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Our yearly Summer Institute on Addiction will take place online for the first time in summer 2021. This two-week institute seeks to provide an interdisciplinary approach and lens to the study of addiction. The concept of addiction brings to the fore social, medical and moral questions. The intertwined dynamics of health systems, economic considerations and moral (inter)national politics have a combined effect upon the prevention and treatment of people living with addiction. The University of Amsterdam offers a unique chance for students to become familiarized with cutting-edge research and practice.

A central aspect of the online institute is the opportunity to learn from colleagues from around the world who will be invited to present in their areas of specialization. Facilitated workshop session assist participants to integrate the lectures and presentations from experts and practitioners into tangible goals and plans for applying course information to their professional work.

  • Organised online for summer 2021!
  • An advanced programme that offers an interdisciplinary approach and lens to the study of addiction.
  • Learn from expert lecturers (researchers as well as practicioners).
  • Connect, learn from and share insights with collegues from around the world.
  • Come up with tangible plans and goals to apply course information to your professional work.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A great course!

This is a fantastic program. The lecturers were excellent and covered many different topics of theoretical addiction models, policy, and treatment. We looked at local and international policy; adolescence; prevention and education; genetics and addiction; treatment via internet; future policy and trends; psychology, behavior; international research; novel treatment programs and much more.
We had great excursions to facilities around Amsterdam such as a Dutch youth prison; 'coffee' shop management; residential facilities for chronic substance users; AA meeting; drug testing
Accommodation was with student housing so it was basic but good and very inexpensive. My partner and I had an apartment for less than 30 Euros a night. It's even cheaper if you are single and share rooms.The student housing was good as you also got to mix with all the other students and go out socialising in Amsterdam together.
Our course had 17 students from 14 nations so we had a really great mix of ideas and experiences from around the world. It was a fantastic group and we all became good friends very quickly.
Amsterdam is a lovely little city and is especially great in Summer. We had beautiful weather for the entire 2 weeks. Sunny and warm everyday!
There is much to do and see in Amsterdam and all the other students are very friendly so we had a great time going out after classes finished for the day. It has been really great staying in touch via Facebook with the friends that I met during this course. This is a fantastic course and I had the best time!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Was I challenged academically

Studying summerschool drug and alcohol addiction really gave me new perspective of how deal with drug and alcohol addicts. My knowledge about alcohol, drug and addiction improved after I attended this course. The course provided me with the range of experiences how to deal with alcohol, drug and addiction. The course surely equiped me with thorough understanding of the complexity of social problems come up with addiction, what are contemporary theories and concepts that have been developed in the field of addiction studies, and what are the treatment strategies in dealing with it. In addition, I learned policy models and multi disciplinary approaches to solve the problem of addictions.

For the University I am currently working, as well as the Center for Psychological Services which is newly established in 2009, this will be great opportunity to upgrade my knowledge about addictions. In addition, as the university still lack of the expert who are concerned with alcohol, drug and addiction, this will fill in the scarcity of the lecturer who can teach the students with proper understanding and comprehensive approaches in dealing with these problems.

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