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Accounting Business Cultural Studies Economics Finance History International Business Law Marketing Mathematics Philosophy Psychology Religious Studies Social Sciences Sociology +5

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High School Diploma Bachelors Masters


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The program fee is 2880 USD and includes the following:

Tuition and admission fees
Host University contact person at the destination
Transcripts and other documents

Scholarships available at: http://www.asiaexchange.org/fees/asia-exchange-scholarships/
Jun 05, 2020
Apr 07, 2023
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About Program

Take part in a study abroad program at Siam University in the exciting capital city of Bangkok! All high school graduates and college students may apply to the interdisciplinary program with a focus on business.

Students can gain up to 20 U.S. credits per semester. The courses cover topics in International Business, Management, Marketing, Finance and Trade. There are also several Social Sciences courses available. Because courses cover freshman to senior levels, it is easy to find courses that complement your degree at home. It is even possible to complete a whole BBA or MBA degree.

Asia Exchange has minimized all extra costs in the program to enable as many students as possible to study abroad in Asia. Whether you study at Bachelor's or Master's level, the program is an excellent preparation for your future career and studies. Improve your resume, become more independent, and gain a truly Asian experience in the city that never sleeps!

This program is currently not being promoted on Go Overseas by its provider. Check with Asia Exchange for the most up-to-date information regarding the status of this program.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Time!

Hi, I'm Simon Hocevar. I had the opportunity to participate in Asia Exchange's program and study at Siam University in Thailand. It was a truly transformative experience for me as I was able to gain new knowledge, skills, and perspectives while fully immersing myself in Thai culture. Further, people at university speak good englisch so you can easily make new friends and get to know people from all over the world. I am grateful to Asia Exchange for providing me with such an unforgettable opportunity.

  • Cheap Cost
  • Getting to know like minded people
  • Fun
  • Too Hot Sometimes
  • High humility
  • Initial food intolerance
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Yes, I recommend this program

An Unforgettable year at Siam University

About the University

Siam University it’s located in Bangkok Thailand. The university’s next to the MRT and BTS system which is very convenient to travel around town. There are condos to stay nearby, a hospital, a variety of food markets, a shopping mall with restaurants, and a movie theater. All are located within 1 to 2 kilometers of the school. Downtown and the local night places/markets/bars/clubs are not far away by taxi or metro as well, going in a group can cost less than two dollars per person sometimes by Grab (Thailand’s uber) or a local taxi. The nearby condos: The President, The Supalai, The Chewathai, and the Bangkok Horizon are located from 2 to 10 minutes from the school (walking distance) and all have pools, gyms, elevators, garages, laundry rooms, saunas, lobbies equipped with WIFI, among other commodities one can desire. The classes' syllabuses and more info about the university can be found on the University's website.

Getting There

Getting there it's easy from the airport. I was picked up by my Thai friends, but I’ve taken the metro or BTS system to go to the airport multiple times. There’s a stop next to the school which can take you to the airport without having to get a cab for a fairly low price. The AE application was a breeze and can be done in a matter of minutes. Getting my acceptance correspondence didn’t take much and I highly recommend everyone to take a look at it.

Work-life Balance

I had more of a work-life balance at Siam than at my home university. Siam offered once a week classes, some students only took classes during the weekend for example, and enjoyed the rest of the week to travel and explore the city. Wanna go see Chiang Mai or a country nearby for the weekend? No problem! You can schedule your classes to take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only. Want to go out at night to restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.? You can simply decide to take afternoon classes so you can have the morning to sleep in. Do you have an internship or work during the week? Try taking night classes or weekend classes. Siam offers flexibility and the professors are fairly easy to talk to when you can’t attend a class for some reason.


the cost ranges between $1800 for European bachelor students to $2800 for non-European students for a semester. A complete MBA can be between $5800 to $6500 and it takes about a year to complete. Rent can range from $250 to $400 with most of the time everything included.

Why Go?

Do you know that feeling of regret for not doing something? Do you know that feeling of “What if I would’ve done it”? I wouldn’t think twice about studying in Asia. Do a list of pros and cons, talk to people that have previously done it, make a bucket list with a list of your goals, do whatever you need to do because at the end of the day I will guarantee you that traveling and studying abroad will definitely be one of the greatest decisions you’ll ever make. Perhaps it will light up a passion you discovered during your travels, perhaps you could meet your life partner while at your stay, maybe you will feel in love with the country and decide to extend your stay, no matter what, you won’t regret going abroad because it will impact your life for the better.

Last Recommendation

If you can try to learn some local phrases or words. It can bring a smile to the locals' faces and make your experience more pleasant :)

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
Studying in Thailand was nothing like being a student in the US. First of all, I find it interesting that bachelor students needed to wear uniforms to go to class. The people in the country have the uttermost respect for the old King Bhumibol which happens to be half American. It’s amazing how cheap a full course meal can be in Thailand, no seriously you can easily spend less than $30 on food for a month if you so wanted. The most interesting thing for sure was the amount of 7-11s in the country, sometimes there’s one next to each other and are everywhere.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I love Bangkok!

I just finished my semester abroad at the Siam University in Bangkok and my semester there was made possible from Asia Exchange. The whole organization process was really easy. After I applied, it took only one day for them to confirm my semester and in the months before and during the semester, it really felt like they are taking care of me. I remember several helpful mails before I flew to Bangkok and a few after I arrived there. I also had some questions regarding e.g. visa issues during my stay in Bangkok, which I asked them via Whatsapp - pretty simpel - and they always responded very fast.
I had an amazing time in Bangkok, which I will never forget! I am so in love with this city, Bangkok has so much to offer. I can only recommend studying there for an exchange semester.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
I challanged myself a couple of times with "weird-to-eat" food. At the beginning I tried different insects and bugs, later scorpion and at the end also tarantula spider. Pretty crazy!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Siam University 2017/2018

I studied in Thailand at the Siam University (Bangkok) for one year(2017/18) and it was a great time because the Siam University offers a good education and support, I also had a great time because I had the chance to understand its culture and travel in Thailand and neighbor countries. So, if you are interested in Asian countries, do not hesitate or just think about it – just go. Because it is wonderful here 😉
Also, the support and organization from Asia Exchange are very good. Even if you have later some questions or problems they try their best to help you. All in all, if you are looking for an opportunity to go as a free mover for an exchange semester - Asia Exchange is a good choice because they are a reliable organization

What would you improve about this program?
It was overall good.
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