Oceans 2 Earth: Volunteer with Australian Wildlife
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Oceans 2 Earth: Volunteer with Australian Wildlife

Oceans 2 Earth is an Australian not for profit organisation specialising in volunteering projects for animal lovers and offers a wide range of exclusive Australian animal welfare projects committed to the rescue, care, rehabilitation and release of Australian wildlife. Volunteer activities include bottle feeding joeys, feeding the animals, exercising wombats, collecting gum leaves for koalas and preparing the animals’ food, scrubbing sea turtles’ shells, cleaning enclosures, hand rearing baby bats, assisting in animal rescues and emergency treatment, providing animal enrichments, building nesting boxes and feeders, undertaking environmental education activities, beach clean ups, working in an Intensive Care Unit and research assistance such as the GPS tracking of marine wildlife.

Animals requiring care include koalas, kangaroos, dingos, wallabies, wombats, possums, turtles, flying foxes, bandicoots, wallaroos, lizards, snakes, emus, echidnas and birds of prey plus many more!

Host Family
Price Details
Project fees vary by location and project duration and start from $470 AUD for one week. Accommodation and meal options vary for each project.

Project fees include:
Pre-departure support
24 hour In-Country support
Project Information Book
Project orientation
Field equipment and materials
24-hour O2E emergency phone
Certificate of Participation, if requested

Questions & Answers

Hi Suzanne, Most of our projects require volunteers to be 18 or over, with a couple having an age requirement of 20 or 21. Our Great Barrier Reef Marine Conservation project can be completed by under 18s if they have a legal guardian who is over 18 as their responsible person.

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Flying Foxes and Aussie Wildlife AMAZING!

If you are truly in love with wildlife and particularly interested in flying mammals this is the best place on earth! The owner of the charity knows everything there is to know about bats of all types and species, to an extent you will not find in textbooks! Very hands on and very friendly people, I had an amazing time and will return when circumstances permit. Not to miss!

How can this program be improved?

They need to expand, there are so many animals, they need more enclosures and more volunteers.

Yes, I recommend
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Wonderful three weeks with lovely animals

I am a international student from China and came to the surf coast koala and wildlife sanctuary this summer vacation.

People here are really nice and helpful. The homestay drove me to and from the working site everyday and I really appreciate that. I mean I am a college student and don't have a international driver's license, so I really can't imagine what if she didn't drove me.

There weren't many volunteers from abroad, but many locals. This sanctuary was mostly operated by plenty local helpful volunteers with several stuff members and they are all careful and devoted. They told me bunch of interesting stories about the animals there, koalas, kangaroos, wombats, dingos etc. To learn well about these animals first ,and then I could care for them better. The jobs for international volunteers could be chose by ourselves.

My job was to feed the baby joys with bottles and to clean up the koala area. Sometimes, I was asked to help other local volunteers to feed the wallaby or wombats. Those creatures were really, really cute and I just couldn't help but loving them. I fed them everyday, and whenever i brought their bottles or food plates, they would happily jump towards me. Animals are treated very well there.

Some tourist may come to the sanctuary, and it was pretty nice to talk with them with your perspective, a volunteer's perspective.

If I had a chance, I will definitely come to here again. Maybe the joys I fed can still recognise me~

Yes, I recommend
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Great Barrier Reef Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

Simply the greatest thing I have ever done!! The fellow volunteers were all really friendly and I met new people at the rehab centre every day. I loved feeding all the turtles, cleaning the tanks and giving the turtles a scratch! After all the turtles were fed and tanks cleaned, I enjoyed snorkelling around the island where I saw beautiful marine life which included the green sea turtles! One of the many highlights of volunteering at the rehab centre was participating in the release of 2 sea turtles at the beach, an amazing experience which really showed what volunteering really does. So if you are thinking of volunteering, please do! And if you do, please say hi to all the turtles for me, have fun!!

How can this program be improved?

Cannot be improved, it is simply perfect!

Yes, I recommend
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Fantastic program

It becomes clear pretty soon that not only do these people care deeply about wildlife and animals, but they know a hell of a lot about them too! It's not every day you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with Australian wildlife, but this was certainly an experience out of the ordinary. Whether it was meeting tiny baby bats or chatting with injured (but still very lively!) white cockatoos, Oceans 2 Earth provide their volunteers with some truly unique experiences!

Yes, I recommend
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Baby bats!

