Paid Teaching Jobs in South Korea with TravelBud
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Paid Teaching Jobs in South Korea with TravelBud

What about teaching in Vietnam?
Teaching English in Vietnam is one of our fastest growing programs and for good reason! The country is experiencing an economic boom and its young population is hungry to learn new skills that will help them thrive - learning English is a big priority. Vietnam also has a rich and fascinating history and culture with some of the world's most loved street foods. It's location in South East Asia make vacation destinations like Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia and more a short hop on a plane to reach. We offer accredited in-class TESOL and cultural orientation done in Vietnam to ensure you get the best start possible on this exciting adventure. Chat to our program coordinators today to find out if teaching in Vietnam is the right fit for you!

If you have a degree and are looking to get the holy trinity of gap year goals under your belt - traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, getting paid well - then teaching English in South Korea is definitely for you! Our placements, whether you choose public schools or private language centers across South Korea, all come with amazing perks like great pay, free accommodation, flight reimbursement, and 24/7 pre-departure and in-country support.

We offer both regular online and an in-class TESOL course done in Korea for 2018. There are a lot of benefits to our packages like airport pickups, cultural orientation, visa guidance and complete assistance throughout the complex job application and interview process. The TravelBud team have also all taught English overseas before, so you'll be speaking to someone in the know who can answer all your questions both serious and simple.

  • Great pay of around $2300 per month + bonus pay
  • Free furnished accommodation
  • Flights to South Korea reimbursed
  • Choice between public and private school placement
  • Choice between online or in-class TESOL course included in the program
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We have 3 program options:

- Placement only at either private or public schools for $1450 (includes all perks and benefits as other options like pre-departure support, job placement assistance and 24/7 in-country support) - we have multiple start dates from March 2018 onwards for this option
- Placement at either private or public schools with online TESOL course for $1900 - we have multiple start dates from March 2018 onwards for this option
- Placement at private schools with in-class, in-country TESOL course for $2150 - the next intake for this course is July 16th, 2018
Other Locations
Multiple other towns and cities across South Korea

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Program Reviews (5)

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22 years old
Rhodes University

My experience


I thought the whole process before I came to Seoul was really great. The team was really informative and handled my worries and questions well. I felt good about my decisions because I was being supported very well. I think my only problem was that once I arrived in Seoul I was thrust straight into the work. I had assumed that the company orientation woild take place once I started, or even before. I was only informed about an orientation and meet up after I had been here for over a month already. I had to settle myself, with next to no help or guidance.

How can this program be improved?

Maybe have set guidelines of what to do once we have arrived, or make sure the schools are providing them.


Thankful :)


This month marks my 4th month teaching in South Korea and feel so settled and could not think of doing anything else. Everyday is such a joy get to go to work and see such cute, excited and curious faces I call my students. The culture, the people (whom have welcomed in with such warm smiles and heart) and of course the food!! wow!
I am however thankful to the team that helped me get to where I am today, from the start to the finish line. Throughout the whole process, i am thankful to the team at Travelbud for the amazing management of the process, the support and the amazing communication and following up. I am also thankful to the team for the amazing TESOL course, they really equipped me to be the teacher I get the joy of being today, from lesson planning, class management, teaching skills etc.
And above all, I am thankful to the team in preparing me for this big move and probably one of the best decisions I've made to date.

How can this program be improved?

I honestly thought the program was so well run and facilitated.

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23 years old
South Africa

support every step of the way


Moving to any new country to go work can be terrifying and coming to Korea is no exception. I was overwhelmed with the process of getting to South Korea until I was made aware of travelbud. The company guided me every single step of the way and I was exposed to quality and personal service all along the process. Their support is also carrying one even now that I am in the country and working. I was very satisfied with their hands on approach in helping me teach abroad

31 years old
Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu-Natal

What the Brochure Didn’t Say


I spent twelve months in Yeosu, Korea, a hilly seaside town filled with possibilities. What is lacks in fast-paced Seoul-like metropolitan charm, it makes up for with its ability to wake up the adventurer in you. There are brochures pointing you to the tourist spots, but jumping on a bus and exploring a new part of town, an island or beach or even the “mountain” behind my flat used to yield much more exciting experiences. I had the privilege to meet fantastic new friends with whom I shared an actual connection beyond drinking and partying.

The support from TravelBud was really good, they assisted in my predeparture preparation and would often check in the following months. It was a great help to have somebody else sort out my SIM card. I attended a belated orientation (because I arrived shortly after they had finished another) and met some lovely people from all around the world based in other parts of Korea. Thinking back to the Korean cooking class still makes me smile and salivate a little.

Don’t be fooled; Korea is not for the cowardly. There were difficult times, occasional times that made me wonder what I was thinking. Not even the handsome salary seemed enough. That said I found my sense of humour this year so those few moments were soon dwarfed by the epiphanies, friendships, laughs and splendour that I experienced in my time in sleepy Yeosu. If you have that curiosity in your heart that beckons you to explore and find the joy, you won’t be disappointed.

26 years old
Arusha, Tanzania

Thank you! TravelBud


Last year I decided to pack up my stuff and move half way across the world. I kept hearing about what great teaching opportunities there were in South Korea and how much money I could save teaching here. Of course I didn't believe everything I heard. A friend of mine who was already in South Korea suggested I contact TravelBud and enquire about the opportunities available in Korea. He said he was happy with TravelBud and would recommend it to anyone. So I contacted them, and the journey of a lifetime began.
Naturally I was nervous and worried about moving to a foreign country, a country i had just heard of in passing. TravelBud were there for me every step of the way. They responded really fast, and gave me all the information I needed. I liked that they broke things down for me into manageable bits. It can get really overwhelming if you don't have anyone guiding you through the process. Looking back, I am sure that if TravelBud was not there for me I would honestly not be here today. Even though at the time I was based in Tanzania , TravelBud were so good that it didn't matter where I was. I still got the support I needed. They were so friendly, and caring that they made a process that would otherwise be quite stressful very easy and even enjoyable. I received guidance at every stage. They were extremely professional and definitely knew what they were talking about. They also let me know what to expect once I got here.
Now I am 7 months into my teaching contract in South Korea and I could not be happier. I got placed at an amazing school . I have had absolutely no problems with salary or apartment. I managed to save a decent sum and pay off my loans. I also got to experience a whole new culture. P.S . The food here is amazing.
I have heard so many horror stories of things going wrong here that I am glad that I had TravelBud there for me.
Just as someone recommended them to me, I would happily recommend them to anyone else.

How can this program be improved?

I can honestly not think of a single improvement that needs to be made. They were amazing.

Response from TravelBud

Thank you so much for the kind words, Jessica! We are really happy to hear how much of an amazing time you have had so far in South Korea. It's reviews like these that make us love doing what we do.

Keep in touch,
The TravelBud Team :)

About The Provider


At TravelBud everyone you deal with is someone who has taught or volunteered abroad before. We all passionately believe in the life-changing power of the teach & volunteer abroad experience, both for those we place and for the students who gain new mentors from around