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Pairing your bachelor’s degree with a TEFL certificate from a top-20 global university is the best way to find an amazing job to fund your overseas adventure. The OISE TEFL course was designed by a team of professors and TEFL experts. Unlike a traditional university course, OISE TEFL is 100% online and self-paced, so you can fit it into your busy schedule or hustle through it in a shorter time frame. OISE TEFL is delivered by Teach Away, world leaders in international teacher placements.

Your OISE TEFL course options:

100-Hour TEFL Course
This course is best for new ESL teachers on a budget who want to get started teaching English.

120-Hour TEFL Course
This course is best for recent university graduates and current students looking to teach abroad.
*Choose two specialization units

150-Hour TEFL Course
This course is best for serious ESL teachers seeking a comprehensive course to accelerate their career.
*Choose two specialization units
*Extended curriculum
*Teaching abroad unit


Cater your course to your personal interests as well as your teaching destination with a combination of specializations that can be added to your TEFL certificate. Specialization units include:

  • Teaching English to Korean Speakers
  • Teaching English to Arabic Speakers
  • Teaching English to Mandarin Speakers
  • Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Teaching Business English
  • Teaching Test Preparation Courses
  • Digital Technology in the Classroom
  • Learner-Centred Classrooms
  • Teaching Abroad
  • Global recognition - Designed by a top-ranked faculty of education, language schools around the world will recognize the OISE University of Toronto TEFL certification. Upon completing your course, you will receive a certificate directly issued by OISE.
  • 100% online and self-paced - Accessible from a connected device at any time, the OISE TEFL course is yours to complete at your own pace. All aspects of the course are done entirely online, so you can enroll today and get started from anywhere you please.
  • Job assistance - Partnered with Teach Away, a leading international teacher recruitment agency, OISE TEFL connects graduates with free job placement services. You’ll get immediate access to opportunities at reputable schools all over the world.

Questions & Answers

Hi Ariel, The University of Toronto does participate in the Title IV federal student aid programs, however, students in this course are not considered full or part-time students at the University of Toronto. Though the course was designed by education faculty at the University of Toronto but is also jointly administered by Teach Away. Moreover, the course is offered at a department level. As such,...
Hi Tasheira, Thank you for your question! If you are currently applying for placement through the Teach Away website, there are a few things to be mindful to ensure that your applications stand out. 1) Ensure you meet all of the requirements specified in the job posting, listed requirements are not optional, 2) Make sure your Teach Away profile is up to date and accurate. Placement Coordinator's...
There are several units in the course that you must complete in order to get your certificate. After each unit there are small quizzes to test your knowledge and also a written portion that is graded by the staff. You cannot move on to a new unit or lesson until you have finished the previous one and pass the quiz. Throughout each lesson there are also questions to see whether or not you...
Hi Jessica, I haven't taught in either Seoul or Finland, however I have taught in Dubai and I loved it! Traveling and teaching are two of the most rewarding activities anyone can do. I found it to be both educational and informative for me. I learned as much from my students as they did from me, and I know that I came out of the experience with a more open-mind and bigger heart. I wish you the...


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Highly recommended

I highly recommend this course for those seeking to complete a TEFL certification. It is a great addition to your resume, in particularly for overseas teaching positions.

The course was very informative and well-designed. I particularly liked the 'practical' ideas and advice that I believe would be useful to new and also more experienced teachers.

Overall, I enjoyed completing the University of Toronto TEFL course.

How can this program be improved?
Adding more specific units depending on what type of position you are looking for e.g. working with early years students, adults.
Yes, I recommend


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About OISE University of Toronto TEFL

OISE TEFL is an internationally-recognized TEFL certification course designed by professors at the University of Toronto OISE and offered by Teach Away. The course is 100% online, self-paced and will qualify you for a variety of international...