Multiple Locations +4
  • China
    • Beijing
  • Japan
    • Tokyo
  • Taiwan
    • Taipei
  • Saudi Arabia
52+ weeks
Classroom Audience
Adults Early Childhood High School Middle School Pre-School

Program Details

  • A TEFL qualification of a minimum 120 hours.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in any subject.
  • A passport from a native English-speaking country.
  • For jobs in Saudi Arabia, visa regulations mean a Bachelor’s degree in English (dual major is accepted) or TEFL is required.
Classroom Audience
Adults Early Childhood High School Middle School Pre-School
Oct 04, 2021
Mar 30, 2021
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About Program

Can't find an English teaching job? Then turn to Tamaki TEFL Recruitment and let us help you find a position in one of the richest grounds for every aspiring TEFL instructor: Asia!

We offer advice, support and opportunities to teach in one of the following countries: Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and China. Our founder, Tomoko Tamaki, has personally taught in Japan, Vietnam and China and thanks to her lifelong experience as an English instructor, she can help you prepare and find the best place where you can develop as a TEFL instructor! TTR provides a comprehensive recruitment service and support during your job interview and application, as well as guidance on visas and pre-departure assistance.

In this growing competitive world that is the TEFL industry, recruiters have become key allies for future teachers to land their dream job abroad, but none other has helped them as personally and professionally as Tamaki TEFL Recruitment, so don't think it twice and contact us right away!

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Program Highlights

  • Teach in Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, China or Japan!
  • We provide guidance and support to help you land a dream job in any of these countries.
  • Thanks to our founder's experience, you can fully rely on TTR as one of the most experienced and insightful recruitment agencies around!

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  • Benefits 8.7
  • Support 9.5
  • Fun 8
  • Facilities 9.2
  • Safety 9.4
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Yes, I recommend this program

Thank you TTR

Tomoko helped me tremendously during the application process. Thanks to her it was not as stressful as it could have been. She was professional and supportive, and she checked in with me regularly once I'd arrived in Japan to see how I was settling in. Moving to a different country can be daunting. I'm glad I had the excellent support of TTR to help ease the transition.

Teaching in Japan has been fun and challenging. Given the choice, I would definitely do it again and I would choose to go with TTR.

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Yes, I recommend this program

TTR with Tomoko

Being part of TTR, everyone knows that Tomoki is professional, kind, easy to approach and builds rapport with the applicants. TTR showed such a level of expertise that I was able to trust this recruiting agency for my process to teach in Japan.
TTR were well versed on the company's requirements and conducted interviews accordingly. I didn't feel intimidated and the process of getting things done, was done effortlessly. I loved the consistency in check ups and the desire that TTR wanted to see you succeed and transition to your dream job or place of work.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
It's never too late..., as the saying goes. Try something different like teaching abroad, and if your favourite destination is in one of the zones TTR oversee, you'll be well taken care of.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Excellent in every regard

Tomoko was incredibly professional, helpful and kind from the get go. She and her team helped me with every stage from first inquiry to arriving with my company, and even after that, checked in regularly to see how I was getting on. She guided me through every step of the process, and was really helpful in letting me know exactly what I had to do.

I only gave very general outlines as to where I wanted to be placed, but I could not be happier with where I got put. The area I was in was exactly what I wanted even before I knew what I wanted. The work life balance was very generously on the side of life and I managed to really get under the skin of the local culture.

I cannot recommend TTR enough. They made the whole process very easy and I felt supported all the way through. As well as the outstanding level of professionalism (I honestly wondered several times how someone could keep track of every single detail like that), I felt that there was a level of personal care that I've only rarely seen with other places.

