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Children in a Taiwanese classroom
Children in a Taiwanese classroom


Do you enjoy travel? Do you enjoy being around children? Do you think you have what it takes to be a creative and inspirational teacher? If so, then teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) may be the perfect opportunity for you. Reach to Teach staff are all former ESL teachers from countries around the world. We understand the business and care about our teachers and their students. The schools we represent are among the best in the business.

When you arrive at your school, our support does not end. We are there to help you through your exciting year of cultural challenges and adventures. We currently have many exciting opportunities in Taiwan. Reach to Teach is a FREE ESL Teacher Placement service. All you NEED is a 4 year degree, but you MUST have a great imagination and sense of adventure! If you would rather be experiencing the varied cultures of the world instead of the inside of a cubicle, this is for you!

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Hi, I'm keen to know more and apply for this program. I am located in Saudi Arabia at the moment. My current contract expires, May 2016. When is the best time to apply?


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Yes, I recommend this program

Very Dedicated and Helpful Organization

When my boyfriend and I decided to teach English in Taiwan we showed up at a hostel with a little money, no experience and a lot of hope. We contacted Reach to Teach after we arrived and they were very quick to respond. When we first sat down for an interview we thought they were too good to be true, it must be a scam! We couldn't have been more wrong. They were totally genuine, knowledgeable and truly dedicated to putting good teachers with good schools. They placed us in jobs within 2 weeks and were there for us until the day we left. The support was amazing. Reach to Teach is more like a community than a recruiting agency. I attribute my great experience in Taiwan to finding Reach to Teach.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Broadening my reach

Leaving everything I knew in NY to find my way in the world wasn't an easy thing to do all alone. Working with Reach to Teach made it such a painless experience. They set me up with an interview at a great school, which ended up being a job that I took - and kept - for nearly 4 years. I felt so supported by RTT staff every step of the way; if I had a question about the job, my school, the law of the land/culture, or where to get the best hot pot in town ... there was always someone ready to take my call (or email) or hand and set me on the right path. I have heard plenty of horror stories, but one thing that stands out as respects RTT: they're primary purpose isn't to place as many teachers as possible and make as many NT dollars as they can. They want to find the best schools and the best educators and help them find a happy harmony. I truly felt, in all my years of interactions with RTT, that they had both my best interests and the interests of the schools (read: the students) in mind. That makes Reach to Teach different, and better, than the rest.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Highly recommend Reach to Teach

From the moment my boyfriend and I decided to work in Taiwan we contacted lots of different schools and organisations which could set us up as teachers. By far Reach to Teach were the quickest at responding, the most friendly and really put us at ease throughout the process.
When we arrived in Taiwan we were met by the program organiser and he helped us stay in temporary accomodation which was really helpful.

He had set us up with an interview at Kid Castle and based on our performance we were offered the job.

Reach to Teach were with us at every step of the way, and they didn't just say goodbye when we got our job. They made sure that we were ok and had a social network of friends, which is reasuring when you arrive in a new country.

I would hightly recommend anyone to use Reach to Teach.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Helpful service for those without knowledge or experince with Taiwan.

After taking my TESL course I had decided on working in Taiwan, but I had never been to Asia and I honestly didn't know a lot about Taiwan. For me, I appreciated having a job arranged before I set foot in Taiwan and someone to pick me up at the airport. I found there were a few details that I felt misinformed about when I arrived (specifically that I would have to pay for my housing during training and then later get a partial refund as opposed to free board), but I think this was mix up more than anything. Overall, I feel that for me, using Reach to Teach was a good experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Cadillac of Recruiting Agencies

I was moments away from signing a contract with another company when a friend of mine put me in touch with Reach to Teach. Everything that turned me off from the first company, RTT did right. Their response was quick and professional and the interview put me at ease immediately. It was like a conversation, chatting about all the great, and challenging, things that comes with living and teaching in Taiwan.

I was on a plane and teaching in Taiwan two weeks after my interview with RTT. Although that is not normal, or recommended, it was perfect for what I was looking for! Everything went along swimmingly with the school minus a few hiccups. But RTT was there to check in with me and smooth out the bumps.

