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Are you interested in taking a gap year? Saving some money? Or simply want to travel and see the world? Teaching English in Korea is a great way to do all of this and more!

Travel and Teach Recruiting Inc. offers ESL teaching positions in AMAZING schools from Seoul to Busan that include:

*High Salaries
*Free Single Apartment
*Medical Insurance + Visa Sponsorship
*Endless Adventures

>>>>Our schools offer the most unique and exciting opportunities in Korea!<<<<

Travel and Teach offers a 100% FREE SERVICE + ENDLESS SUPPORT from the time you apply to when you leave Korea. This is our Travel and Teach Teacher Guarantee.


Questions & Answers

Yes! Typically, the first week when you arrive at your new school, there is a training period. Although this may vary from school to school, it usually includes a series of observations, where you get the opportunity to see the typical routines and protocols being performed during a normal lesson from other teachers, as well as a one-on-one review of the curriculum, your teaching schedule, etc....
The basic tertiary requirement is to have a minimum of a bachelors degree! If your degree is not in education, it is also required to have a TEFL certification to allow you to obtain the skills and knowledge to teach students whose first language is not English.
Hi Wai Yee, It is certainly possible if you are of Asian descent and from one of the 7 countries that Korea will grant a working visa to. If you are not from one of those countries, unfortunately you won't be granted a visa though, even though you speak perfect English and have experience teaching. I hope this helps!
I am not Asian American myself, so I cannot comment from personal experience, but I can say that I recently completed a a teaching seminar with EBY Talking Club in Seoul, and of the six other foreign teachers there, two of them were Asian American. While it may have been harder for them to get a job of this type (I didn't think to ask), I can say that it is certainly possible. I hope this helps.


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Teaching English in Korea Made Easy

I loved working with Niko and Travel and Teach! From step 1 to step 10, he always swiftly replied to my emails and was always a great help! I did not receive the same dedication and response from other recruiters. Within two weeks after contacting Niko, I had a job! Truthfully, I was worried about getting a job by August because I had graduated in June. However, Niko and Travel and Teach worked hard. They helped me gather all of my documents and a month later, I was in Korea! It has been about 1.5 months, and I absolutely love my teaching job and school. I would go through Travel and Teach again and I would recommend Travel and Teach Recruiting to everyone, you will not regret it!

Yes, I recommend this program

Travel and Teach

Hello Readers,

I can't believe I am pursuing my dream of living abroad. Just a couple of months ago I was sitting on my computer looking for opportunities to teach abroad. As I searched for websites that could help me I couldn't find any company that wouldn't charge me $300+ dollars, until I stumbled across this website and found Travel and Teach. This company will HELP you and it will be FREE. The only thing you need to cover is the payment for your documents.

As far as Korea, it is amazing! If you are an English speaker it is surprisingly easy to navigate this country (I can't speak for rural areas). The culture here is different and you will need to adapt to the way things are run here, but overall the experience has been wonderful and it is pretty western for an eastern country. The ability to save a significant amount of money while living abroad seems counter intuitive, but in Korea it is possible. I made the decision to teach abroad in March of 2017, I signed a contract by May of 2017 and was in Korea by August 2017, I would have been here earlier if I wasn't finishing up school. Your dream is in arms reach, you just have to pursue it! Special thanks to Niko my advisor who made the processes streamlined and efficient.


How can this program be improved?
Perhaps give you a budget for the first month living here, I brought $1,000. My co-teachers like to go out to eat and drink on weekends, I even went to Busan and Seoul and $1,000 covered me. I could have spent a lot less if I didn't go out as much and travel the first month, but if you want to plan for doing the most your first month $1,000 is more than enough.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Awesome Experience with Travel and Teach

For many people fresh out of college, or even those with years of experience, finding work, navigating the visa process, and getting everything in order can seem particularly daunting. However, the recruiters at Travel and Teach have the firsthand experience to help people through every step of the process. Before arrival, they are constantly on call to help you land the perfect job in one of the many great cities, get your visa in order, and arrange your departure. Once you're on the ground, they continue to help you with any questions you may have -- from day-to-day necessities, to job related issues.

