IBS Summer Europe 2018: Munich, Verona, Paris, London & More

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Visit 6 countries in 22 days! Summer Europe is perfect for undergraduate and graduate students who are looking to gain international business experience while setting themselves apart in the workforce after graduation. Students will learn about the culture, customs, and international business practices used in a variety of European cities. Most importantly, students will observe how business practices differentiate between each country visited and the United States.

International Business Seminars (IBS) programs provide a variety of unique opportunities:

Network with business executives by visiting global companies to learn about how business is conducted and the challenges that come from running a multi-national organization.

Earn university credit while applying the knowledge you've learned in the classroom to real-life business settings.

Gain a competitive advantage for your career by experiencing international policies, political climates, & international business environments.

  • Experience cultural activities, free time to explore, and a variety of European Cities
  • Participate in city tours to see the most well-known attractions, including the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and more
  • Learn from business executives at global companies such as BMW, the World Trade Organization, and more
  • View international business practices in a variety of industries, including: finance, business, marketing, and more
  • Stay in 4-star hotels with front-lobby security

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IBS Summer Europe 2017

This was an unforgettable trip of a lifetime! We traveled to 6 countries in 23 days. Seeing the different international businesses and how they operate and overcome challenges was very interesting. I didn't know much about the companies we visited before the trip, but now I am very knowledgeable about these companies. Other study abroad programs only are based in one country, which do not allow you to see as many places like this seminar. I also chose to attend this seminar because of the business credit I received instead of a general course. On my experience abroad I learned to adapt to different cultures and the ways different countries do things. I also learned the similarities and differences that businesses abroad and businesses here in the US have. Being in a different environment and experiencing a variety of cultures is definitely something I think everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. , I miss all the friends I made while being abroad. At the end of the trip I felt almost as close to these friends as my family while spending three weeks together. I still keep in touch with the friends I made from this trip today because we all experienced this trip together and made memories I will remember forever.

Yes, I recommend

IBS Abroad

I had a great time on the IBS Summer Europe trip. I thought that a three week program was perfect, and we had a good bit of free time to balance out our seminars. I think that IBS offers a unique experience that traditional study abroad programs do not. I felt that I gained some real-life knowledge from my experience, and being able to learn from the businesses first hand was a big plus. I met some of the greatest people, and I am so glad I did this program.

Yes, I recommend
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Experience International Business Culture

I choose IBS because I was very interested in their listed itinerary. The companies visited touched on every aspect of business, from entrepreneurship to marketing/advertising to co-operative associations. IBS offered what I was looking for in a good length of time.
I learned the value of presenting yourself professionally and networking. I also learned the importance of respecting the cultures of other countries and adapting. My experience was definitely worthwhile. Thanks IBS!!

Yes, I recommend
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IBS Summer Europe 2016 Experience

Going abroad with International Business Seminars is one of the wisest decisions you could ever make! I attended the 2016 Summer Europe Trip, and it was one of the most adventurous and meaningful classes/trips I have ever experienced. We visited six different countries over the course of 23 days and attended ten+ company business meetings.
IBS allows students from all over the world the opportunity to meet with some world-recognized businesses such as Swarovski Crystal and the World Trade Organization. All the information learned during the trip will be beneficial to future classes and work experience. How many people can say they have sat in the WTO meeting room and talked first-hand with employees from Switzerland?
Everyone has the opportunity to be involved with the businesses, plus you get to see some of the most famous cities in the world. Have you ever wanted to hike the Alps, eat pretzels in Germany, walk the Louvre, hike up the Eiffel Tower, visit Big Ben, or explore the canals of Venice? Well, then the IBS Summer Europe 2017 trip is calling your name!

Yes, I recommend


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