Teach English in Italy and Austria Summer 2018
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Teach English in Italy and Austria Summer 2018

Teach English in wonderful cities throughout Italy and Austria during Summer 2018. It's the perfect summer job for students, especially in the education field and who want to enhance their teaching experience. The English Camp Company, L.L.C. organizes English Summer Camps in Italy and Austria for 7-14 year olds. We offer an enjoyable, interactive atmosphere where children can use everyday English and improve their knowledge of the English language in a fun, relaxed summer camp environment.

1-3 Months
Salary / Benefits
175 Euro per week
All accommodation, food and travel expenses between camps are paid for by The ECC.
Host Family
Age Min.

Questions & Answers

You can find the application form and requirements on this page on our website: http://www.theenglishcampcompany.com/become-a-camp-counselo…
There is no upper age limit. Applicants just have to be over 18 to apply.
Please contact the ECC directly for this information.
Hello Doreen, Yes the deadline is the 14th April. To apply check out our website for more details and the application form is on there too!

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  • Facilities 9.9
  • Safety 9.9
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Best Summer

First, Nate and Ashleigh set up an amazing orientation program that takes place in the beautiful town of Assisi. I had little experience with teaching, but had a lot of camp programming experience (coming from the Canadian "camp scene"). During orientation there was ample time to learn and employ all of the new skills necessary for the upcoming weeks. During orientation week, I met an amazing group of people that I had entirely too much fun hanging out with. The orientation week was an awesome way to do teambuilding and to have a ton of fun before starting camp.

During the next 6 weeks, I lived with many amazing host families that I learned so much from. They were incredibly welcoming and ECC had definitely spent time looking into the families to make sure they would be suitable.

The experience is amazing because you get to move around to different parts of Italy and see interesting sites in different places. The company pays for your train tickets from one town to the next, Nate and Ashleigh truly have every detail worked out for you. Usually you live close to other tutors, so you have the chance to hang out with them and their families as well.

I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone! This was my first time travelling (ever), and the experience was amazing for sightseeing, as well as for learning about the culture through the amazing families and people that you meet. Nate and Ashleigh were great to work with and were really well organized, which made the entire summer in Italy run smoothly, truly amazing!

How can this program be improved?
There were no problems! It exceeded my expectations and more!
Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Summer Job!

I feel extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to work for the English Camp Company. Nate and Ashleigh are extremely friendly and supportive and make sure every tutor feels prepared for camps, as well as there being lots of opportunities to socialise. The organisation is very well organized, from very useful inductions, to travelling to camps, to working at camps, etc. This is a great opportunity for exploring new places and experiencing the real Italian culture. I was fortunate to work at two very different camps; one large camp in a fairly big city, and a small camp in a tiny village. This was great as it means you get to experience different lifestyles and this is an enriching experience. The camps are very fun and I would recommend this programme to people who enjoy exploring new cultures, working with children, and enjoy variety, as every day is different. The kids are a pleasant to work with and get really involved with the activities. Other tutors and camp directors are extremely friendly, and everybody seems to work really well in a team and become good friends. There are also chances to go to places some nights and on the weekend, so it’s a great social and travel experience as well as a fun working one.

Yes, I recommend
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Take a bow English Camp Company!

Amazing company! All the support you could wish for and more. Locations vary so much, right from the south of Italy to the centre of Austria, means that every camp is completely different, in children, ability level in English, host families and surroundings.
The training you receive prepares for all aspects of the job, leaving you with no queries or doubts about the job.
The host families are selected with a lot of care, the tutors safety and happiness always being at the top of priorities.
The English Camp Company is a small business, meaning everyone works as a team, and becomes very close over the summer. Because of this community feel throughout the summer, it often resulted in a much higher work ethic at camp, everyone was on hand to help you, make you laugh, socialise after camp, help you plan lessons... The list goes on!
I cannot rate this company highly enough. If you are looking to travel and earn money at the same time, this rewarding, humbling experience is perfect!

Best summer of my life, all down to Ashleigh, Nate and The English Camp Company!

How can this program be improved?
Absolutely nothing!
Yes, I recommend
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Golden Summer

This is the ideal summer job for so many reasons: everyone I worked with was good at his/her job & loved what he/she was doing, Nate & Ashley (the founders of the company) are great supporters & will do anything to make your experience positive for you & the students, & of course Italy is Paradise, so even working is beautiful.

How can this program be improved?
I can't think of one complaint.
Yes, I recommend
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Nothing but the Best

Nothing but the best, is the experience you hope to have when you travel to another country...especially one as wonderful as Italy. However, if you are a first time teacher going abroad you leave home with a heart full of excitement, a backpack full of clothes and mind full of worry ( mostly brought on by the "what ifs" your parents and loved ones warned you of ) The English Camp Company is definately a program where you can drop that heavy load of worry. It is organized and operated in a way that is safe and adventurous. The camps are held in smaller towns allowing you to get a safe and wonderful feel of the real Italy. Staying with host families allows you to further immerse yourself in the culture and get a true feel for the amazing hospitality of the Italian culture. Throughout the summer you work with a variety of tutors from different English speaking countries. Through the work week you end up bonding with these tutors ,learning about their cultures and making friends. All in all, The English Camp Company provides you with an experience that is Nothing but the Best!

Yes, I recommend
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Cant help but go back!

I am from Canada and going to Europe was a dream come true, a little tough to get around the first couple days it all becomes second nature. The people I worked with were absolutely amazing, and the kids are fantastic. Its a great way to travel, explore new things while teaching and working with children. I went in 2012 and will be returning again this year (2013). It really is just a wonderful atmosphere and a great summer experience. I have told many people already about this program and will continue to do so.

Yes, I recommend
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I spent summer 2012 working for the ECC and liked it that much that I'm going back for summer 2013! While in Italy I worked with great people, stayed with brilliant families and really developed my teaching skills. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wanted to spend their summer doing something different and exciting- and especially those doing teaching!

How can this program be improved?
There isn't much I would change- at one camp we took the children to a local swimming pool and they seemed to really enjoy it (we did too) so perhaps more visits to the pool if the weather is too hot!
Yes, I recommend
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My ECC Experience

I have done 2 summers with the ECC in Italy and Austria and it was by far the most valuable experience of my life. Small and very friendly company who are very personal and flexible if there are any issues. Fantastic host families and children to teach! Highly recommend to anyone considering!

Yes, I recommend
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Teach English in Italy

Teaching English to children aged 7-14 years at summer camps around Italy was a memorable experience. Working each day was enjoyable, making lessons interactive and organising afternoon activities. The children are enthusiastic and are willing to learn; seeing you as a role model the children really look up to you. Whilst at camp, a highlight for me was when everybody was having fun during the afternoon activities and everybody's competitive side showed, wanting their team to win! Another highlight was seeing the children perform their final shows at the end of the two weeks. Parents come to watch the performances and you really see how much English the children have learnt. A difficulty I encountered was trying to keep the children (especially the older children) focused during lessons but making them fun and of interest to them will engage them. Host families I stayed with were all very welcoming and they make you feel at home. It was a great opportunity to experience the Italian culture and lifestyle. Bonuses of spending your summer in Italy include the gorgeous weather and the Italian food!

How can this program be improved?
Have more resources available to tutors so the English lessons are more interactive.
Yes, I recommend

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The English Camp Company, L.L.C. organizes English Summer Camps in Italy & Austria for 7 – 14 year olds. We offer an enjoyable, interactive atmosphere where children can use everyday English and improve their knowledge of the English language in a...