Professional Volunteering Overseas
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Professional Volunteering Overseas

Cuso International works collaboratively with overseas partner organizations on locally and nationally managed projects. Our volunteers bring their professional skills and work on long-term solutions that will have an impact on local communities, and the volunteer, for generations to come.

Our volunteers share new ideas, experiences and perspectives, building relationships that last beyond their placements.

Volunteers offer professional skills that are not readily available for development work in the country where they are placed. Volunteers work with local partners to support training and development of people who directly provide services that would otherwise be denied to disadvantaged communities, passing on those skills to colleagues so that services are sustainable.

Cuso International volunteers are selected for their personal qualities including intercultural sensitivity, flexibility, adaptability and the ability to work well with others.

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Our training and support package covers the costs of being an overseas volunteer, allowing you to enjoy a modest but healthy lifestyle while you volunteer abroad. This includes:

• Attendance at a Cuso International assessment day (candidates must cover the first $150 of the most cost-effective travel expenses and accommodation costs)
• Travel and accommodation costs associated with pre-departure training
• Return airfare and visa/permit (this includes a return flight in the case of a family emergency)
• Coverage for required vaccinations, medications and comprehensive health insurance
• Accommodation while overseas
• A modest living allowance, which varies depending on the country where you are placed
• Quarterly payments to support you in your placement
• Modest support for accompanying partners
• For placements requiring Spanish language, substantive in-country language training is provided for those who already have intermediate knowledge
• Volunteers are expected to fundraise before their departure with a target of $2000 to support future volunteers and raise awareness about International Development and the work of Cuso International

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57 years old
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Mount Saint Vincent University

Volunteers and local partners both benefit from knowledge exchanged during the volunteer's placement and afterwards.


My experience in Nigeria in 2013 was deeply fulfilling, as well as challenging and fascinating. I would recommend a Cuso International volunteer placement for the adventurous, humanitarian type of professional. Cuso provides extensive pre-departure training, guidance and travel support. The partner I worked with - Lady Mechanic Initiative - was a super person and leader. This volunteer experience was the best thing I ever did!

How can this program be improved?

Provide more in-country liaison with head office.

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32 years old
Ottawa, Ontario
St. Thomas University

An incredible opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way


Working to improve job seeking and creation services in the south of Lima, gave me the unique opportunity to understand the challenges youth face daily and to organize resources to make sure youth are well equipped to define and reach their goals.

How can this program be improved?

To make sure that the volunteers understand the important commitment required for this kind of work to be successful and for the partner organization to better recognize the contribution of volunteers.

About The Provider


Cuso International is an international development organization that works to reduce poverty and inequality through the efforts of skilled volunteers. Each year, we place volunteers from North and South America in developing countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Volunteers collaborate with local