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Projects Abroad has been sending volunteers abroad since 1992. This is your chance to have a direct impact on the lives of the less fortunate. As a Projects Abroad volunteer, you can get involved in Teaching English, Community Development, and Conservation & Environment projects, or Medicine & Healthcare and Microfinance internships.

Cambodia is an exciting place to volunteer abroad. Visit our website to apply online and discover how easy it is to make a positive impact in your world.

  • Choose a project you are passionate about that fits your interests
  • Choose your own start date and duration
  • Get 24/7 support from our local staff
  • Have fun exploring the country and its culture over the weekends
  • Gain practical international experience and build up your credentials for your resume

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  • Impact 7.5
  • Support 8
  • Fun 7
  • Value 8
  • Safety 7.9
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Marine conservation

The staff on the island were nothing but friendly and welcoming. On my very first dive I had a bad panic attack and wasn't sure if I could continue. I was very close to switch to an english teaching position at the school there. The staff were very understanding and allowed me to continue my dive lessons at my own pace. I had the best time on the island and discovered a new found love of diving and marine conservation. I met other volunteers from all across the globe. A day on the island consisted of breakfast at 7am followed by a beach clean up and a dive before lunch at 12 then if possible another dive after lunch. You have the weekends off so you can go to sihanoukville if you choose or stay on the island and relax. Other days we played games with the local childern followed by a jump off the pier or hung out at Hua's bar or One's. The local fishing village is a small tight knit community and they will welcome you with open arms.

How can this program be improved?
The only thing wrong about this project is the lack of goggles for small faces, which is very easily fixed by bringing your own.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Physical Therapy in Cambodia with Projects Abroad

I can honestly say this was the best experience of my entire life. Projects Abroad made it so easy for me to feel comfortable and confident with my decision to go through their program. They answered every question and concern I had right away and were happy to do so. While in Cambodia, the Projects Abroad team made sure that everyone was happy and comfortable not only with their accommodation but also with their food, placement, driver, etc. I genuinely felt like they cared about me and even more so about their purpose as being a Projects Abroad staff member.
I volunteered doing physical therapy at an orphanage with all disabled children. It was the most rewarding experience and I truly fell in love with the kids. They were the happiest/ cutest kids I have ever met and their appreciation for my help was astonishing. I had a member of the Projects Abroad staff drive me to and from the orphanage everyday and had an in-home cook that made us the best meals. Projects Abroad member Seang planned group events for the volunteers every week and made the experience outside of the orphanage fun as well.
I am so grateful for choosing Projects Abroad and can't wait to go back to Cambodia next year!

How can this program be improved?
Include one weekend trip
Yes, I recommend this program
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The Kingdom of Wonder

My time in Cambodia was amazing. The 6 months I spend there are ones that I will never forget. Soon I will post a complete story on the Projects Abroad website.

How can this program be improved?
If I had to change one thing, it would be the cost. Don't get me wrong, every penny was worth it, but the lower the cost, the longer I would stay.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A worthwhile cause that helps a country in need

Cambodia is a place in great need of volunteers from the West to bring it into the forefront of people's minds.Volunteering with Projects Abroad allows you to have a direct impact on the local people, by helping them, employing them, and supporting them in their endeavours. Just one example of this is volunteer transport to placement, which is provided by local university students, who in return receive money from the charity to help with their studies. These are the future doctors, lawyers and teachers Cambodia so greatly needs. It is not possible to have enough care volunteers in Cambodia, with the capital city housing over 800 orphanages alone. It is also not possible to work at one and not fall in love with the children, their carers, and the Cambodian people as a whole. All are friendly, helpful, and honest, and truly deserve the success of their nation. I would volunteer with Projects Abroad again in a heartbeat; they allow you to truly experience a country, safe in the knowledge that your presence and your money is making a real difference.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Island life

My time in cambodia was unlike anyother. I really enjoyed it. More so infact.
Worthwhile, enjoyable and amazing fun!

Please look at my blog for more details, posts september 2010 to december 2010.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Life-Changing Experience

Volunteering with Projects Abroad was a whim of mine. I had always wanted to volunteer abroad, and PA was the first somewhat-affordable company I could find that met all of my needs as a first-time volunteer. I don't even know why I initially chose Cambodia...I suppose it just seemed like a good fit. I have never been more right about anything in my life! Cambodia found its way into my heart and now it's stuck there. PA hooked me up with an amazing school to volunteer with, and I met some of the most amazing children in the world. The accommodations aren't luxurious, but they were better than I thought they would be! Some of them even had air con! Just go into the whole experience with an open mind, and you'll be find! Bottom line: leaving Cambodia after 2 months was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I DEFINITELY recommend spending some time volunteering there, and Projects Abroad provides a good platform on which to do so, especially for inexperienced travelers and/or people who don't want to have to worry about planning their food/accommodation/etc.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Take me back to the 'Bodge!

