location, these are generally the steps you’ll need to follow to study abroad for a master's degree or PhD.

  • Research programs and universities. You’ll need to consider several things when researching study abroad master's programs like what language you plan to study in, countries that offer degrees in your chosen field, and whether your top choices fit your budget.
  • Prepare your application materials. Graduate programs abroad will usually require you to submit transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose. You may need to link to a portfolio for certain fields.
  • Apply for a visa. When you apply for a student visa, you generally need to provide proof of funds in addition to other documents to ensure you can support yourself while abroad.
  • Start budgeting & exploring scholarships. Create a monthly budget for things like housing, groceries, and transportation. Don’t forget to apply for as many grants and scholarships for international graduate programs as you’re eligible for!
  • Prepare for your adventure overseas! Book your plane ticket, make a packing list, and start getting excited about your departure!

Cost and funding

Learn about potential costs for your master’s degree program abroad as well as how to secure funding to lower what you owe.

Average costs of tuition

Students interested in attending grad school abroad can expect to pay anywhere from $500-$30,000 USD. In countries like France, Germany, and Iceland, international graduate students are only responsible for paying a small amount of money in fees.

In the UK, Australia, and Ireland, students will pay on average between $15,000-$30,000 USD. When comparing this to the cost of a US master’s degree, however, you may find studying an entire degree abroad is cheaper.


Scholarships and grants are often available to a wide range of students to help reduce the overall cost of a graduate degree abroad. These may be offered by the university, government entities, or non-profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for a graduate program abroad?

    You can apply for your graduate studies through a program provider or directly to the university. You will need your transcripts, a statement of purpose, a CV, and two or more recommendation letters. The GRE and other standardized tests are usually not necessary for admission into a graduate program abroad.

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  • Do you need a visa to do a graduate degree abroad?

    You will generally need a student visa to do a graduate degree abroad. Check with the consulate for the country where you want to study to determine what requirements you must meet.

  • Are master’s degrees from other countries valid in the USA?

    Most overseas master’s degrees are accepted in the US. However, certain fields like psychology, medicine, and law may require additional education or validation.

  • How much does it cost to go to grad school abroad?

    Attending grad school abroad can cost as little as a few hundred dollars to upwards of $30,000 USD.

  • Can you go abroad for a master’s degree?

    You can absolutely earn a master’s degree abroad. Depending on the country, it may also be cheaper than studying in your home country.

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  • Can grad school students study abroad?

    Some US grad school programs incorporate a study abroad component for students but this will depend on the degree and university. Another option to spend some time abroad during graduate school is to do research for a final master’s project or dissertation overseas.

  • Which country is best to study a master's degree?

    Australia, England, Ireland, and Germany rank among the best countries to earn a master’s degree abroad.

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