WorldTeach: Ecuador Volunteer Teaching (Year)

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Discover Teaching Opportunities Abroad at GO! Overseas | GO! Teach Abroad
Discover Teaching Opportunities Abroad at GO! Overseas | GO! Teach Abroad


Journey to Ecuador, this December to August, for a year of service with WorldTeach. Placements are in the capital city of Quito or in smaller cities at institutions throughout the Andean region. During your service, you live with a host family and have access to electricity and running water.

As a WorldTeach volunteer you will be tasked with teaching English to youths and young adults. In addition, to teaching responsibilities, we encourage all volunteers to actively participate in community life and engage in additional activities or projects of interest. The ability to communicate in English is highly valued throughout Ecuador because of the country’s developing tourist industry, as well as Ecuadorians’ desire for improved access to the global economy. Tourism, both cultural and environmental, has become an increasingly viable means of generating revenue in this South American nation. Knowledge of English also helps Ecuadorians open their businesses to a wider, global audience.

  • Native-level English speaker
  • Flexible, open-minded and patient
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Work with youths and young adults
  • Engage in extracurricular activities and community life
  • Have a meaningful homestay experience (optional)
  • Endless opportunities to practice Spanish
  • Earn an accredited TEFL certification (optional)

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While I served quite some time ago, I believe the commitment is still 1 year. There was a summer program at one point so that could be an option depending on if the fit is right for you. Check their website. Quito has a fair amount of NGOs if you wanted to try to set up your own sort of assignment. You should be able to do internet searches, etc. to figure that out.


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Yes, I recommend this program


I feel WorldTeach is a really wonderful option for someone wanting to go abroad and volunteer in a 3rd world country for the first time. The support of World Teach is outstanding in the US and then out in the countries where the vols are. The orientations you are a part of really prepare you for all that you are about to witness and interact in. They truly prep you and continue to support you with checkins throughout. And even after your stay is over, the WT Alumni group is very close knit and well organized, updating you on new countries WT is working with and even announcing jobs that are available in WT's US offices and abroad. WT was my first experience in a 3rd world country and I continue to be so grateful for them. I met some really incredible people in Ecuador thanks to them.