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Contact IBS directly for more information on pricing. You have the option to package air with the seminar cost, which will include airport pick up and drop off at the beginning and ending of the program, or to purchase the seminar only with our Ground-Only option, where the seminar begins at the first hotel and ends at the last hotel. What is excluded from the price is personal spending money, most meals and optional activities. Select $500 scholarships available to students at our partner universities (including Northern Illinois University, The University of Alabama, Louisiana State University, The University of Mississippi, & more) as well as internships and work-study programs (contact us to learn more about these opportunities).
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Jun 25, 2019
Feb 21, 2020

About Program

Winter Southeast Asia provides unique opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students looking to expand their international business education outside of the traditional classroom. While traveling abroad, students will learn about Thai and Vietnamese culture, history, customs, politics, and international business practices. Most importantly, students will observe how these business practices differentiate from the United States.

International Business Seminars (IBS) programs provide a variety of unique opportunities:

- Network with business executives by visiting global companies to learn about how business is conducted and the challenges that come from running a multi-national organization.
- Earn university credit while applying the knowledge you've learned in the classroom to real-life business settings.
- Gain a competitive advantage for your career.
- Experience some of the world's most well-known attractions and destinations.

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Program Highlights

  • Visit Bangkok, Thailand & Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 13 days
  • Learn from business executives at global companies such as the American Chamber of Commerce, Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange, and more
  • View international business practices in a variety of industries, including: finance, marketing, economics, and more
  • Participate in city tours to see the most well-known attractions, including the Damnoen Floating Market and more
  • Stay in 4-star hotels with front-lobby security

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  • Safety 9.6
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Yes, I recommend this program

Such a good experience!

What was so great about this seminar is that it is only two weeks and allowed me to not interrupt my studies. There were also many different activities and business visits that were packed into such a short period of time. I really enjoyed seeing how business operate on an international level as well as how they perform business within their host countries. In our free time we were able to volunteer taking care of elephants, visit a train food market or floating market, or attend a kickboxing event to name a few activities.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
I would suggest planning some of the activities you want to do during free time ahead of time because your free time truly is your time! This means that you have opportunities to travel where you want to go as long as you are back in time for the next scheduled activity.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Adventures in a Country You're Not Accustomed Towards

My experience with IBS allowed me to gain a better understanding that business throughout the world follows the same path towards growth and expansion. Although there may be different regulations and larger/smaller governmental control in other areas, the end goal is still to reach out to consumers. With an understanding of how business is conducted in one nation, another nation may find it extremely useful to gain your knowledge. We all have some sort of knowledge that another nation can benefit from and if we were to go out and find who needs this knowledge, anything is possible. This trip was extremely beneficial towards that understanding and I hope to continue with these travels to learn much more.

Something to take note of about this experience is that you learn not only about the businesses themselves but the lifestyle of people as well. With a developing economy and industrializing country, there are many differences between what is new in the area and what has maintained its authenticity. You begin to understand that although there are drastic changes to the country and is developments, there are still many who remain close to their traditions as well as original lifestyle. Having the opportunity to witness these differences has allowed me to gain a better understanding as to what is still out there to explore around the globe.

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Yes, I recommend this program

IBS Winter Asia Trip!

IBS did a perfect job of mixing business with pleasure. The two-week seminar balanced work while still doing trips to the Grand Palace, the Reclining Buddha, the Chu Chi Tunnels and partaking in other breathtaking cultural moments. The various foods that we were able to indulge in are going to be some that I talk about for the rest of my life. The culture in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh is very friendly and inviting, which made it easy to fall in love with. As soon as I returned from this trip, I immediately looked for the next seminar that interested me!

