WorldTeach - Volunteer Teaching in Ecuador
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WorldTeach - Volunteer Teaching in Ecuador

WorldTeach has been serving in Ecuador since 1991, partnering with different organizations and institutions over the years, all of whom personally requested and helped fund WorldTeach volunteers. There are several placements in the WorldTeach Ecuador Year teaching program. These include Quito, Riobamba, and other cities within the Sierra region, where participants teach English to students ranging in age from children to young adults and motivated professionals in local colleges and universities.

The Ecuador Year program includes the opportunity to obtain accredited Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification.

  • Native-level English speaker
  • Between the ages of 18 and 74
  • Flexible, open-minded and patient
  • Bachelor's degree
Teaching Practicum
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Other Locations
Cuenca, Manta, Portoviejo, Ibarra, Tena, Ambato

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While I served quite some time ago, I believe the commitment is still 1 year. There was a summer program at one point so that could be an option depending on if the fit is right for you. Check their website. Quito has a fair amount of NGOs if you wanted to try to set up your own sort of assignment. You should be able to do internet searches, etc. to figure that out.

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  • Benefits 8.8
  • Support 8.9
  • Fun 8.7
  • Facilities 9.1
  • Safety 8.2
  • Instruction 7
  • Support 7
  • Value 9
  • Difficulty 7
  • Job Assistance 6
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Ecuador - Expectation not met

I found Ecuador to be very dangerous with the majority of volunteers robbed by the end of the program. There was not a need for volunteers at my school because there were paid teachers that did the same job and were paid more. Bad host families were used over and over again by WT Staff.

Response from WorldTeach

We are disappointed to hear that your expectations of our program, and of the country of Ecuador, were not met.

An unfortunate reality of working in marginalized communities everywhere, in the US and abroad, is that they are often deeply affected by corruption and crime. Notwithstanding, WorldTeach works to ensure the safety of our volunteers through awareness, training, and emergency action plans and response protocols.

Likewise, we continuously assess the appropriateness of school and housing placements through three annual volunteer evaluations as well as in person site visits and weekly check ins with each volunteer.

We value your feedback and encourage you to reach out to us at the head office ([email protected]) with your thoughtful suggestions for improvement.

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WorldTeach extender loves this program!

The experience of coming to Ecuador with WorldTeach changed my life in amazingly positive ways. This type of program is for anyone who is dedicated, wants to teach, wants to integrate into the local community, but is also looking for support from an awesome in-country staff. Wonderful program!

Yes, I recommend
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Review from a 2 year WT Ecuador Volunteer

I knew upon graduation that I wanted to spend at least a year abroad. A friend told me about WorldTeach, and although admittedly teaching made me nervous, I decided to apply.

I was placed in a medium-sized city on the coast and initially taught English at a trade school. The demographic of my students ranged from adolescents to working professionals. It was not a course that was mandatory; therefore, my students were there because they wanted to be.

After my year with WorldTeach ended I knew that I was not yet ready to leave. I loved my students, had a great volunteer internship at the local hospital, and was not yet ready to leave my host family. I applied for an extension and after it was approved, I got the chance to work help pioneer a new site in my city.

Yes, I recommend
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Great... Until it's not.

WorldTeach Ecuador was great for training. Orientation can be tedious but is very informative, it runs all day (8-6) five days a week. Afterwards, you return, exhausted, to your Quito homestay families. Or, on some days, go and get a Pilsner with some of the group. By the end of it, I felt over prepared. I felt like I knew how to teach, plan without a curriculum, and had a wonderful support group of friends. I think Worldteach Ecuador is a great organization until something goes wrong.

Less than three months into my year I was terminated. Not because of my actions, but because WT had problems within my school. My university is slightly corrupt, like most places in Ecuador, and I understood the decision until I wasn't given another placement.

Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador, was my only option. A person from my group terminated because the situation at the school was so terrible there, he was unable to teach. I was not willing to give up my dream of living in the Andes to move to the big and sweaty city (not to mention dangerous) and have to fight to be able to teach. When I said no to Guayaquil I was terminated.

I paid over $5,000 for those three months. I got to keep my return ticket back, and luckily, found a job on my own. I stayed in close contact with my WT friends and watched as they attended midservice and end of service. I have been in Ecuador for 1.5 years now, living and working at a school without the help from WorldTeach.

And I wish this was an isolated incidence. I have watched as this has happened multiple times in the new WT groups.

I would have never come to Ecuador without WorldTeach , and for those who didn't have problems, it was a great program. For those of us who did, however, it was $5,000 for a month long ESL course.

Response from WorldTeach

We are happy to hear that you found the WorldTeach training relevant and comprehensive and that you found the support of the group of your fellow volunteers valuable. We are also thrilled to see that you remained in Ecuador to live and teach. Though you didn't fulfill your dreams to live in the Andes through our organization we are sincerely glad to see that you were able to make it happen by your own means.

Though it's been some time since you left your review, please contact us at the head office ([email protected]) if you'd like to discuss the details of how your service in Ecuador came to a close. While we'd love to be able to bypass red tape and bureaucracy to guarantee that every volunteer will have a picture perfect experience, unfortunately, we are only a small group of individuals working within imperfect systems. Nevertheless, through your proactive engagement with us, we can identify ways in which we can improve to help ensure positive experiences for future volunteers and ultimately a greater impact on the students we serve. We look forward to hearing from you.

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I feel WorldTeach is a really wonderful option for someone wanting to go abroad and volunteer in a 3rd world country for the first time. The support of World Teach is outstanding in the US and then out in the countries where the vols are. The orientations you are a part of really prepare you for all that you are about to witness and interact in. They truly prep you and continue to support you with checkins throughout. And even after your stay is over, the WT Alumni group is very close knit and well organized, updating you on new countries WT is working with and even announcing jobs that are available in WT's US offices and abroad. WT was my first experience in a 3rd world country and I continue to be so grateful for them. I met some really incredible people in Ecuador thanks to them.

Yes, I recommend

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