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Applications Close Soon for South Korea Early 2019 Intakes

It's hiring season for teaching English in South Korea for early 2019 intakes. Choose between:

1: Public Schools placements with our online TESOL course (EPIK)
2: Private Language Centre placements with either our online or our in-country TESOL course. The next in-country course is in January 2019, giving you the chance to live and learn in Korea with practical classroom experience before starting your job.


If you're passionate about exploring life off the beaten track and are looking to be a trailblazer in the teach abroad world, our Myanmar program is an excellent opportunity!

You'll be based in Yangon, the country's bustling economic heart or in smaller towns if you prefer, helping a nation who's just opening its doors to the outside world empower itself with the skill of speaking and writing English.

Included in our program is an accredited TESOL course, conducted in-country by an experienced instructor along with a weeklong cultural orientation. You'll also benefit from free placement on any of our other Asian teach abroad programs for which you qualify like Thailand, Vietnam or South Korea.

What's more is that bachelor's degrees are not required to take part in this program - a rarity nowadays in teach abroad programs.

  • TESOL Accreditation and cultural orientation included
  • Guaranteed job placement
  • Earn $700-$1200 per month
  • Full guidance pre-departure for everything from packing to documentation
  • 24/7 in-country support throughout your teaching contract

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