What would you improve about this program?
Look at expanding the length of the seminars. Other than that, I loved the whole thing!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Discovering Myself in South East Asia

One notable experience, which happened every single day, was simply walking the streets of Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Whether it was during the day or at night, I was able to engage with locals via vendors and bargaining for food or souvenir prices and admiring their hand crafted goods. The cities felt alive at all moments of the day. I received and gave countless smiles. The streets contained an abundance of colors, there were various smells changing every couple of blocks from the food, and the sounds of cars and motorbikes surrounded me, literally, as I crossed the streets. My senses were always flooded with something new and exciting. Having the opportunity to walk the steps of the locals was an eye opening experience for me. It highlighted the differences between the cultures, American and Thailand or American and Vietnamese, and it broadened how I view the world we live in in the best kind of way.
To top the experience off, I also had the chance to speak and learn from directors and executives of companies, such as Ikea, Osprey, US Commercial Services, and AMCHAM Thailand. The ability to ask open ended questions about the various industries and how businesses operate in South East Asia was not anything I expected it to be. I envisioned long hour or two hour presentations that would make me drowsier than engaged, but, instead I got intriguing and engaging back-and-forth dialogue with these representatives. I amassed and gained a better understanding of how business operates in Thailand and Vietnam than any of the research I was able to conduct in America over the internet. It is one thing to research a topic, it is another to actually experience the theories in practice and hear insight on the matter from experience professionals. Being immersed in the culture and learning about the business enhanced my awareness and knowledge in unprecedented manners.

What would you improve about this program?
One improvement for the program is the amount of time between activities and travel. Flights are on the longer side and having more time to set your belongings down and settle into the hotel before going out would be a good reprieve. It it tiring to have to land from a flight and traveling to immediately go out and be socially engaged and aware.
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Kyrie B.
Yes, I recommend this program

I grew both personally & professionally. Amazing experience!

I was fortunate enough to attend the Winter Southeast Asia seminar in Thailand & Vietnam this past winter break and not only learned a plethora about international business, but also grew as a professional and a person. I met new peers and friends, made professional contacts and saw a part of the world I never would have on my own. I got great value for my money and am anxious to go abroad with International Business Seminars again. As an international business major, IBS Abroad gave me the international experience I needed to confidently apply for jobs overseas. The two week seminar also counted as three credits towards my undergraduate degree, which was the cherry on top to an amazing experience.
Thank you International Business Seminars!

What would you improve about this program?
No improvements needed! However, I do recommend for participants to bring just as many casual clothes as professional and be prepared to pay for meals other than the amazing breakfast buffets offered by the hotels and 5 other lunches & dinners.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Southeast Asia: Great Culture and Experiences!

This was my third trip with International Business Seminars. I was hooked on this program after beginning in Europe and followed with a trip to China. Each and every program has provided me with new experiences and insights. Each trip provides a wide array of learning including: technical business knowledge, cultural experiences, and great networking opportunities. During the course of my time in Thailand and Vietnam I learned a lot from professionals in various companies about how they work in their environment. Much of the information relates to the similarities or differences in cultures and how it effects the way business is conducted. Outside of the company visits there in plenty of time to explore the cities and surrounding areas. There are many amazing things to experience including the local cuisine and customs. Throughout the whole program, you become close with a variety of people who are all experiencing the same thing first hand with you. This makes for great friendships that will last a lifetime. Throughout the entire program, IBS does a great job of facilitating the hotels, transportation, tours of the areas, and everything else that you may need. This is a without a doubt a great experience for everyone and the reason that I have been on the program three times.

What would you improve about this program?
Offering participant the option to upgrade their flight, although this may cost more money.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Opportunity in SE Asia

My experience abroad was completely worthwhile. Hearing how successful people do business is interesting in any country; but even more so when you hear about how they dealt with difficulties and how they overcome them in a culturally different environment. They have to deal with language and cultural barriers in addition to working under different government regulations and are still successful. It was also interesting too to see how different and alike business can be outside of the United States. In addition to learning about business; the experience also helped my communication and networking skills grow. I had the opportunity to meet and become friends with an amazing group of people through this program. People that are attracted to this kind of program / adventure are the types of people you want to be friends with. Everyone on this trip will be super successful in whatever they do. We also had plenty of free time to enjoy the culture outside of the business world.

What would you improve about this program?
I would not mind staying longer.
6 people found this review helpful.

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