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Volunteer in Cambodia with Volunteering Solutions

Learn about volunteering in Cambodia with Volunteering Solutions! A recently popular tourist destination, Cambodia offers exciting landscapes and ancient temples to go with its diverse culture and history. Possible volunteer projects include teaching English and computer literacy, women's empowerment, and childcare at orphanages. As one of the poorest nations in the world, volunteers can make a real difference in Cambodia. Check out the Volunteering Solutions website to learn more!

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A month to remember

I was in Cambodia for a month on summer and those were the best weeks in my life so far. I was teaching English to children in a school located in Phnom Penh. I chose to stay at a guesthouse and it was really fun there: I shared room with 5 other volunteers who were in different programs so it was great to come back home from the school and hear about the other volunteers' stories. The first day we got the Orientation day, where the staff explained some History, Religion and Cultural information about Cambodia to us and we also got to know the other new volunteers, which was great. Also we had a meeting dinner and we discovered khmer cuisine! The second day there was a City tour, where you visit the highlights of Phnom Penh in a bus and with a guide who can answer your questions. The first day at your placement a person from the local staff comes with you to help you through the first minutes and then you will feel home there, because cambodian people are very helpful and will make your mission there so much enjoyable. On weekends you have plenty of time to explore rural Cambodia and have a bath with elephants in Mundulkiri Province, discover the beaches of Sihanoukville or see the sunrise in Angkor Wat. Be careful with the monkeys there, one of them stole my breakfast! :) It's easy to get around Cambodia with buses and tuk-tuks in the cities, and by staying in the guesthouse you will always find someone to travel with if you want! Also the local staff are always there to help you if you have some problem and sometimes they set weekend trips to some places in Cambodia.

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Amazing experience

I spent one month in Phnom Penh as a volunteer in an orphanage (MOC). I loved both the country/city and the mission: Phnom Pemh is a really nice place to live, Cambodian people are adorable and the weather there is very pleasant. The mission in the orphanage was great, 20 kids from 4 months to 4 years old, all cute, nice and gentle. It was a real pleasure to work with them. We had to play with them, feed them, dress them up and make them go to bed. There is a lot of love in this place, and the kids are happy to see volunteers. I would totally do it again if I could!!

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Cambodia 2013

Promise that you’ll be well looked after, like I was in my volunteering stint here. Just to give you a feel of what to expect: The airport pickup will ensure that you get to your accommodation safely, you’ll probably meet some other volunteers at the airport at well- and in most instances, you’ll probably end up spending the rest of your time volunteering with them, and even plan trip to the other areas as well.

The full introductory day will teach you about the Cambodian culture, specific dos and don’ts, you’ll also get to visit interesting places such as the Stadium where you’ll see Cambodians actively working out, the Killing Fields and of course the barbeque welcome dinner where you’ll meet the programme coordinators and all the other volunteers as well.

I’d also recommend visiting the Daughters of Cambodia café which sells beautiful handicraft to raise money against women trafficking in Cambodia. When you’re in Cambodia, I’d also recommend reading ‘First they killed my father’ which you may easily purchase for USD$5 at their local markets, to really immerse yourself in the Cambodian culture, as well as understand the history behind the country.

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Lovely Kids in Cambodia

I helped in the NACA Orphanage in Phnom Penh. The kids there are great and very smart. They are extremely enthusiastic to us, and treat us like families. I and two girls taught these kids. One girl was from London, so she was much better at English teaching than me. But I and the other Chinese girl gave the kids some Maths lessons, which made them very interested. What's more, because these kids had learned a little Chinese in their school, they were keen on Chinese as well. So we taught them some basic Chinese and a very easy song. They loved it.
The kids made me love this country and this city. Hope I will go back one day.

How can this program be improved?

I think Volunteering Solutions can have more contact with the local organization. VS gave me the phone number of the local staff. But when I called this number, it surprised me that the number didn't exist. That staff had just left the organization.

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Cambodia with VS

Found VS on Google and knew that this was the program I wanted to do. Everyone was helpful and mails were answered almost instantly, which was great!

The program placement was very nice. It was the most amazing experience of my life. 3 weeks was too short though! The accommodation and meals were very nice. I was very well taken care of by the host family. Overall, It was a unique experience to teach but I loved playing with the kids too ! The river cruise was lovely and meeting the other volunteers was great.

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Volunteer Teaching Program in Cambodia!

The website was very easy to navigate, it looked professional with plenty of useful information about the programs.The pre-departure booklet provided me with enough information to answer all my questions. I kept in consistent contact with one of the staff and I felt like I was getting one-on-one special service which I really liked.

I really enjoyed working at my project because it was very flexible and the school choosen for me was perfect because they were close to my age. The highlight was my students treating me so well and even offering to take me around Vietnam with them.

My coordinator was really friendly and quite helpful. The meal was healthy and delicious. I would definitely recommend this program to others because the volunteering aspect was fantastic.

Yes, I recommend

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