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This is what makes up the foundation of New Life ESL’s mission. Looking for a reliable teaching position in China is no easy feat. Between scams, visa run arounds, and two-sided contracts, you may not have a solid idea of who to trust when seeking a trustworthy school. From the beginning of your application, we will provide you with proper, clear guidance, and 100% of the information needed to make your transition into the Middle Kingdom as stress-free as possible. New Life ESL is China’s only all-American recruiting agency with years of teaching experience and living experience in China. Let our social media and web reviews be a guide to show you just how satisfied our teachers are.

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Life is what you make of it.

Hello everyone!

Feel free to look up my blog, insunflowerfields.blogspot.com -- I will be putting up posts that are catered towards prospective ESL teachers with the label/tag "cometochina" soon, once I have the ability to settle down and get into writing more. :)

New Life ESL is, IMO, an excellent service! They do everything they promise, and they really help you feel like you have people backing you up. After a while I felt so secure, knowing that Americans had looked into who I would work with and knew it was a good job.

So far my experiences have been wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Just like anywhere back home, life is what you make of it here-- I have been here under only a little while and already know that. The way you look at something and how you deal with it will change your happiness level accordingly-- in the end, never be a victim in your own mind. Carpe diem. I have seen these types of people on Youtube, etc, who fail to create their own happiness. With that said, it is possible to get into bad [teaching, living, money] situations-- ask the people at New Life to help you or give you advice if for some reason you experience this. Be kind to everyone, eat everything, take time to rest, enjoy life! :)

This work will be easy for you, if:
1. You love people, esp people the age of your students.
2. You prepare, and you prepare (mentally) to be flexible.
3. You are ready for a different life, but a good life.

It will not be easy if:
1. You are a complainer.
2. You don't like making new relationships/acquaintanceships.
3. You often find it hard to be happy at all.

If you already know you want to come to China, go with New Life and just do it. You will not have any regrets. :)

How can this program be improved?
Making it clear that:
Most schools in China do not hire directly, because it is hard for them to obtain visas. They hire recruitment agencies to do this for them. W/ New Life, you have two: the Chinese agency and New Life itself. This is a positive, not a negative.
(I might have missed this info somehow when I was still in the states- But I learned it when I got here and was surprised.)
Yes, I recommend this program
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New Life ESL a great group of people

I have almost been In Shenyang China for almost a year now and I have loved every second of it . I would not be here without the help from New Life ESL. They got me the Z visa , and position very quickly. I would recommend New Life ESL to anyone looking for adventure and fun while working!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Just finished first contract and will return!!!

New Life ESL provided me with an incredible experience of China. Brendan, Monica, and Derrick are a great team that contacted me weekly for the whole year I was in China.

They presented me with offers in Xiamen, Dalian, Kunming, Shanghai, and Harbin. I had to pass on Shanghai because the Visa process took too long and I chose the Dalian offer because it provided good hours and a high salary for a 2nd tier city.

New Life provided me with a ton of materials to begin studying Mandarin as soon as I arrived and after a few months I found myself speaking with locals which is one of my favorite memories in China. They even provided me with materials to make my classes go by easier and not by as boring. Haha!

New Life ESL will help you with any doubts you may have about coming to China and starting an awesome career that’s rewarding and exciting.

Brendan just wished me a good birthday on Facebook and I finished my contract in January. There’s some love!

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend this program
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My first English teaching job in Beijing

I would highly recommend New Life ESL to whoever wants to teach English in China. Brendan was very helpful and prompt when helping me throughout my year in Beijing. I also had the privilege of meeting Brendan and Monica in Beijing in person! I had a great year teaching in Beijing and I wouldn't trade my experience for anything. I am also looking to teach in southern China this year and Brendan has been more than willing to help me find a school in the next upcoming months. Thank you so much New Life ESL, it was an excellent year in China!!!

Yes, I recommend this program
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About new life esl

I was skeptical before making the plunge to come to china, but I'm glad I did. Brendan and Monica set me up with a relatively awesome job for the city I'm in, and they welcomed me as a friend throughout the entire process. Would/have recommend/ed.

How can this program be improved?
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Yes, I recommend this program
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The real deal! New Life is your go-to!

New Life has been awesome from day one. Reading their blogs and speaking with them was like catching up with an old friend. I had a layover in Beijing and luckily got to hang with them and get the real New Life experience! Being your friend is one thing, but being professional is another, and they went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and prepare me as much as possible. Thanks again, guys!

Yes, I recommend this program
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The BEST Recruiters In China!

I was a little scared to use a recruiter after all the negative stuff I've read online, but New Life ESL took better care of me than I could have ever imagined. I got a great job in Beijing and the free housing I was promised is in a convenient location and has great amenities. If you're thinking about coming over to China, don't hesitate to use New Life ESL. They'll take great care of you as well.

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New Life ESL is the only American recruiting company placing YOU at a great school in China. By teachers, for teachers, we're here with you every step of the way to make sure your New Life in China is a great experience!!

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