I had every intention of staying in Taiwan for only one year. Three and a half years later was when I actually boarded a plane, reluctantly, back to America. The beginning was rough but also exciting. I planned out my days off as if I was tourist, exploring museums, shrimp fishing (yes, you can fish for shrimp in Taiwan), and I even bought a motorcycle to explore the island in more depth.

I made some of my most lasting friendships in Taiwan, people I still hold close to my heart today. I try to visit the island as much as I can, but coming from the east coast on the USA can make it a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, it's certainly worth making the flight out there if for nothing but the food. The noodles, the bbq, the night markets, and especially the soup dumplings will ruin American Chinese food for you for life!

Taiwan is, bottom line, one of the best places to choose to teach English in Asia. And RTT is by far the most reputable company to work with to get out there. The staff really cares and tries their best to help out whenever they can. Of course you need to exert some independence when you get out there and manage things on your own, but RTT had that safety net out allowing me to take the risk of a lifetime.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teach English in Taiwan with the Reach to teach program

Finding a good program to go teach in Taiwan was very important. I needed to be certain that I could trust them since I would be so far from home. The moment I started the process, they responded so fast and I got a good feeling about them. Then the interview came, I was amazed that I felt so comfortable. My interview made me feel at ease and I at the end of the interview, I actually asked him, was that an interview we just had?
They helped me through out the process and I was in Taiwan 2-3 weeks after my interview. I never had an issue with the school they recommended and I received emails from Reach to Teach constantly while I was in Taiwan, made me feel like part of a team.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I Taught in Taiwan for two years.

Hey everyone!

Reach To Teach asked me to share my views on teaching English in Taiwan. I taught here from the summer of 2007 and returned to the United States at the end of 2009. I came just after I graduated with little teaching experience, but a great desire to live and travel abroad. I had studied abroad in Taiwan during college and quickly came to love this small island country. The people here are so friendly! Above anything else, the people here are what making teaching in Taiwan a great experience.

About RTT: I found them through an online search and although I wasn't initially impressed with there website, I applied online and was surprised to hear back from them so quickly. Within 2 days I was setup with a phone interview, and two weeks later I was offered a job! Pretty easy. I also applied directly with Hess (a school there) who were far less responsive and I quickly gave up on them.

I was walked through the whole visa process (pretty easy, just be sure to get a 60 day landing visa). 6 weeks later I arrived in Taiwan, honestly shell shocked that I was actually going through with this! It was a little overwhelming, but RTT regularly hosts social events for new teachers which was a great way to meet other teachers in the area. These events are held every month were a lot of fun!

The school I taught was called Principle and was located just outside of Taipei in a neighborhood called Tuchung. There are not a lot of expats in this area, and honestly not a lot to do, but luckily I lived 5 mins from the MRT which is the subway system them. This system is fantastic and allows you to easily get around the rest of Taipei very cheaply. If you live in Taipei I HIGHLY recommend you live near an MRT station. This will make your life so much easier!

My school was rather small by most standards. There were only two ESL teachers (including me) and we were responsible for teaching 5 kindergarten classes. Most of my students were aged 4-7 were a lot of fun to teach. There were a couple brats, but you'll find them at every school. I would start teaching at 9am, have a 2 hour lunch (seriously!), and teach again from 1:30pm to 6pm. That was my day! I also taught four days a week for a total of 30 hours a week. I didn't teach Saturdays, but as I meet other ESL teachers I found out that is pretty common.

If I were to do again, I would take a TEFL course. It wasn't required, but the first couple weeks were a little nerve racking as adjusted to life as a teacher. All the teaching materials were provided, I was mostly tasked with creative ways to teach the material. When you're teaching 5 year olds you HAVE to be creative, otherwise you'll quickly loose them. Come prepared with a large bag of tricks!

Each month I think I made about $NT50,000 which turns into about $1,600USD. Not a lot, but easily enough to live comfortably in Taiwan. My rent was about $NT8000 and food came out to about $NT11000 a month. That leaves a lot of spare change!

Good luck! I look back on the experience as some of the best years of my life. I highly recommend RTT and teaching Taiwan.



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