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Volunteer Abroad in Belize: Our programs in Belize offer an unparalleled opportunity to discover one of the most fascinating lands of Central America.

For all its natural beauty, Belize is one of the 10 poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. 39% of the population (mainly children under 18yrs) lives below the poverty line (figures courtesy of United Nations Children's Fund, February 2005).

A recent World Bank Report on the HIV/AIDS pandemic focusing on the the spread of infection in Central America has shown that Belizeans suffer the highest rate of infection in all Central America!

Volunteering in Belize will provide you the chance of a lifetime to explore this mysterious country while giving back to the community. Our volunteer projects allow you to support local children, at the orphanages and the onsite nursery school. Volunteering with us and Gain a Broader View of the World.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Belize Orphanage

I had a great experience volunteering at the orphanage in Belize. I wanted to volunteer at an orphanage to gain a broader perspective of the world, learn about people less fortunate than me, give back to those in need, to get in touch with my feelings, to bond in a strenuous environment with friends, and overall, to connect to and mentor children.
I learned that there are children and people way less fortunate than me that couldn’t be more happy to be alive. Spending time with the kids dancing, playing games, and helping with homework made me really feel like I was making a difference. I laughed a lot with my friends about the things that we sacrificed on the trip. We had no choice but to ‘suck it up’ and deal with the lack of air conditioning, the slim food options, and the limited resources we had. We had fun with it.
Lastly, many times throughout the week, I found myself getting emotional around the kids. I had feelings of appreciation when they were happy with a fun and simple ice cream party. I had feelings of sadness and hurt when I thought about the kids ever being in an environment of abuse and neglect. I had feelings of guilt when I craved air conditioning. Mostly, I had feelings of happiness, love, joy, and cheerfulness when I witnessed the kids smile, laugh, and play.
I enjoyed my experience volunteering at the orphanage. I will miss the kids when we leave, and hope to keep in touch, and possibly come back to see them one day.

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Yes, I recommend this program

17 my first trip by myself but not the last

My experience with ABV at the orphanage was better than I ever could have expected. As a 17 year old who had never been off the continent, I really didn't know what I was getting myself into with my trip to Belize. As soon as I got there, I saw immediately how different everything was. It was a bit shocking at first, but I kept an open mind. The kids and other volunteers at first intimidated me, because many of them were a bit reserved and they all knew each other so well. Slowly, though, I began to get to know them. So many of them have such interesting stories and wonderful personalities. From the 5 year olds to the 16 year olds, I miss each one of them dearly. I consider those people my friends, and I think of them all the time and hope to return to them soon. I never thought I could get so attached to a group of 30 + children in a span of 10 days, but I was completely wrong. Leaving Belize was so sad for me, and I wish I could have stayed longer. I can't recommend the trip to the orphanage enough. You will fall in love with those kids and be so happy that you did.
The accommodation and security were both very good. My room was comfortable and useful, but I didn't spend much time there as I was usually hanging out with the kids.

What would you improve about this program?
The meals were filling but were a bit startling to me because 1) I am a vegetarian and 2) I am used to having a much more varied diet. I don't think the meals were a problem.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Orphanage in Belize

I took a leap of faith by coming across this opportunity to volunteer with A Broader View by simply searching on the internet. In speaking with the kind folks at ABV, I knew it would prove to be a remarkable experience and they put all my initial uneasiness to rest. Questions were answered and advice given. I made up my mind in a matter of days from finding ABV and booking my arrangements.
Equally, the Belize in country ABV coordinator was so warm and welcoming from the time that I arrived for pickup at the airport until departure. She brought another volunteer which I thought was very helpful to show me around and let me know how things have been going and should be done.
The children are lovely, happy, and my time there was so rewarding. I truly felt that I got to know many of them individually and their personalities. During my first week, the children were still on summer break, so most of the time was simply spent on play, fun, and conversations. We did do many helpful things around the campus to assist the director, caregivers and other staff.
I also brought some donation items for the children that were greatly appreciated like flip flops, socks, etc. In addition, I brought many activity things to play with the children like cards, puzzles, books, balls, play dough. My recommendation to ABV would be to hone in on an updated wish list, so folks who would like to bring donation items with them, can really know what is meaningful. Now that I have experienced life there, I really can see what types of other things are needed . I wish I could bring the world to everyone there. They are so deserving, truly!

What would you improve about this program?
My recommendation to ABV would be to hone in on an updated wish list, so folks who would like to bring donation items with them, can really know what is meaningful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Light in the Darkness

I am so excited you are considering being a part of the volunteer work done with ABV. It is a wonderful adventure. Serving with A Broader View will transform your life. You will come home with expanded horizons. The overall success of your experience depends greatly on your attitude and perspective from the moment you fill out your application. Get ready to serve, love, learn, stretch and give your heart away. I guarantee the more that you give, even more you will receive. I encountered just that as I boarded the plane home. I wept uncontrollably. I felt as though I had left part of my family behind.

Words and even photos cannot begin to capture the experience I had at the orphanage in Belize. Somehow, it’s the attitude of the Belizean children and staff at the Orphanage that’s most amazing as you will encounter their genuine thankfulness, humility, and love. To me it is not just a home, it is a family. Honestly it was overwhelming at times to see the profound needs of the people in this tiny village but also amazing to see how Orphanage Home is responding to it. The fact that, even with limited funds, the orphanage staff can mend these precious victimized souls is incredible! The children, staff and people of this small village are some of the most kind and loving individuals I have ever met.

My experience began with a warm welcome from the director at the airport and ended a week later with a tearful goodbye!

I immediately felt very welcome, appreciated and safe. Although the days can be hot and the work is not always easy, it’s incredibly motivating to even be a small part of the orphanage effort that’s having such an impact on these young lives. I feel that the orphanage is my second home and am counting the days until my return.

Brenda Bodnar

What would you improve about this program?
I found no fault with ABV's program. They were very professional and answered all of my questions and concerns in a timely matter. I do believe there is always room for improvement. Having only spending a week with ABV I feel I am not quite qualified to answer this question properly. The only suggestion I would make is perhaps contact volunteers a week or before their trip to let them know if the program they will be working at is in need of any donations and what they are.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Friendly Program

The day of my arrival, while Mr. Tillett picked me up from the airport, on the way back to the children’s home, we ran into a bunch of kids who just got off from school. They saw us and rushed into the car. The car was fully packed. It was a warm welcome!

Seeing children play and learn reminded me of my childhood. PLaying and laughing with them have restored my long lost feeling of being a kid.

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