From Pharaonic temples and Tutankhamun’s tomb, to Alexandrian bars and sheesha clubs, Egypt’s charm is an eclectic blend of history and culture. Whether you’re gazing upon the Pyramids of Giza, scouring Luxor’s Nile Valley, or indulging in some of the nations culinary delights, travelers are never short an opportunity to experience the wonders of Egypt!

With a burgeoning tourism industry and increasingly decentralized economy, English — the language of global business — has been thrust into the public eye. In light of the demand for teachers across the nation, getting your TEFL certification in Egypt may be the perfect way to put your foot in the door of this growing industry.

From the basics of English to advising corporate employees, it is imperative that travelers select a comprehensive TEFL course to best ensure they are prepared for all employment opportunities. Whether you’re looking to kick-start your career as soon as possible, or enjoy the flexibility of learning on-the-go, here’s everything you need to know about TEFL courses abroad!

TEFL + Teach:

Combining in-class studies with pragmatic training and employment support, TEFL + Teach programs are ideal for those looking to kick-start their career. Run throughout an intensive four week ‘block’, TEFL providers work with recruiters to place ESL teachers in local schools following the completion of their program.

120-hour TEFL Courses:

The most popular choice for global adventurers and expats alike, the 120-hour program affords travelers the flexibility of learning on the go. The extended course duration — though ostensibly less empirical than its TEFL + Teach counterpart — allows travelers to develop greater relationships with their instructors and fellow students, and better assimilate into Egyptian culture.

140-hour TEFL Courses:

Though similar to its long-stay counterpart, 140-hour TEFL courses examine a broader curriculum, offering additional ‘hands-on’ classroom training. While course costs will inexorably run higher than short-stay programs, supplementary lectures allow students to strengthen their understanding of teaching methods, and of the general trends in English language education.

When and Where to Look:

A budding commercial hub for locals and expats alike, Egypt offers a multitude of TEFL courses in Alexandria - the largest conurbation outside Cairo. Due to internal conflict and travel warnings across North Sinai, Beni Suef, Minya, Asyut, Sohag and South Sinai, travelers are advised to stick to popular tourist locations. Conveniently, most providers offer monthly start dates for TEFL courses in Egypt. Courses typically begin in the last week of the month, with online applications due two to three months prior.


Though prerequisites will vary in accordance with providers, a tertiary education is commonly required. Students who are not native English speakers must have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field (e.g. English Language or Literature) in order to fulfill Egypt’s TEFL eligibility requirements.

Students undertaking a TEFL course for up to 90 days in duration may be eligible for a Non-Immigrant/Tourist visa. If continuing employment after this period, teachers must obtain a Work Permit, valid between six months and two years. For additional information, students are advised to contact their local embassy or TEFL provider.

Cost of Living:

Dubbed the Middle East’s bargain-basement destination, Egypt offers a relatively inexpensive cost of living in contrast to its continental counterparts. Contingent on location, both student and independent accommodation can be obtained for as little as $400 USD per month (including utilities), with monthly transportation passes sold for $20 USD.

TEFL Courses in Egypt

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TEFL Services International
TEFL International Egypt

TEFL International offers a 4-week TEFL training program in Alexandria...

Reach Out Academy
Study CELTA in Egypt with Reach Out Academy

The CELTA course is the original “TEFL” course and provides initial...

Westminster College London
150 Hour Accredited TESOL Course - Westminster College London
Multiple Countries

The Wesminster TESOL Course will discuss the key skills and knowledge...

Notting Hill College Egypt
Earn Your TEFL/TESOL in Egypt with Notting Hill College

Notting Hill College Egypt offers a range of TEFL/TESOL courses for...

Teach Abroad in Egypt

A TEFL Certification will help you acquire the skills and qualifications to teach abroad in Egypt
  • Teach Away
    Teach In Egypt with Teach Away

    Teaching in Egypt gives you the chance to immerse yourself in a land...

  • Divan International
    International foundation year
    Multiple Countries
    10 •1 review

    NCUK established a foundation year for international students from...

  • British Council
    British Council - Teach English in Egypt

    The British Council first opened in Egypt in 1938, one of the first...

  • Oxford English Academy
    Oxford English Academy - Teaching Jobs in Egypt

    Oxford English Academy is a reputable, global organization of English...

  • El Alsson British & American International School
    Teach at the El Alsson American and British School

    El Alsson School, established in 1982, offers both the British and...

  • Schutz American School
    Schutz American School - Teach in Alexandria, Egypt

    Alexandria's Schutz American School (SAS), founded in 1924, offers an...

  • Kids Planet
    Teach English or French to Children in Cairo

    Kids Planet, located in Cairo, is a nursery dedicated to creating a...

  • Egyptian American Center
    Teach Abroad in Alexandria at the Egyptian American Center

    The Egyptian American Center, located in Alexandria, is one of the...

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