Teach English Abroad in the Czech Republic with CIEE
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Teach English Abroad in the Czech Republic with CIEE

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Teach in the Czech Republic with CIEE and experience a side of this beautiful country that is rarely seen by tourists. You'll become part of a community on the outskirts of Prague, working as an English language assistant in a primary or secondary school, all while learning about Czech culture and language. Host schools encourage language assistants to participate in cultural and athletic activities outside of the classroom. You might even be invited to join your students on school ski trips in the winter!

From deciding where you would like to teach abroad, to preparing to return to your home country after your time abroad, CIEE will be there to support you. In addition to finding a job for you in the Czech Republic, you will be provided complete pre-departure support to help you prepare for your adventure in the Czech Republic. You will be given visa guidance, and travel insurance. Our 24/7 support and in-country orientation will ensure supported throughout your experience.

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Program Reviews (3)

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24 years old
United States
University of Chicago

Great Program


I'm really enjoying my experience in Prague/Czech Republic so far. The staff at CIEE Prague has been extremely helpful in helping me adjust to the living here. I especially appreciate all the work Tereza has done in helping me find an apartment (upscale unit in the perfect neighborhood, great Czech flatmate, and cheap) as well as organizing all these cool events for the participants. The ballet and Charles Castle trips were awesome, and we're looking forward to the Thanksgiving dinner she's hosting, since not many people celebrate it here. She really deserves the credit for making the program what it is today. The rest of the CIEE staff have also been very helpful, from giving us a great orientation experience to being available whenever we have questions about how things are done in Prague.

How much you enjoy Teach Abroad in the Czech Republic is really up to you. You have a fair amount of autonomy, as working adults, to explore and engage with your new world as much or as little as you want. The CIEE staff is here to lend a helping hand when you need help, not to hold your hand 24/7 like you're still in college. That being said, if you're a responsible adult who wants to see central Europe, is willing to adapt to a new culture/lifestyle, and is not afraid to go out of your comfort zone, this program is for you!

How can this program be improved?

Get rid of the TEFL requirement and better coordination with schools. Many schools in Prague don't need a TEFL certificate (mine doesn't), and it really is a huge amount of money for a certificate we don't need.

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23 years old
Czech Republic
Framingham State University

Completely Inaccurate Expectations of Everything (CIEE)


The title speaks for itself and is actually an inside joke between myself and the other participants who have had a terrible experience with CIEE Teach Abroad Prague.

I am currently finishing the program and am just trying to make the best out of the last few months I have here since the first 6 were horrible.

Due to not receiving the required paperwork for my employee card application in decent time (we got the documents in July, we had to leave in August) the entire experience was ruined from the start. I spent the first 4 months here on a tourist visa technically volunteering and struggling to get paid compensation from CIEE. Oh, I also spent a day in jail with two other participants after CIEE advised us to "register" with the foreign police when our 3-month tourist visas expired and we were here illegally. We weren't "registered," we were arrested. And CIEE did not tell us what was going on while getting arrested.... I found out the whole truth of the situation after I was processed and given a professional translator who told me I was arrested and processed for being there illegally.

The list of mistakes the CIEE Teach Abroad Prague staff has made is too long for me to even write. It includes: ignoring emails for days about important things like contacting your landlord for a broken shower or being locked out of your apartment, NOT helping a participant find a doctor that speaks English for a required prescription, and NOT answering the phone when a CIEE intern doesn't show up at the meeting spot to help you get to your visa appointment.

These are all things that the CIEE Staff has taken lightly and has, weirdly, turned around on the participants. They tell us we are just "bonding through anger" and should be more independent since we're teaching abroad and college graduates. There's 7 of us in this program and we're literally their afterthoughts. They just started including us in the regular emails about CIEE events in Prague THIS month in February. They once pity invited us to their Study Abroad students' goodbye dinner AFTER the RSVP date on the invitation.

I spent most of my experience here hating CIEE for not sticking to what they said they'd do. I also haven't mentioned that I studied abroad with them in Prague in 2014 and the experience was nothing like this. We received endless support, almost babied. I truly have no idea what happened to the staff in those two years. Are they really trying their best, or do they just hate the Teach Abroad participants? I don't know.

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27 years old
University of Central Florida

Seriously Disappointed in CIEE


Before teaching abroad, I had done quite a lot of research on CIEE and heard great things from friends who have worked with them in the past either teaching or studying abroad. I was so excited for my time in the Czech Republic and have found CIEE to be a burden if anything else. The staff is very unorganized and have given little support throughout this whole process. We had to make our own housing arrangements so while it says that housing in apartments is provided that is not actually true except for a few girls in homeshares outside of the city. Any problems that I have encountered in my time here have either been ignored or dismissed by CIEE staff both here in the Czech Republic or in the U.S. At this point I do not even bother to seek their assistance. When I brought up this lack of communication to the staff in the U.S., I was basically and told that I was overreacting...

The current program consists of only 7 people yet they definitely are struggling to manage. I worry for future applicants as I know they want to expand this program. Unfortunately, I do not think that will be possible with the current number of staff.

The expense of this program, forgetting all of the additional expenses I have spent to be here, does not equal the "service" you receive from CIEE unfortunately. If you want to teach in the Czech Republic... which I highly encourage anyone to do... then I suggest using a different program. My time here has been amazing but with no thanks to CIEE.

Response from CIEE Teach Abroad

Hi Grace,
Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback – we value it and take it quite seriously. We’re sad to hear that you are disappointed with the services that you’ve received from CIEE. Teaching abroad is an endeavor that always comes with surprises and last minute changes, and our staff in Portland and in Prague go to great lengths to help our participants navigate these challenges. Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] with further concerns or questions.
Ultimately, we are glad that you are enjoying your experience in the Czech Republic and we are pleased to have helped make it possible for you!

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