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Study Abroad in Mexico, Liberal Arts & Cultural Immersion -- New Program!

Hosted by CLA - Culture and Language Abroad
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  • Improve your Spanish skills
  • Earn up to 15 US university credits
  • Meet new people and make friends for life
  • Explore Mexico and break stereotypes
  • Get out of your comfort zone
Fall, Spring
  • Host Family


Culture and Language Abroad is a small, local program founded in 2015 by four ex-study abroad addicts that wanted to give students the best, most authentic and raw experience in Mexico possible.

You will take classes at the University of Guanajuato (up to American Credits) and Spanish classes at our study center. During the semester we organize several trips and excursions.

All study abroad students must enroll in a minimum of four courses (and up to five)at the University of Guanajuato each semester. You can choose your courses within any division based in Campus Guanajuato.

Schedule varies on course by course basis; classes are 55 minutes.

$3500 - Enrollment at the University of Guanajuato up to 5 courses
$2500 - Homestay in Guanajuato (all meals included)
$1,863 - Operations & Administration
$1345 - 3 Day trip to Mexico City and two one-day excursion to rural and indigenous communities nearby Guanajuato
$1113 - Student travel insurance, Airport pick-up/drop-off, orientation activities, welcome/goodbye dinner, etc.

What's Included
  • Online Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Travel insurance
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Housing and all meals
  • University tuition at the University of Guanajuato for up to 5 courses (15-18 U.S credits)
  • Spanish classes as linguistic support throughout the semester
  • A three-day excursion to Mexico City
  • A one-day excursion to San Miguel de Allende
  • Two one-day trips to nearby rural communities
  • Volunteering opportunities
What's Not Included
  • Airfare

Mi casa es su casa, is a very popular Mexican saying that means 'My home is your home'. Our host families go through a careful screening process to make sure they've met all the conditions required and are eager to host you.

Your homestay will provide

A private room with a bed, closet, and a desk
Your laundry washed once a week (optional)
Friendship, integration as a family member, conversation in Spanish and advice when appropriate

Our host families are all within 15 - 20 minutes walking distance (or an 8-minute bus ride) from downtown Guanajuato.


Homestays provide three meals a day, not to mention the 30+ street tacos in the City Center.


Pricing & Availability

Start Dates

January 8th, 2018.

Program Type
Program Type
Subject Areas
Hispanic Studies
International Business
Liberal Arts
Degree Level
Host Family
Airport Transfers
SIM cards
Travel Insurance
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Program Reviews

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  • Fun
  • Housing
  • Safety
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Crazy about Guanjuato and CLA Program!!!

CLA offers such a cool experience that can be tailored to so many different types of students. My name is Esther and I arrived in Guanajuato in January and I have loved my CLA experience so far! Since my arrival I have had a great time, made a bunch of friends from Mexico and all over the world, and have gotten to travel a bunch!
When I first arrived, I was promptly picked up at the airport by Fabiola CLA’s amazing program director and my now, my friend. I am staying with a host family which has been great for my Spanish and for eating great meals three times a day. My host family has been so kind and taken me on vacations, and even to extended family celebrations. I have lots of freedom but always have lots of people to turn to for help if I need it.
There are a lot of different kinds of classes you can take in Guanajuato. Some classes are harder than others depending on what “school” the classes are in. But the teachers are typically very helpful and have had exchange students in their classes before. I was very thankful to be part of a program like CLA that helped my through the Add/Drop period at the beginning of the semester because the school’s offices can be a little slow and confusing, but CLA helped me through the whole process.
As far as the city goes, Guanajuato is beautiful! The city relatively small but is packed with things to do. There are a bunch of cool museums, winding streets, and a lots of unique restaurants and bars. The whole city center is very walkable which is what I love most. From my house I can walk to school, my friends’ houses, the market, the movies, the central plazas, cafes, restaurants, bars, all within 15 minutes! I also love that I feel like there are always little festivals, shows, and/or dance presentations going on every weekend!
It is really easy to travel in México. There are a bunch of “pueblos mágicos” close to Guanajuato and the “long distance” bus system is punctual and very comfortable. Although there are some place in Mexico CLA students are not allowed to travel to, so I found that it was important to ask about that before making any travel plans.
Fabiola has been so kind and helpful through the whole study abroad process. She organized our trip to Mexico City and asked me what I was most interested in before we went, we went to the famous Lucha Libre, Frida Kahlo’s house, went on boat rides, ate at yummy restaurants, and did a bunch of other cool things. Fabi really has always had my best interest in mind and has always given me advice on where to not travel and the safest ways to get where I want to go.
This program has been awesome for me! the perfect balance of freedom and security, fun and learning. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

How can this program be improved?

CLA wants more students to join them on their adventures and learning! The only thing that can improve this program is its growth and maybe an extra official language support aspect.

Yes, I recommend

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CLA stands for Culture and Language Abroad. CLA is a nonprofit International Education Organization led by youth for youth. Our focus is language learning, personal growth and attainment of global competencies through educational exchange and intense...
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