Cambodia, or once you see some of the t-shirts 'Cambodge' was by far the best place I have ever been in my life. Not the first place to crop up on many peoples 'Places to visit' list, I recommend you re-think where you want to go, because this place, trust me, is somewhere you want to go. Although I say this, I almost selfishly want to keep it to myself and my friends and recommend you find somewhere else. Wishful thinking, because there is nowhere else in the world where you will see as many smiles in one day.

Projects Abroad, for a first time traveller was perfect for me. Save your pennies! I was there for a month, and it was expensive to go, but cost of living over there is next to nothing. PA costs include; accomodation, two meals per day, some food in the appartment (bread, water, peanut butter, fruit), once per month there is a Social dinner which all food and drink is covered, they take you to and from work, and provide a support and social scene that is priceless. Although, now feeling more comfortable in the country, I am not sure I would use them again as it was expensive, and I feel confident I could provide accomodation and still be involved with other volunteers socially.

Cambodia is a simple place. The people don't have much, but don't want for much either. What we would see as a daily struggle is their way of life, and they smile on through it. As it grows and adapts to the new throngs of tourists that come its way, it doesn't seem to have lost any of its charm.

Day one, you will be met at the airport by a thick wall of heat, and through it a mob of tuk tuk drivers who all want to take you to where you need to be (most of which will have to make a pit stop to look at a map, or by a friends house to ask for directions, but they will get you there!) The sites and smells of Phnom Pehn will leave you feeling like your head is in a spin. As you drive past slums, and new buildings, side by side, you will start to get a grip of the place you are now calling home for the next month, or however long you are staying. The past and the future side by side. Third world poverty next to western bank buildings, what is it they say about irony?

The projects abroad staff were wonderful. From day one they made us feel comfortable and at home, and from the minute we walked into the apartment it really did feel like home! A strange feeling to be thrust into a new culture, with strangers from all over the world, but the PA staff seem to allow you to do the transition seemlessly...well that and the already standing tradition of volunteers watching Glee every tuesday made it easy to feel at home.

Day to day life for us was fun. We would wake up and have breakfast, cram as many water bottles into our bags as we could for the hot day ahead of us, and get into our tuk tuk and pray to Buddah that we would make it safely to work by 8 (Cambodian traffic is an exhilarating experience, and it wakes you up in the morning more than any cup of coffee will be able to) We were Physiotherapy volunteers at an orphanage specifically for children with disabilities. We would work with the children, play with the children, and succumb to doing whatever the little smilers wanted us to do until 11. Then we would be back in the tuk tuk heading back to the appartment for our deliciously cooked lunch. Sitting at the lunch table with 10 other volunteers day in day out, you all quickly feel like one big family. Then maybe after a quick nap, and stocking up on water, we would leave and head back to the orphanage for 2. Here we are once again greeted by the children that just make the whole trip worthwhile (Not that it already isn't) and spend another 2 hours with them until it is their dinner time, and time for us to go home. Another thrilling tuk tuk ride and we are home for the evening. Another cooked meal, that will bound to have something everyone likes, as there are several plates served (all with rice) and its time to unwind with the other volunteers. Tell eachother about your day, perhaps go out for icecream (a projects abroad favourite) Maybe for some drinks on the riverfont, or even bowling! There are no curfews, but most weeknight we would be home by 12, and into bed ready to do it all again the next day.

Weekends are free time, and although projects arrange for certain activities, often everyone splits up and does their own thing. Some people will spend the weekend at one of the many hotel pools in and around the area, some people will get a group together and go to the beach, or visit the magnificent temples, you could even go to neighboring Vietnam for a whirlwind few days in Saigon. There is always something to do, and always someone who will be there with you. I never expected to make such close friends with people that I would be travelling with them, even after our time in Cambodia was over, but when in that sort of environment, a few days of knowing someone and it feels like a lifetime. It was definately one of the highlights of the trip.

I wish I could say there were difficulties, but none really stick out in my mind as they were overshadowed by the good times. The language barrier can be difficult at work, so make sure you can communicate with gestures! Also, depending on the time of year you are there the head can be stifling, and with little airconditioning around the place, it might be handy to bring a hand held fan for when you are walking around.

The people of Cambodia will always be very special to me, and I hope that as their popularity grows, they don't lose what makes their country so inexplicably amazing, somewhere you just have to go and see for yourself!

Yes, I recommend this program


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