Volunteer Abroad in Ecuador Quito and Galapagos 25 Social and Conservation Programs

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Ecuador may be a small country, but it has a lot to offer visitors. With a great diversity of landscapes, from the Highlands to the Amazon, the Galápagos Islands, and the coast, Ecuador is a great destination for volunteering abroad. Volunteers will find opportunities ranging from childcare and teaching to environmental and wildlife conservation.

Volunteering Projects in Ecuador Quito-North
Pre Med & Pre Nurse
Premed Internship
Orphanage / school
Day Care Center
Elderly Welfare
Hospital Health Care
Street Kids Day Care
Language Immersion
English Teaching
Dental Program

Volunteer Programs in Galapagos Islands
Conservation Animal
Child Care
Teaching English

Volunteering Programs in Quito
Language Immersion
Medical / Dental
Teaching English
Orphanage / Child Care
Welfare Shelter
Community Development (Amazon)
Community Development (Coastal)
Therapy Center

Learn Spanish and Volunteer in Ecuador: Spanish is taught on a one on one student teacher ratio or up to three students per group, focusing in conversation practice, grammar, readings and the vocabulary according to the student level and needs. The program is based in 20 hours per week, 4 hours per day from Monday through Friday. Students at all levels are welcome. The school is located in the center of town. The remainder of your day you will volunteer at a local orphanage or school helping children learn English.

Orphanage Support in Quito: This is a public residential facility for orphans, a home to boys and girls ranging including babies, toddlers and children 5-10 yrs old. Located in northern Quito this home provides care, love, schooling and support of 35-40 children. Volunteer hours typically 8-12 and 2-6pm.

Child Care Volunteering in the Galapagos: Volunteer at a community run day care /nursery center in Santa Cruz. The children range in age from infants to 5 years old. There are approximately 100 children at this center daily. The program provides feeding and integral education to aid some of the poorest families on the island. Many of the children at this center have single mothers who cannot pay for day care while they are working. This is a safe haven for parents to take their children.

Volunteer Teaching English in the Galapagos: Volunteers have the opportunity to teach conversational English at a public school in Santa Cruz. The school has over 650 children from 4 years to 14 years old, in the areas of pre-school up to primary 7th grade. Volunteers will help in areas of English lessons, recreation and also developmental needs of the children. Classes are held Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 1:00pm. Opportunities also available in a multilingual education facility that was created in order to give educational services to the children from the islands, especially for those that have migrated from the indigenous communities with their families. School has 30 pre-school students and 100 children in basic education. Ages 4yrs to 11 years old. Volunteers are assisted by the local teacher, and focus is on language comprehension and speaking. Volunteers should come with basic lesson plans for teaching numbers, letters, basic salutations, colors.

Environmental / Animal Welfare in the Galapagos: Volunteers have the opportunity to support the conservation efforts and wild life on the Galapagos. This program focus is sea turtles, marine iguanas and sea lions. Volunteers help with conservation needs such as animal monitoring and tracking reports, beach patrols, recording on new births, as well as working in the Galapaguera greenhouse. This program lets you do a little bit of everything pertaining to providing support of sustainable conservation efforts on the Island. This is a great opportunity to discover the wonders and wild life of the Galapagos by offering hands on contributions to their sustainability.

  • ABV’s Ecuador program is available year-round, you can start any day of the week
  • Highly affordable program fees US NonProfit Organization - Program rates are tax deductible and you can fundraise
  • You’ll be joining volunteers from all over the World Safe, friendly placements and accommodations
  • You’ll be traveling with ABV, the volunteer travel experts, and joining a network of thousands volunteers. Our outstanding safety systems and track record set us apart, we are the world’s safest organization
  • Your efforts will have a positive impact because our programs are community-driven with a focus on supporting long-term local needs


501 (c)3 nonprofit USA based organization – you can tax deduct the program fees.
Available year-round. You choose your own program start and end dates.
245 perfectly balanced projects - experience, price, service.
100% cultural immersion including local home-stay and guesthouse accommodations.
Program fees include airport transportation, orientation, housing/meals, 24/7 in-country support.
Suitable options for solo travelers, gap year, honeymooners, families, mature travelers & groups.
Excellent safety record and Platinum rated non-profit organization per Guidestar ABV alumni reviews.

Questions & Answers

Sure. Many of our volunteers combine a sightseeing element to their volunteer project. I'd suggest volunteering first and then do your touring. As a volunteer you will be given local insight by the ABV staff and host families and they could help influence where you want to sightsee after the project ends.


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Galapagos and Quito Trip

Quito and Galapagos are almost like different countries! The people are incredibly friendly in both places, and in the Galapagos, I was not at all worried about theft or walking alone at night. We learned a lot about their struggles with invasive species, worked really hard in the fields and helping with their efforts to keep turtles in a safe environment but had a chance to explore the island every afternoon.

