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Experienced professionals and medical students are welcome to volunteer in a large hospital in Quito. The hospital can receive about 300 patients and has an occupation of 70%. The majority of patients are in seen in the Emergency, Gynecology and Pediatrics departments. Your placement in the hospital will be determined by you skills, knowledge and the need of the patients. Medical volunteers assist the local staff in whatever capacity they may need, such as taking medical history, checking vitals, assisting with medicine and supplies.

Medical and nursing students are accepted as well. Proficient Spanish knowledge is required. This is a great opportunity to gain first hand medical experience in a foreign country while donating your time and skills. Healthcare volunteers must be in the medical fields or studying, EMT trained, and provide their credentials or university enrollment letter.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Ecuador Occupational Therapy

My experience in Ecuador went so far beyond my expectations. I loved how welcoming and friendly my host family was. They made me feel comfortable and made my time in Ecuador 10x better. Everyone that I worked with at the projects were patient and understanding of my limited Spanish ability, and despite the language barrier I was able to learn so much from them. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in experiencing a new culture, and getting some real hands on experience in the field of Occupational Therapy.
My favorite memory of the trip would either be traveling on the weekends to different parts of Ecuador or just hanging out with my host family during meals. The weekend travels were so awesome because I got to see a new part of the world unlike anything I had ever experienced, and I got to do some awesome activities. Hanging out with my host family was great because I got to be fully immersed in Ecuadorian culture, and they taught me so much about the history of Quito and interesting things about Ecuador.

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Yes, I recommend this program

This experience was a difficult one

This experience was a difficult one, personally, since the day before I flew to Ecuador my grandmother passed away. I then had to spend the next six weeks in another country, away from my family, and living with a new family. Despite such personal tragedy, my overall experience with the project at the Hospital was a learning experience I will never forget. The hospital staff was beyond friendly and willingly to show me knowledge in the medical field. I spent my time working in the Emergency and Pathology departments. One department completely different from the other, yet still just as interesting. I am one of those science-lovers that enjoyed going to project every single day and never wanted to miss a day of work, there were even more days than not that I would work late just to see one more patient or to finish collecting one more sample. I was a volunteer first, I was there to work, all the traveling and extra activities came after my work. I guess I was just lucky that I enjoyed my work too!
I do believe if I had not suffered such great personal loss right before my trip my overall experience would have been even better. Quito is a beautiful city with incredible people and culture. There are things in life that are beyond our control, but you do not need a reason to help somebody else. I recommend that if given the chance you take some time to volunteer and travel.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My new family in Quito

From the moment I submitted my application for the Pre Dental Program in Ecuador, to online chats, right before leaving the US, to arriving in Quito. It was extremely helpful to have pictures of my coordinator and host family before hand. It was comforting and stress reducing to have a visual of the first individuals you would meet and count on during your stay.
I was surprised at how quickly my host family felt like my real family. They were very accommodating. I may not have always understood what was said in Spanish but at the same time I was still always apart of family activities and discussions. This is also true with the extended family. Within one week I met extended family from both sides of my host parents and it made this experience even richer.
I had an amazing experience within the short time I was able to volunteer, 4 weeks. I loved basking in the breathtaking scenery. No picture could capture the essence of the mountains in Quito. Even though I wish they could, it made me absorb what I can in the moment.
I just happened to stumble across ABV by diligently searching abroad volunteer programs on the internet. I can now say I found the perfect organization for my first experience abroad.

What would you improve about this program?
a. I packed for all types of weather but I would have packed warmer pajamas. At the same time I love but dislike how quickly the weather here changes. I was often cold at night despite my host family offering three warm blankets.
b. Ladies if you normally wear a medium or large purse try to reduce when you come here. For safety purposes the less you take with you each day the better. If not, make a huge effort to always wear your purse in the front of you so it is positioned at your torso and always in your sight.
c. I forewent going on some of the school weekend trips to be with my host family. It was the best decision. I experienced a family reunion, cookouts, going an hour and a half away to the countryside, going as a family to enjoy the festivities of Independence Day in Old Town and meals with extended family. All of which was worth not going on some of the weekend trips.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Health Care Quito

Laura was AMAZING! I was greeted in the airport by Laura and her husband Vicente and although my Spanish wasn’t very good when I arrived, they explained everything clearly to me and made sure I felt comfortable. The following day, Laura took me to her office where I talked with Karen about the project I would be working in. Karen speaks great English and I could understand everything she was explaining to me. The purpose of my trip was to do a medical mission/Spanish immersion, and after hearing about the project I was supposed to volunteer in, it wasn’t what I was expecting. I shared my feelings and concerns with Karen and she immediately looked into other projects that I would be more interested in volunteering in. Great service! I thought Quito would be a lot warmer than in was! I went in May and needed a sweatshirt or raincoat almost everyday. Also, I HIGHLY recommend taking weekend trips whenever you can! Ask your host family about what buses to take (very easy and super cheap), and stay at a local hostel (also easy, cheap, and I felt very safe). While I was in Quito, I took weekend trips to Banos, Otavalo, and Mindo and loved them all! Also, honestly, the first week is hard if you don’t speak a lot of Spanish, but it honestly gets easier every day. I took my dictionary with me everywhere I went and tried to write down new words or phrases that I didn’t know whenever I heard them. My best advice is: Do NOT be afraid to make mistakes when it comes to Spanish…just put yourself out there and go for it! I will be forever grateful for my experience in Ecuador. A Broader View and the director of the volunteer program in Quito (Laura) were extremely helpful and I really appreciated the fact that ABV took the time to check in with me after I arrived there. My host family was centrally located, making it extremely easy to take the bus or walk to anywhere in the city. They also advised me on safety measures I needed to take, made sure I enjoyed the food they were preparing for me in the house, and were very patient and instrumental in helping me learn Spanish. ABV is a great Non Profit and they will go out of their way to make sure you have the experience you hoped for!

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It was just perfect
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