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CIEE Teach in Vietnam presents the opportunity to learn about the developing world of Vietnamese education. You will find yourself working in a local language school, helping students prepare for rigorous international examinations, or in the local universities helping to improve and expand English language education. Your job will be very important as an ambassador of U.S. culture to this rapidly developing market. This program includes an additional day of orientation and the TOEIC-specific workshop and certificate that prepares you one step further to teach students in Vietnam as well as upping your pay scale.

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Worst service imaginable

My time teaching in Vietnam was incredible, but it had nothing to do with CIEE or its placement program. I wish I was exaggerating, but I have never experienced such incompetence in my life. I started in the CIEE program around July, and I didn't have a single interview for months--same for my sister who was going through the same program. Finally, we got one interview each, but it turns out it was for a Vietnam-based placement company, not even a school that would give us a job. We were planning on starting to teach in early January of the next year and in the interim, I had one interview for a school nowhere near where my sister or I wanted to teach. My sister received NO INTERVIEWS the entire time. As we called CIEE more and more we were constantly brushed off and told everything was going to be fine. One month before our expected departure date and I call CIEE again and they informed me that, 'oh, there actually aren't any jobs in Vietnam.' Well, thanks for making us wait. On top of not fulfilling her duties to place us with a school, or even get us a viable interview, our coordinator was rude to us and impatient with our well-deserved anxiety. My sister and I blew off CIEE and found jobs ourselves. Upon arriving in Vietnam we were able to find even more jobs. Strangers would literally offer me jobs in passing. How CIEE was not able to find a single job was mind blowing.

TLDR version: CIEE employee was rude and never found a single job for my sister or I, in a country desperate for teachers. The program gave us nothing and set us back on planning our trip, while we waited for them to tell us there are no jobs in Vietnam. Atrocious.

Response from CIEE Teach Abroad

Hi Matt,

Thank you for taking the time to review the CIEE Teach in Vietnam program. We take this information and feedback very seriously.

While there are many positions available to teach English as a foreign language in Vietnam, our program is very competitive as there are limited positions available with CIEE's partner schools. In the event that we are unable to offer a placement in a first choice country, we will offer the option to transfer an application to a program in one of the ten other countries we offer programs in.

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected]

Ally Sobol
Teach Abroad Program Coordinator

No, I don't recommend
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Navigating Vietnam!

I am currently teaching aboard in a small city an hour and a half outside of Hanoi! The people here have been very welcoming but it is frustrating because Vietnamese is not an easy language to pick up. I have been getting a little bit of help from some of my students, but other than that I have no knowledge of the language. Communicating my needs and trying to talk to people has been an experience! Very day I have people wave at me excitedly and scream in my face "HelloOOOOa!" from their motorbikes! I would have never expected this to be my experience! As I begin to recognize people and they recognize me, I am slowly building relationships with people who are so kind and welcoming! These people are becoming my community and with limited phrases and a lot of body language I am becoming a part of their daily lives. This is why I sought this experience, to connect with people from a different culture and create strong bonds with them! Even though being shouted at is something I don't typically enjoy, it is so heartwarming to know that people want to get to know me and are excited to see me! As my year progresses I look forward to being able to communicate more with the people I see everyday!

No, I don't recommend

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