In general, spending a year or more in Korea is an opportunity you won't regret. The country has something for everyone, and this includes a great social scene, history, outdoors, further educational opportunities, or a chance to build your career. Choosing an experienced, knowledgeable, and (most importantly) continuously helpful recruiting agency like Travel and Teach goes a long way to making sure that you get the most out of your time in the ROK.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Teaching in Bundang, Korea

The teaching position I am currently employed in happens to be the first my headhunter offered me. It is a job about an hour of transit away from downtown Seoul, in Bundang, teaching history and debating. My class sizes are capped at 8 students, and I teach from grade 1 to 6. I work from 1-9:30 from Monday to Friday, at an average of 5 teaching hours per day. I find the work enjoyable, and I have lots of free time to explore the city, do hobbies, meet people, etc. There is a lot to do in Seoul, and a good community of expats and Koreans who speak English. Getting around is no problem.

Food is slightly more expensive here than where I am from (Toronto, Canada), especially fresh fruit. The pay is pretty good, however, so one can live in comfort regardless.

My headhunter was very helpful throughout the application and pre and post flight process, always being there to answer any questions I had, and giving useful advice on what to bring and how to prepare. I'm very glad I got this position rather than one teaching English grammar, this is probably the best aspect of my whole experience. It is a pleasure teaching students who already have a good grasp of the language and can apply it to interesting topics.

If I were a new person applying, I'd make sure to take a good look at the class sizes, location, and subjects you are to be teaching. They've made a huge (positive) impact on my experience here.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Teaching English

I would highly recommend Travel and Teach. I worked with Niko through them and things went very smoothly, except for when they didn't (through my own fault, not his). Despite this, he was always incredibly helpful in whatever I had questions or problems about. We're still in contact now from time to time, and he is still just as great. I have no doubt that you will have a similar experience should you choose Travel and Teach. The school he set me up with is absolutely fantastic, as well. The best boss I've had in my life, bar none. If you have ANY questions, I'd be thrilled to answer them, as I love talking about this experience. Please contact me anytime!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Can't Recommend Enough

I'm currently working the job that I got through Travel and Teach and I couldn't be happier. My recruiter Niko was so helpful and kind. He made the entire process as stress free as it could be. My job is great and my boss and coworkers are so kind and helpful. Even after I got the job, Niko was available for questions and any help I might need. Like I said in the title, I can't recommend Travel and Teach enough.

Yes, I recommend this program
Sahara Desert camel ride

Travel and Teach: Hanvit Academy Daegu

I've just arrived in Daegu, South Korea for my placement with Hanvit Language Academy. Travel and Teach helped me with every step of the process to get me to this point! Niko was readily available to help answer any questions I had and guide me through each hurdle for the visa process and physically getting here. Having studied abroad, I knew that the process could be long and tiring. But Niko did not seem to mind all of my questions, and he always had an answer for them! Now that I am in Korea and getting settled, the ease of the recruitment process and everything that got me here has definitely made it feel like a made the right choice!

Yes, I recommend this program

Travel & Teach

This recruiter was absolutely fantastic. They helped me with everything, gave resources, advice, and answered all of my questions. They are so reliable and I love my placement in Korea! I would advise anyone to work with the T&T team!
This recruiter was absolutely fantastic. They helped me with everything, gave resources, advice, and answered all of my questions. They are so reliable and I love my placement in Korea! I would advise anyone to work with the T&T team!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Travel and Teach for the win!

Wow, I absolutely loved my time in Korea and attribute much of my experience to Travel and Teach. My recruiter, Niko, had spent a year in Korea himself and therefore had the most insightful advice. Initially, I was very anxious to go, but Niko was very patient and explained the whole process to me in detail, calming my nerves. I was placed at a small, private school in Incheon. The kids, local teachers and fellow foreign teachers were kind and helpful. Teaching was a breeze as the kids were extremely well behaved and the hours were easy. I spent most my weekends exploring various parts of Korea, which was a treat in itself. Overall, I would recommend everyone to use Travel and Teach and to go teach English in Korea. It's an unforgettable experience!

