TEFL Heaven: Paid teaching job in Cusco, Peru
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TEFL Heaven: Paid teaching job in Cusco, Peru

Become TEFL certified in Cusco, Peru. Make new friends and adapt to the Peruvian culture whilst gaining hands on teaching experience. On completion of this 4 weeks face to face TEFL training you will receive a worldwide recognized certificate which is rated at 150 hours. Not only that but you will also get a guaranteed paid teaching job!

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Program Reviews (4)

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26 years old
Cusco, Peru

Teaching English with TEFL


I´m currently teaching English in Cusco, Peru with my TEFL certification that I completed in March. I actually got hired while still in the course, so I would say finding a job is really easy, especially here in Cusco. The course work wasn´t hard for me personally although you should be prepared to do a lot of out of class work. The course ran from 9-4 every day. The course is expensive but worth it, but only if you are planning on actually using it. Some students wanted a vacation and that is not the right mind set to have. I don´t recommend using the school to coordinate housing as they will overcharge you a ton! I just used Airbnb, or you can also stay in a hostel here as a lot of other students did. When entering Peru specifically, at the airport you will want to ask the immigration officer for the max amount of time allowed (which is currently 6 months). If looking to stay and work in Cusco, I highly recommend it. The city is tranquil, gorgeous, and the people are friendly. There is also a ton to do especially if you enjoy the outdoors.

How can this program be improved?

Coordinators could offer more disclosure about cheap ways to find housing options. There is absolutely no need to be paying $600/month for a room. For example, I pay $330 per month for a two bedroom apartment which is shared by another person, making rent $165/month!

24 years old
Swansea University

My TEFL Adventure started in Cusco


I arrived in Cusco feeling anxious, having spent so much time researching which course to take and having spent so much money on the course and traveling to Peru from the UK. I immediately felt at ease when I was met at the airport and taken straight to the office where I was greeted by the incredibly knowledgeable and friendly international team. I was then taken to my host family. The family made my Cusco TEFL experience really unforgettable, they cooked traditional Peruvian food for dinner every night, often provided us with a bowl of fresh Peruvian fruit for breakfast and even invited us to accompany them on trips sometimes at the weekend.

The TEFL training was really enjoyable. the other TEFL students became great friends and Claudia our TEFL trainer was heaps of fun, making the 4 weeks consistently engaging with her humour and energy. She offered so much support throughout our time and this support even continued after I left Cusco when I was looking for a TEFL job in Chile. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for a South American TEFL experience.

How can this program be improved?

I know not everyone was as lucky with their host families and would have enjoyed to be provided with more fruit and veg as I was, maybe a conversation with the host families to ensure there is always some sort of fresh fruit at breakfast would be beneficial.

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32 years old
Cusco Peru
University of Pretoria

Fun, Laughter and Learning


I decided to complete the TEFL certification course because I wanted to fulfil my passion for teaching and I wanted to travel.

I had no teaching background and before stumbling across the TEFL Heaven website, I had no idea how to make my teaching goals a reality. TEFL Heaven provided me with great insight into average teaching salaries, fun activities and the requirements live and teach in Peru.

I have just completed the one month TEFL certification course and will teach English in Cusco for the next six months.

Thanks to TEFL Heaven!!

Response from TEFL Heaven

Hey Anthony,
It's so lovely to hear how much of a great time you're having in Peru! I hope you continue to enjoy your time living there, and we really appreciate the positive feedback for the training course.
Kind regards,
Charlie - The TEFL Heaven Team

25 years old
John Carroll University

TEFL Heaven-Cusco


The TEFL course in Cuzco was such a wonderful experience. I am so glad that I took the oppertunity to get TEFL certified. I met people in my class who I know will remain close friends. The class was definitely highly stressful at times, but also a lot of fun and it served as a nice transition period into Cusco life. For example, sometimes we would just spend class time getting to know each other and telling stories about our lives and why we came to Cuzco.

The most challenging part of the course was the practical teaching week. Here, students had to teach a class of native Spanish speakers for one week. After doing so, though, I feel much more prepared and experienced as I continue to seek work as an English teacher in Cuzco.

This class comes HIGHLY recommended from me.

How can this program be improved?

The housing that the school provided is WAY too expensive by Cuzco's standards. Luckily, I am looking for a new apartment and have found some cheaper options.

About The Provider


Since 2007 TEFL Heaven (formerly Experience Teaching Abroad) has assisted university graduates and non-graduates to secure quality teaching placements abroad. We pride ourselves on being a fun and personable company who like to actively engage with all who are seeking the opportunity to teach English