This was a great project for myself and my 14 year old daughter, who wants to become a veterinarian. The educational/experience value for her was tremendous. She really grew up a lot in 4 weeks.

The best leisure activity was the day-long trip around the Island of St Cristobal. We never needed to leave the island - 90% of the species in the Galapagos are there, including Blue-footed boobies and tortoises and many other birds. To see penguins and the lava tubes you would go to the islands but your choices are very long boat rides or flying, so we took day tours and snorkeled and saw everything I would want to see.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Ecuador Galapagos teaching

I would recommend volunteering with A Broader View because they offer a broad range of volunteering opportunities, not just all over Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands but all over the world. The US and Ecuador staff are all very knowledgeable and accommodating. They were very willing to work with us in constructing a program that worked for us given our tight timeframe (daughter, niece and me). Most of all we felt taken care of which is important when you are so far away from home in a foreign environment.
The children at the program were adorable and eager to work with us. We brought many English books translated into Spanish which they could not wait to get their hands on. Their enthusiasm was priceless.
Pack light versatile clothing and should include waterproof shoes and wind/rain jacket. Bring items you need like sunscreen, insect repellant, toiletries, anything else you may need from the states. The brands we are use to are not available in Ecuador and can be expensive. Bring a small laundry detergent so you can hand wash clothes. Clothing gets damp this time of year (August), so this will keep everything fresh.
This was a very nice experience to travel with my daughter and nice to volunteer abroad in Ecuador, I would recommend other families to do the same.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Safe Ecuador

I was part of a host-family and shared an apartment with another ABV volunteer. All this was a bonus since I had my own space to write, yet when it came to family time, we were only one floor away from the warmth of a fabulous family. My host family took pride and leaving time aside to be with everyone together. Also, the host-family was very passionate with all the food they made. If you want to learn about the culture, food and traditions, please have a host-family in mind. The best part of this trip was helping all the children. I was inspired to see all the children so eager to learn and to see how passionate they were to hear what everyone had to say. Some children have to walk far, but they were there on time and eager to learn, I already miss them. The local Coordinator was very welcoming from day one. Coming to a new country can be very overwhelming, but any question or concern I had was answered. The support provided in-country was safe and very easy to use. Being around a big city like Quito takes a lot of patience and help.

How can this program be improved?
refresh or learn basic words and phrases prior going to Ecuador this will help you move around and at the program.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Ecuador Quito and more

I had researched several volunteer organizations before I decided on A Broader View. As I have run an international volunteer organization, I know what a good organization looks like. So, I was a "tough customer".

One of the beauties of A Broader View is that I was able to leave when I wanted; I wasn't tied to particular program dates. This was a distinct advantage for me. They also helped me get an extremely reasonable flight to Quito and very inexpensive travel insurance.

My volunteer jobs were wonderful. The first 6 weeks, I worked with 2-year-olds at a day care center in one of the poorest sections of the city. I am not going to tell you it was an easy transition. The poverty I had to pass every day, the conditions I saw, the real suffering of some of the children and families were all extremely difficult to assimilate. The differences between Euro-American and Ecuadorian cultures are not small. Yet, the children... oh, the children. They captured my heart. I'll never forget the day about 2 weeks after I started, and they were going down for their naps (the time I always left each day). I said goodbye to them as usual, and for the first time, 9 little hands waived from their beds and several voices were saying goodbye ("chao"). One little voice, said, "Chao, Burbuja!" They couldn't yet remember "Barbara", so they called me the closest thing they were familiar with, "bubble". From then on, I was putty in their hands...

I just want to reiterate that I cannot say enough about A Broader View. It is, at least in my experience, one of the best-run volunteer organizations I have ever come into contact with (and remember, I have worked in a few and run an international office of another). I don't believe I could have chosen a better organization or had a better experience.

Thank you to all of you at A Broader View.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Ecuador Galapagos

A Broader View Volunteers helped me step outside of my comfort zone in every way, and I had the experience of a lifetime while I was working with this program. I used A Broader View Volunteers for my first international travel experience, and I have absolutely no regrets about using this program. I had an amazing volunteer experience, my hosts in both Quito and the Galapagos Islands felt like family to me, and I made some of the best friends I have ever had while working with this program. Traveling with A Broader View taught me a lot about international travel, and they also helped me to become immersed in Ecuadorian culture. I would definitely recommend A Broader View to anyone looking for a good international volunteer program.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Ecuador Quito love it

I am so grateful for my experience in Ecuador. It was incredible, I have had the best 10 weeks. I am leaving with memories that I will never forget, friends from all around the world, and a second family to come home to one day. I cannot thank A Broader View enough!
The support in country was amazing. I lived with the in country coordinator, and she was the nicest woman I have ever met. She helped me every step of the way, with both the details of my program placement and the transition to living in another country.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Quito Ecuador Health Care