We had such a fantastic time in Queensland with the Oceans 2 Earth Foundation. My favourite experience was visiting the rescued baby bats and other wildlife, and learning about each of their stories, how they came to be at the centre and the plans to rehabilitate and release them back into the wild. The wildlife carers at the centre were friendly and engaging, and I soon noticed the strong rapport between the carers and the Oceans 2 Earth representative who took us to the centre - we knew we were in good hands!

Yes, I recommend
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Life changing

I've spent almost 2 years in Australia and whenever i'm asked what's your best experience there my answer is always the same: my time with Glenda at the shelter!

I couldn't imagine how amazing it would be.
I haven't seen any kangoroos, wallabies or wombats before in my life but Glenda makes things very easy for you.
Even though she has many responsabilities and tasks to do during the day she's always available for questions or to share her experience with animals.
She is also curious about yourself and make you feel at ease.

Days are organized to fulfill the aniamls needs: feeding and cleaning them, building new enclosures...

Every day is starting with the first bottle which would be repeated every 4 hours for the babies, you will also have to make them exercise, go out to find grass or gum tree leaves with Glenda.
Some of the animals require more intensive care and from time to time you have to assist to change bandages for example.

Living in the bush is just incredible and allows go to enjoy the experience to the fullest!

I couldn't imagine how loving those incredible animals could be and how much i would miss Glenda and the shelter.
I'm grateful i could experience something that intense during my stay in Australia.

Thank you!!

Yes, I recommend
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Sun Turtles and the Great Barrier Reef - perfect combination!

This was awesome. I was able to get up close with the turtles and felt I made a difference to the care of these wonderful creatures. This included preparing their food, feeding them & monitoring their daily food intake, tank cleaning, getting them ready to be released back to the sea, and beach patrols all on a tropical island. Plenty of spare time diving, kayaking, sailing, swimming, etc. Great that my accommodation was organized by O2E too!

How can this program be improved?

On some days when there are many volunteers, there are not enough tasks for everybody. But I believe more things are being added to the project for vols to do.

Yes, I recommend
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Don't think it twice! Best experience ever!

When I first arrived at the wildlife shelter I thought that I wasn't gonna be able to stay for the time I committed for. You literally live in the middle of the bush with no electricity during the day, minimum phone and internet reception, no running water (the shelter depends on the rain water), a bush toilet,...but after a couple of days after meeting Glenda (the owner) and the animals I wanted to stay forever. It is hard work, long hours and physical demanding but the love you receive from the animals is priceless. I did like it that much that I came back two more times in one year (a total of three times) so I was able to see how my little babies grew up and got ready to go back to the wild, that place was my home in Australia and Glenda my aussie mom.

I think is important to mention that as nice as it is to take care of baby orphan marsupials you must be strong to deal with some hardcore situations, life is life and sometimes as much as we want there’s nothing we can do to save the animals, some die, some need to be put down and you will have to deal with nasty bone breaks, wounds and infections. You will learn a lot and if you already are or you are thinking of being a vet or a vet nurse this is an amazing experience and opportunity.

As soon as I can I will be back again!


PS: Very useful for you and for the shelter if you possess an international driving license, even better if you know how to ride a manual car.

Yes, I recommend
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It's the best rescue center I ever been, I recommend it 100%

It's one of my best life experiences.
It changed my way of thinking, my working ideas, everything. I learned how we should take care of the animals and the people, what are the important things in my life and how important is to help the wildlife globally. I went back to Spain being a different person with clear ideas about my future.

It's run by Glenda and Ron and local volunteers, everybody is very helpful and gentle, they will help you with any thing that you need.
You will get so close to kangaroos, wombats, possums, koalas, psitacids, reptiles, wallabies... when you rescue them you help Glenda to go to the Vet or to help them at home, you will feed them with bottles, teach them how to recognize the bush area... you will be their new family, you will get very attach to them and it's wonderful to see them growing and getting ready to be released.

You have also the possibility to met other volunteers and learn about different countries, ideas, way of working.. is a very enriching experience.

If you have the opportunity, you have to go! Go go go go!!


Yes, I recommend
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Cecilia Santos Peinadi

For me as a vet overseas this experience was totally amazing. The staff involve you from the first day on all the procedures with the animals ad give you support and a lot of love. They were amazing with me and I felt as a member of the big family of the local host organization from the first moment. You will learn how to grow marsupials and birds, you will improve your medical skills and also, your interpersonal skills. The staff is always worried about how do you feel in the centre and they do everything they can to make you feel like at home. No bad words for anyone o any situation. You are going to work with wildlife in they environment and that is just AMAZING.

Yes, I recommend
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Forget about the real world. This is a different planet.