Thanks a million to Tomoko and her team, I'm massively grateful for their guidance in this amazing experience!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Say yes to as much as you can! It was great to be able to experience things I'd never even considered doing before.
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Yes, I recommend this program

TTR is the Best

Working with Tomoko was the absolute best. From start to finish of the recruitment process she was professional, thoughtful and very patient. TTR helped with just about everything, from applying for the visa to my departure to Japan, nothing was left undone. TTR was able to answer all questions and provide useful tips all while getting me excited to start my new journey.

I have been in Japan for 8 months now and I absolutely love it! TTR still ensures that I am doing okay and has continued to offer help with anything - this is really comforting as being abroad in a foreign country it is nice to know that you are being looked out for. Thank you TTR!

I would definitely recommend working with TTR if you are searching for a seamless transition into a new life abroad!

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Happy soul
Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience

I highly recommend TTR to anyone looking to teach abroad. I worked with TTR and I had an amazing experience. Tomoko is a detail-oriented, very kind and flexible person. She will be with you all the step of the way, explaining all there is to know.

Tomoko is very professional. My move to Japan was stress free, because I had everything laid and planned way before I landed in Japan. She was truly concerned about my well being even after my placement in Japan. I call her my guardian angel. Thank you TTR

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Experience

Currently, I have been in Aomori, Japan for almost a year and I am happy that I chose Tamaki TEFL Recruitment. Throughout the process, from first contact to my arrival and even after, my recruiter, Tomoko, has guided me and made constant contact to check on me. She is a respectful, sincere and very pleasant professional and I am truly grateful.
The information provided was completely honest and prepared me for my job as well as the environment in which I currently live. Prior to applying to my job and being contacted by TTR, I was cautions and concerned about the legitimacy of the job but all of these fears were squashed and I was able to also put my family at ease due to the information provided both online by the company and my recruiter and the diligence and professionalism of TTR. All processes and documentation for my employment and travel were done speedily and professionally. I was given helpful tips and any questions, no matter how mundane they felt to me were answered with kindness. I was given excellent feedback on how to improve my teaching, tips on the resources that I would need and how to acquire these resources. Even my location of employment was handled well, they do their absolute best to ensure your comfort by finding locations that fit your preference. Moving to a new country so far away and different from home can be diffcult but the preparation and assistance provided by Tomoko made it a much smoother transition . I have always been a scrutinizing person and I proud to say that I am 100% happy that I chose TTR and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend and have already recommended others to TTR. I know that anyone that uses this company will be given the best experience possible. Thank you for guiding me!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Keep an open mind and remember to respect the people and the culture of the country. Also, don't be afraid to try different foods, I used to be afraid of eating sushi, now.... I LOVE it! ☺
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Delight Elcie
Yes, I recommend this program

Tamaki TEFL recruitment is the absolute best!

Tomoko is the absolute best! From our first interview, she was transparent about everything. Therefore , even before proceeding with my application I knew a lot about the program and about Japan.

I can say Tomoko was with me all the way! I got all the support I needed on time , be it documents , information or an emotional shoulder therefore making my application process a breeze .Her support has not ended just because I have now settled in. She checks up on me here and there .

She is greatly organised and will ensure that your move is smooth. Thank you for being there , for your help and encouragement . Surely, I would not have made it without Tomoko Tamaki.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
Ladies riding bicycles with their heels on! I mean, how do they do that so effortlessly and still manage to look like ladies ?
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Yes, I recommend this program

Living in Sunny Okayama!

I never thought I could ever live overseas, but after working with Tomoko it all materialised and immediately became reality!

She thought of everything from visa issues all the way up to what app I would need on my phone to be able to communicate with people. It made the process more streamlined than I could ever imagine, she's really great!

Now I'm living and teaching in Okayama, the sunniest and safest prefecture in Japan!

I can't recommend her enough, she's thoughtful and a great person!!

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Questions & Answers

Hi Zac! I am pretty sure that everybody needs at least a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) to get the Japanese work visa. I can't speak for the other countries though. Also, there could be exceptions, but you should verify with the Japanese immigration site info: https://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html Hope it helped! Have a good one!