This experience was a wonderful opportunity to greatly improve my spanish and also learn a lot about another culture. It definitely takes you out of your confort zone, but is well worth it. I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life. I lived with a host family and with a few other volunteers. The house was very nice and all of the meals were home cooked and catered to dietary needs. I am a vegetarian and they were very good about making sure there was something for me to eat without making me feel like a burden. My favorite memory is swimming in a waterfall in the jungle. It was chilly, but I went with other volunteer and some other travelers we met that day. I never would have been able to meet those people or be in that place if I did not travel here with ABV. If you do not know any spanish at all it is possible to come. However, if you have time before coming it is a good idea to take some sort of basic lessons or use an application. It really enriches the experience if you are better able to communicate with everyone. The immersion will really help with learning spanish no matter what level you have at arrival. The local coordinator was amazing and provided complete support. The coordinator really goes above what is expected. She helped us figure out the best form of transportation to various weekend destinations. She even came with us on one weekend trip. She also makes sure to ask often how the project is going and will talk to the director of the program if there is a problem.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Ecuador Quito Premed opportunity

I truly had a great experience while in Ecuador. I love everything about the family, the culture, the country, and the city, and I am very sad to leave. I hope I can return some day to volunteer and/or live here, because it has been a great experience. It’s great to see how your efforts volunteering can make such a difference in others’ lives, and how far your support can extend. 

Accommodation was great. Each volunteer has their own room, the apartment has internet and wifi access, and the meals and security were great. I never felt unsafe for one minute while in Ecuador. The food is all natural and fresh and the fruit is incredible. I am definitely going to miss the fruit and the daily soups at lunch the most!
. The family is some of the most caring, kind, and genuine people I have ever met. They truly make you feel that their home is yours, and they are willing to do everything possible to make you happy and comfortable. It has been a blessing getting to know this wonderful family and I am sad to leave them. I hope to return some day! Laura and family were always willing to do whatever needed to be done to make sure the project runs smoothly and happily.

Even though I had checked the weather, I wasn’t prepared for the climate. It gets really cold at night. I would have bought more long sleeve shirts and less short sleeve shirts, because it gets to almost freezing temperatures at night.

How can this program be improved?
I would have bought more long sleeve shirts and less short sleeve shirts, because it gets to almost freezing temperatures at night.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Safe and friendly experience

After traveling two summers with Abroaderview, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I have had two amazing experiences and have been able to see two different parts of the world that have truly helped me in my life's journey. I felt safe, cared for, and empowered to meet new people and learn about myself! I believe each project will bring its different challenges, but the people in country really care about their work and helping the city and people around them. While this is considered a volunteer trip, it was truly me who gained knowledge and life experiences from this trip.
The apartment was huge and I had my own bedroom and shared a bathroom with only one other girl. The food was delicious and always plenty. The cook always accommodated to our preferences and made food that she knew we liked. The building had a security guard as well as a secure entrance. I always felt extremely safe at the apartment and in Quito in general. 

When the family and all of the volunteers traveled together to Quilotoa and Otavolo. It was such an amazing trip. We laughed, listened to music all together, and enjoyed each others company. We also truly felt like we got to understand the culture of some of the people that lived in Quilotoa as we had tea and cheese at a family's house! I will never forget that experience. 

I was surprised at how quickly all of the volunteers became friends. We were like a family at the volunteer house. The Cordovas even took us on a trip to Quilotoa and Otavalo one weekend. It was amazing to have a group of supportive people to live with while away from my own home. Even without other volunteers present, I knew I would feel at home with the Cordovas because they always say that their house is my house and they really mean it!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Galapagos Island

Two days before I was scheduled to leave for my trip, I had a sledding accident. The doctor at the hospital said I would be unable to travel for a few days so I had to delay all my flights. The ABV USA staff was unbelievably accommodating despite the difficult situation – they contacted my host families, arranged new rides from the airport and changed my Galapagos flights (all free of charge).

My favorite memory of this trip was visiting Isla Isabella. I only spent two days on the island. However, in this short time I had the opportunity to visit the volcanoes, see flamingos, snorkel with sharks/manta rays/sea turtles/sea horses and enjoy the island’s bizarre yet breathtaking volcanic landscape. I definitely recommend visiting the other islands. I was initially on the fence about the trip (it’s not cheap) but it is definitely worth it.

Don’t stress out about your level of Spanish proficiency. The host families are accommodating and understanding. They help you improve your Spanish without criticizing your ability.

The local ABV coordinator was extremely helpful. She helped me changed my Galapagos flights (without a change fee) and took care of me when I returned from the Galapagos with a fever.

How can this program be improved?
1) You don’t need as much as you think – you’re not going to wear those extra three sundresses.

2) Figure out how to withdraw cash in the Galapagos either before your trip or the day you arrive (alert your bank that you will be in Ecuador, get your card cleared, etc.).
Yes, I recommend this program

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