There is a very detailed review above of what happens during a typical day, so I won't repeat that.

I will say that you need to be prepared for some hard work and very basic living conditions. I loved it and didn't even notice the lack of electricity, running water or mobile coverage. It's also deep in the forest 15 min drive on a dirt road from the nearest shop. It definitely helps if you can drive (even better if you can drive a manual) so you can go on rescues.

Another very important part of this program is Glenda. She is the most amazing, strong woman I have ever met. She basically runs this massive wildlife shelter on her own, with no financial help from the government, and is often physically alone with several orphans to take care of. She will do everything for those animals, to the point of neglecting herself. If you are hard working, willing to learn and can work independently, she will love you. I love her to bits and wish I could do more to help.

Definitely a worthwhile program to spent you time and effort in!

How can this program be improved?

Kitchen & shower conditions could be improved and are currently being worked on. We need 2 Glendas!

Yes, I recommend
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Prepare yourself, jump and enjoy!

In this project you "work" from morning to night but you don't feel like working. Conditions are not like a 5 stars hotel, that's for sure, but you certainly get out of it richer then you got in!

We use to wake up at around 7h30 am to prepare the bottles of milk (powder with hot water. Each baby has it's own quantity and medication if to add in it, if needed. You start feeding the babies around 8 (inside). After that you have breakfast yourself (usually cereals withy milk or toasts).

Then you take the older kangaroos (teenagers!) in the bush for a walk and exercice. Then the wombats needed exercice too so we were back in the bush with them too.

After that you have to hang some clean "nappies" (that you use to clean the babies while feeding them) on the ropes outside.

Lunch time! Almost always pic-nic like (sandwichs, etc.). It had to be done fast (we are not there to lose time are we?). Then eating lunch all together outside looking at the australian bush, taking our time was really nice.

After that, 4 hours after the first bottle we gave at 8 a.m. it was time to feed the babies again (at noon).

Then comes the "give grass" and fresh water to the older roos, sweet potatoes to the older wombat, feed the birds and parrots and sometimes go in the bush to feed some other birds that lives there.

Some of the "almost ready to be released kangaroos", those who lives outside, have to drink their milk too so you go outside and give them then you put them to bed. Sometimes with their bottles in the bed, you wrap them in their "pouches" which are covers!

2-3 times a week you have to change the eucalyptus branches that the koalas are eating (taking out the old ones and giving them new leaves to eat). Also do the same for the parrots.

Somebody has to pass the broom too once in a while (outside).
Sometimes wood needs to be cut to feed the fire so you cut wood!
Sometimes you have to fix a shelter for possums or some other things that needs to be done on the site. Fixing a fence or whatever needs to be done.

At 4 p.m. (4 hours later) it's, again, time to give the Joeys (babies kangaroos) their bottles of milk.

Some of the wild kangaroos needs to be fed too (those who have been released and also some others that know there is a "free food all you can eat" at the volunteer project site!!). That means that there are about 50 kangaroos looking at you in the bush or around the house! (you can see their eyes shining in the bush!) You have to open some barrels full of cereals and a type of "cookie" and throw it on the ground so they can eat it. Usually at this time you see the sun going down on the bush (and it's amazing!). It's the most magical hour of the day with the bush walk in the morning.

Now it's your tune to have diner! Inside, all together we cook and eat watching t.v., talking, etc.

As you gave the bottle at 4 p.m. and it's now 8 p.m., you have to do it again! (it can take up to 2 hours, depends on how many babies there are). You give the babies wombat their bottles of milk too!

Then you watch a little t.v., take a shower or read, whatever... until it's midnight (4 hours later = feeding time!). This time you are preparing the bottles for the present feeding, the next one at 4 in the morning (don't worry, Glenda insist to do it herself so you don't have to cut your night of sleep in 2 parts!).

When this last feeding is done, you go to bed happy, dreaming of that kiss you had just before going to bed (a baby kangaroo liked your ears)!

How can this program be improved?

I would give volunteer a video of a "everyday life in this program" showing every task they will have to do once there BEFORE they arrive. Also pictures of the installations in terms of beds, shower, etc. People tend to expect being in a hotel and it's not the case. If they need volunteers it's because they don't have the money they need to do everything that needs to be done so just so the volunteers would be prepared to what they will meet I think they need more "previous preparation". That said, I think whatever you do BEFORE, you will never be prepared for all that affection and love you will receive from the animals you will take care of. This is truly an experience you will never forget and be prepared to dream about going back after!

Yes, I recommend

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