Moscow is the cosmopolitan heart of Russia, as well as its capital, and the perfect study abroad destination if you love big cities and a fast-paced and exciting lifestyle. As the sixth largest city in the world, Moscow has unlimited opportunities to offer any eager student - your study abroad experience there will surely be unforgettable.

Amidst the impressive skyscrapers of Moscow’s skyline you will find all types of cultural treasures, including important historical monuments and any activity you can imagine. Moscow has countless museums for you to explore, all kinds of sporting events, and even two full-sized circuses. With 222 institutions of higher learning, Moscow is also the perfect place to pursue any of your academic interests.

With so many opportunities available, your time in Moscow will be jam-packed with fun and exciting adventures. Feeling overwhelmed by all of the possibilities? Read on for everything you need to know to begin planning your trip to Moscow!


There are scholarships available to help you fund your study abroad trip to Moscow.

Planning Your Trip

Moscow is an epicentre of art. The city contains over eighty museums, housing everything from classical masterpieces to modern art to an homage to space exploration. Moscow is also known for its world-famous ballet. An evening spent at the Bolshoi Theater will be filled with exquisite and artistic dancing and music, and is a great opportunity to experience Russian culture at its finest.

With more than 500 Olympic athletes residing in the city, Moscow is also a great destination for sports lovers. Don’t miss an ice-hockey game featuring the most titled team in the world; the city also has excellent basketball, volleyball, and football teams. The cold climate also makes Moscow an excellent spot for winter sports, so if you like to ski or ice skate then this is the study abroad destination for you.

Moscow has a vibrant food and nightlife scene. Home to many upscale restaurants, there’s also a diverse assortment of excellent ethnic options. Make sure you try Armenian kebabs and Russian crepes, both of which can be found at outdoor stalls. Students will love going out in Moscow, which is filled with bars and upscale clubs.


Russian currency is the rouble, although some stores will accept Euros or even US dollars. Although credit cards are accepted at most places, some smaller stores and vendors will require cash.

Moscow is often considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, however, if you are smart you will be able to stick to a budget. While a dinner at a nice restaurant can cost about 30 dollars per person or more, the city has many cafeteria-like establishments that are much more affordable. Called canteens, these restaurants offer healthy, yummy meals for about 10 dollars. Students on a budget should also utilize the city's metro system, which is one of the largest in the world.

Culture Shock and Support System

Your study abroad experience in Moscow will be fun-filled and exciting, but it may also be a challenge at times. Culture shock is a given whenever you travel to a new location. It may be difficult to communicate at first, especially if you don’t know Russian. You may also be surprised by the straightforward nature of the city’s people, who can seem blunt or rude at first. However, if you are respectful and interested in learning more about Russian customs than you will quickly adjust. Make sure to choose a study abroad program that offers services to help you during this transition.

Contributed by Hannah Long

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