Yes, I recommend this program
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1 Month into South Korea

My agent with Travel & Teach was the most effective and efficient compared to other agencies. Other agencies required a greater number of ultimately unnecessary documents and interviews which were 6X longer.

My placement has everything I could ask for and I was moved into a neighborhood with other Westerners which helps prevent homesickness or constant isolation.

Save time and worry by trusting in you Travel & Teach Agent and start preparing to leave early. Despite the unbelievable nature of teaching overseas, it is real, you will be hired, and you will have to travel and adapt to a new country.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Really helpful recruiters! Korea is awesome!!

I've only been in South Korea for a few weeks but so far I'm really loving it! I'm just beginning to explore but so far the food is super SUPER delicious and my co workers are really nice and helpful. Thank you so much Travel and Teach for helping me get through the visa process. I'm not gonna lie, I was definitely scared at first because I thought that getting visas would be really really hard. Anyways, my recruiter helped me with the whole process so it wasn't that bad! I would def recommend this program to anyone who wants to teach in Korea!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great Experience!

I've only been in Korea for just over 2 months now, but am loving my experience so far. The management and other teachers have really made my transition here very easy. My training was thorough and included shadowing the teacher I was replacing, so I was able to see how things were done in each class, which I found helpful.

I just wanted to thank Nicole and Kyungjin specifically for getting me here! To be honest, I really didn't know what to expect from the visa process, but found it a bit complicated. However, with the help of these two reps from Travel and Teach, I just followed their lead and was able to get my visa done without any hassles. I also really appreciated the additional documents that I was given (teacher's guide, information package on teaching and living in Korea and the e-book) as they gave me insight on what to expect, which was not only the good but some of the not-so-good parts of living in Korea.

All in all, a great experience so far! I'm happy I chose to go with Travel and Teach! Thanks again!

How can this program be improved?
Nothing I can think of with Travel and Teach. I do think that teachers should do their research on living in Korea before they get here. It was a bit of a shock coming from a small town to the way things are here, but I like that experience - I can see how others may not though.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Hello from Bundang!

When I first applied to Travel and Teach Recruiting, I didn't think I would ever actually get a position anywhere. My background was in education administration and literature, not teaching. But within a few days, I spoke with my recruiter, Niko, and then a week later I was speaking to my current director. Travel and Teach Recruiting took my experience and found the perfect position for me.

Once I had a position, Niko helped me through the process of getting my visa. He answered all of my questions and was so helpful throughout the process. Since arriving, he's checked in to make sure everything is good. I'm so appreciative to him and Travel and Teach Recruiting. I'm having an absolutely great time here in Bundang!

How can this program be improved?
I can't think of any way to improve!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Very good!

The thing that stands out for me about ESL teaching in Korea is that the community is so great. Each area has its own welcoming groups of foreigners (and not just groups for drinking abut also sports, clubs etc) which is really great. I’ve read about lots of people who go to teach for th e first time around the world but their life is a bit isolated, but here no problem. Before I arrived Travel & Teach were excellent, they kept in touch via email, skype and if I had a problem I could contact them at any time and get a quick reply. My main contact was called Jennifer and she was excellent. Talking to my friends here it seems many recruiters are more interested in getting the money/commission then just ignore their teachers, but I didn’t/haven’t experienced this. I would recommend them to others even people just curious about committing themselves to a year abroad teaching.

Yes, I recommend this program
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South Korea

I would recommend travel and teach to anybody thinking of doing a year in South

korea, the process seems huge but actually required very little worry and stress

from me as they took care of everything pretty well. I think for me there were no

problems and my school have been really welcoming. Sometimes Korean bosses

are a little more extreme than in the west but you get used to it haha, and my

coworkers are lovely. My apartment is in quite a nice neighborhood with lots of

convinient stores and easy access to the subway. I'm looking forward to staying

here at least one year.

Good things about Korea-
- 24 hour convinience for everything!
- Nice friendly people
- Good quality of life
- Big expat community
- Korea is very safe esp for women

Bad things-
- Sometimes very cold haha
- Language barrier is sometimes an issue for things like banking

Yes, I recommend this program


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