CIEE Summer Language in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

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Whether you’re looking to begin your study of Spanish, or you’re an intermediate to advanced student ready to take your Spanish proficiency to the next level, come spend your summer in beautiful Palma de Mallorca.

In Palma you’ll find intensive language instruction, and a rich selection of area studies electives that are supplemented with substantial interactive and experiential components. That means stepping out of the classroom into fieldwork that encourages learning by doing. And homestays, site visits, cultural activities and excursions will provide you with a unique academic and intercultural experience abroad.

Study abroad in Palma and you will:

- Study Spanish while living in the Mediterranean coastal city of Palma de Mallorca; all levels offered, including business Spanish

- Take classes which include visits to sites of socioeconomic, natural, and cultural importance related to tourism, the marine environment, history and traditions of the Mediterranean

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Palma de Mallorca - Trip of a Lifetime

Those who are viewing this, if you are on the brink of studying abroad I would say go for it. It is worth every penny. It will be a trip you never forget. I would say I am one of the shyest people I know but with such a small group of people that go on this trip (10 total including me) you get a chance to learn everyone's names and get to know a little about everyone. I am writing this review 3 weeks in to my 4 week trip and I cannot say enough about the other students and the support we have here. My pre departure experience was phenomenal and coming here was even better! They worked with my through every step and were there with any and ALL concerns I had.

Coming here was an experience of a lifetime and I cannot stress how much it was worth it. I was lucky enough to get a few scholarships to help pay my way but I can tell you right now if I knew how good of an experience I would have I would have paid it in full with my own money. Experiencing a new culture is unexplainable and the way of life here is completely different than the way of life in the United States. The views were incredible, the people were incredible, and I fell in love with Palma. I would love to come back here and share all I have learned with loved ones!

Thank you to the CIEE team, my classmates, my host mom, and everyone I met on this wonderful trip! I will not forget this beautiful island.

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The Best Place on Earth

Study abroad in Palma de Mallorca to experience a journey that will punch you out of your comfort zone. The culture, the people, the food, and the adventures will provide you with memories so sweet and special, and you will never forget your time here. I came back a more culturally aware and worldly human, with a greater appreciation for people around the world and a desire to return to the beautiful places that I was able to travel to. I will forever love Mallorca and will most definitely be back soon.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Best Experience You'll Ever Have!

My summer abroad in Palma de Mallorca was by far one of the best experiences of my life. I initially chose the Palma program because it offered courses that would best align with my degree, however, after only a few days on the island I knew it was the perfect place to study abroad. Beaches, hiking, amazing food, friendly people, vibrant nightlife, etc…. Palma has much so much to offer. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a once in a lifetime experience. In hopes of helping you choose a program, I will mention some of the highlights of Palma (but trust me, I won’t get close to covering them all)!

Fun: I spent most of my time after class hanging out at one of the beautiful beaches with my new friends, but some of my other friends often opted for hiking to see the beautiful views from atop the mountains. In addition to the diverse geography, there is also a vibrant nightlife. We enjoyed hanging out with locals at “Tapas Tuesday”, a night of the week where everyone goes to a particular neighborhood in Palma for cheap tapas and socialization. It was a great time to practice our Spanish!

Courses: I took Business Spanish during one month of the summer and Mediterranean Marine Environment during the second month. Business Spanish was extremely helpful in improving my language skills as the class was conducted entirely in Spanish. Mediterranean Marine Environment was a very hands-on class, involving many field trips to snorkel and learn more about the Mediterranean.

Transportation: The island of Mallorca has a great transportation system! You can walk nearly anywhere in Palma, but if you’d like to take a day trip to another part of the island, there is a central bus station in Palma that will take you anywhere on the island. On the weekends we often took the buses to other beaches or towns for exploring.

People: The people of Palma are all so friendly and fun! I had the most loving homestay mother who made me feel right at home and even took me out for fun activities! The program directors go above and beyond to make sure everything goes smoothly for you. They truly care so much for each student and would do absolutely anything for you. Also, you really will make friendships that last a lifetime. None of us knew anyone else going on the program beforehand, but within a few days we were all great friends and did almost everything together during our time in Palma.

I am not usually one to write a review, but I wanted to make sure no one overlooked this study abroad program. I cannot wait to go back to Palma de Mallorca. :)

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