Volunteer in Cartagena, Colombia in Social Welfare Programs

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A Broader View offers a variety of social welfare programs for volunteers to contribute in Cartagena, Colombia. These include programs for social welfare/child support in La Boquilla, programs for special needs/disabled support center and a women's support center for girls, children and adult women.

Special Needs / Disabled Support Center

Hours: Monday to Friday. 8:00am - 4:00pm. Volunteer at a center for children and young adults with special needs, and support health care and therapy activities.

The center provides free meals, physical and occupational therapy, health checks, and education. The students have visual and audio impairments, while others are afflicted with MS, Cerebral palsy and down syndrome.

You will assist this meal time, helping with therapy needs, organizing activities for those that are mobile, reading stories, drawing, singing, laundry help as well as basic upkeep such as sweeping, kitchen help.

Those with occupational/physical therapy experience, healthcare/social support of children with special needs, and those interested in health care are welcome.

Women's Support Center

Hours: Monday to Friday. 8:00am - 5:30pm. A center set up to provide opportunities for girls, children, and adult women of low income for basic studies, technical, artistic and cultural, to access the formal and informal education. All teaching of the Cultural Center has the overall objective of facilitating economic independence, individual dignity and the discovery of one's own abilities and classmates.

Today, there is a Teaching Area that trains more than 500 people each year, a library of 5,000 books accessible to the community, a choir and a youth orchestra, folk dance groups and theater and a scholarship program assistance to 225 young people and women to stay in school and develop their social commitment. It operates with a staff of 20 teachers and 13 administrative, 75% of which have formed in the Center itself. Here a volunteer can help teach English, also vocational support in handicraft training, herbal medicine, cooking.

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Yes, I recommend this program

20 kids 2 year olds

I really enjoyed volunteering at the child care program with my mother for the last month .. I was an assistant at a foundation for Cartagenan children. sometimes I was a bit unsure what I should actually be doing the first couple of days. But as I just went with the flow, asked around, I adapted to the everyday life of the program and learned that the most important part of my job was to care for the children, play and give them the attention and love they need. I worked every day from 8 am until 1 pm, and although it was only 5 hours it could be very tiring as I was always around many kids. Then had Spanish lessons in the afternoons.
I worked with a group of 20 kids 2 year olds, and as my Spanish wasn’t the best, in the beginning, I had some trouble understanding them. However, as I improved my Spanish it was a lot easier to communicate and connect with them and that definitely improved my work experience.
It was a very giving experience and I am very happy to have been a part of the program. It was very good to see that foundation like this exist and gives poor children an opportunity to learn and to play with other children. They also eat nutritious food, and they all seemed very happy to be there. I would definitely recommend this Colombian program to others!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Hogar Infantil Colombia Cartagena

The program is really great for people who want to learn or improve their Spanish in an enriching and interesting way. I found that volunteering with the kids required a lot of energy but I adapted pretty quickly and it was very rewarding. One month was a short time to see a drastic change in their skills but you definitely have an influence on them. They would chant my name every day when I would arrive and leave and were full of positive energy. The people in Cartagena are extremely friendly to foreigners and not once did my safety feel threatened, even when I was traveling alone. A Broader View does a really great and comprehensive job preparing you for the trip and satisfying some of the uneasy curiosities you may have about the program, lifestyle, and traveling post-program. The staff is very prompt, accessible, and friendly. I spoke directly with the co-founder of the program, Sarah, and her efforts to thoroughly answer my questions made me feel cared for and confident in the program. Luis, the program coordinator, was the best. He let me have my independence but always made sure he knew what I was doing….which was easy since he lived above me. My host family was A-MAZING! They were too similar to me and I really felt comfortable and felt like I was at home after 1 week there. Freaky! Spanish instruction with Libary was also, wait for it….AMAZING! She is very intelligent, funny, dedicated and wants you to learn and improve. The lessons helped build my skills so that I felt extremely confident to travel alone after the program. Thank you, Cartagena. You have an amazing city full of rich history, great energy and culture. To sum it up, Great Experience.

What would you improve about this program?
The language barrier was the biggest hurdle for me. I adapted to the city and lifestyle very well, and unknown territory was never a big worry for me (it was the exciting part). But the inability to communicate my thoughts and understand directions clearly was hard to adjust to.
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