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This is a public facility that provides daily child care services, pre-school and kindergarten classes to small babies and children in this Torices neighborhood in north Cartagena. This center is located close by to downtown and only 10 minutes from the airport.

Activities: Feeding the children, helping with teaching, playing games, helping in the kitchens. The center also helps single mothers with training on child care, nutrition, hygiene talks. The working schedule is Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 4:00pm. This center is closed for 3 weeks June22-July 11th.

Requirements: Spanish speaking volunteers, short or long term placements available
Airport reception in Cartagena
City orientation and project briefing with the ABV staff coordinator.
Host family stay, or on-site living accommodations with ensuite bathroom.
3 meals per day, 7 days a week. Program support throughout by ABV local staff.
Departure transfer at the end of the program.

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Colombia Cartagena

I went to Colombia with a broader view in the midst of a breakup hoping to find a distraction, but what I got was much more.
I felt like there were so many elements to the trip. There was the volunteer work at the foundation and my relationships with the ladies who worked there, the mothers and the babies. And although there was a lot of work there was also a LOT of laughter.
There was my home life and my relationship with my host family which was fun and warm.
Then there was my individual exploring which I really enjoyed.
All these elements made for a trip that was truly rich in its blessings.

Yes, I recommend
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My heart in Colombia

I absolutely loved my overall experience in Cartagena, Colombia. My main reason to go to Cartagena was to help out at an institution where poverty was high and resources were very limited. I absolutely had a blast with my host family. I got really close to the mother of the host family, Elena. I call her “Mami”. We did everything together. We went to beaches, we went jogging, dancing, cooking, touring, eating, praying and going to church together. I really believe that she stole my heart and a big piece of my heart will always be with Mami and the family. My Spanish teacher was fun and I did learn a lot from her. My ABV coordinator was helpful and always there when I needed help.

Yes, I recommend
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2nd Trip Nicaragua

This was my second trip with A Broader View, the first to Colombia. Nicaragua is an experience...one not to be missed. But remember that Nicaragua is the second poorest county in the Western Hemisphere and creature comforts aren't always available. On the plus side, everyone involved with the program was very helpful and thoughtful. And I was pleasantly surprised how positively the young people at the project interacted with me. And now I have a third trip with ABV Peru Cusco, will update the review with that trip as well.

Yes, I recommend
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Colombia Cartagena Children Program

Abroaderview is a great program, especially for first time travelers like myself. Traveling alone, it was very important that I always felt safe and abroaderview was able to ensure that for me. I could not ever imagine a more perfect way to spend my time. Truly life changing.
The project coordinator was fantastic. He showed us all around, made sure we always felt safe, and always kept checking in. He was very personable and easy to talk to. He perfectly integrated the volunteer work and getting to know the culture and history of the city.
Take your time to fully enjoy all parts of the city of Cartagena. If you get the chance, a nice weekend trip is a four hour bus ride to Santa Marta, with incredible beaches, restaurants, and a great hostel.

How can this program be improved?
I found if very difficult to keep the kids well behaved as there were so many of them and they all really craved attention.
Yes, I recommend
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great experience working with young children in a disadvantaged population. Lots to share and learn.

Interesting bus ride along the beach regardless of incoming tide!

Difficult to deal tactfully with overt differences eg teachers threatening blows if child didn't eat lunch, or punishment for child biting child was for victim to inflict similar bite on perpetrator!

Good to be accepted into family.

How can this program be improved?
Npt really anything. Perhaps a little more research in host country. Eg the centre where I was assigned in the US seemed fairly disinterested while the one where I went was really into it!
Yes, I recommend
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I Love Colombia Cartagena

I did a three week stint with A Broader View in Colombia. Overall the experience was incredible and I love the idea of splicing volunteering with vacation. I hope that I made a small difference in the lives of the children at the Hogar and I met some wonderful people during my travels. Colombia is a beautiful country. My host family really welcomed me in like a member of the family and it was great to experience another culture through a home rather than through hotels and all the touristy things to do. Everyone should do something like this at least once in their lives to really gain a different perspective on the world.

Yes, I recommend

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