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The BA (Hons) Programme in Dance is designed for individuals who wish to undergo a highly vocational and industry focused training and education as a commercial and contemporary dancer. This professional programme is designed for individuals with passion, creativity, imagination and a real commitment to gaining and sustaining a lasting career as a performer. It provides you with the opportunity to develop as an individual creative artist who is able to work and thrive in multiple contexts and environments.

The Dance programme aims to create dancers capable of working across a range of styles and disciplines. The programme does not ultimately dictate a particular approach to performance, but rather gives you the opportunity to develop as an independently minded creative practitioner with your own relationship to dance and performance.

The inclusion of acting techniques, singing and voice is to ensure as much flexibility and opportunity as possible.

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Ba (hons) Dance

Hello i´m Charlotte Gardefuhr from sweden i am studying the Ba (Hons) Course and will be starting my third and last year at Iab in September 2016. Before i got into Iab i planned to stay in my hometown called Arvika to work and to teach in a dancestudio in Karlstad Sweden and i thought that i was going to stay there and not continue my passion on a higher level. Suddenly my old teacher from my foundation course Lunnevad folkhögskola that i studied in 2011-2012 posted in a old Facebook group that a school called Iab was going to sweden to do an audition for old and current students at Lunnevad Folkhögskola. I decided two days later to go there and give it a go. I went to the audition with an sprained ankle and did the audition i thought that my foot was going to fall of but i continued anyway because i felt that it could be something good with this.
Two weeks later i got the amazing letter from the Iab that i got in to the school and since then my life has changed completely.
Iab has truly been an rollercoaster in an amazing way so many opportunities and with teachers who supports you and pushes you to the better. I had the opportunity to get to know people from all over the world, people i never would have the chance to meet if it was´nt for Iab. This school is amazing and i have grown as a person and as a dancer/performer. With only two year i have gone through a lot, a serious knee injury the first term in first year and a sudden life tragedy in second year things that could have made me leave and do somethingelse but because of the amazing support from teachers and directors who always belived in me,supported and pushed me, i made it until third year. I am more than grateful for this opportunity and Iab will always be in my heart and i will never forget the support and the love they gave me. I truly recommend Iab from the bottom of my heart. Iab opens doors to the world. Kisses Charlotte

How can this program be improved?
The only thing that i think of is more different teachers with different dancestyles to get a wider range of dancers, that would make the school even better.
Yes, I recommend this program

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