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Travel to Ecuador for one to two weeks with Global Volunteers for a new perspective! As a volunteer, you will help children, families and caregivers. This is a great volunteer opportunity for all types of travelers. Our Ecuadorian host partner needs your help in these areas:

Childcare: infants and preschoolers.
Construction: expansion of a new childcare facility and playground.
Physical labor: landscaping, painting and masonry.
Teaching English language skills: informal one-on-one teaching. (Math, science, geography teaching, studying and homework help is also needed.)
Public health: Helping with health campaigns and promoting healthy habits like washing hands with soap and water.

Volunteer projects start year-round so visit our website for the most up-to-date information. Thank you for taking an interest in volunteering!

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My goal was to help the staff and children in whatever way they felt was needed. I am a retired early childhood special ed teacher so I took activities, songs, books etc but only used what the teachers wanted as part of their day. It was a very rewarding experience but not always easy for me as their structure is very different from an early childhood program in the US. However, the children were very loving and anxious for attention and the teachers appreciative for the help so it was a good way to learn a new culture.

The program director was wonderful, full of enthusiasm and so helpful. Any difficulties which came along were easily solved with her expert help and fluent spanish. She also knew Quito and how to see all the beautiful and interesting areas of the city. I always felt safe and did not worry about being out and about.

My only change would be to bring warmer clothes if I went in Jan. again, especially pajamas. We had some lovely days but evenings were damp and rainy. Without heat in the hotel it could be chilly. My hair dryer also served as a bed warmer!

Yes, I recommend this program
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One of my best vacations ever

I enjoyed working at the daycare with the kids...they even taught me three year old's Spanish. The other volunteers were amazing, after 5 years, I am still in touch with two of them (in fact one is coming to visit me in May). I went on the Global Volunteers trip alone but never felt lonely, everyone was amazing.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Children in Calderon, Ecuador, need you!

The two day care centers enable parents to work without worrying if their children are fed, cleaned, taught, and loved while apart from them. The tias or childcare workers are remarkable in keeping the youngsters' attention, challenging them through music, art, reading, playtime. Volunteers can help with the children, with construction projects,or teaching English to the tias.
The only problem I have ever encountered, other than getting lost in Quito which was totally my fault since I had a map, was keeping one toddler from and others.
The Global Volunteers organization strives to prepare its volunteers for their upcoming experience prior to their leaving their homes as well as provide them with in-country safe housing and travel, cultural opportunities, and language immersion. We are well-fed, comfortably housed, and become cherished workers who have made many new friends, both young and not so young, at the end of our two-week stay. Come join me in Ecuador!

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Beautiful Family Experience

I went to Calderon, Ecuador with my husband and three boys, ages 13, 10 and 8. It was our first family volunteering experience, and we loved it. The leader was so well-organized and helpful with everything that came along. The other volunteers were a varied and wonderful group and we shared lots of laughs together. The teachers and school children were definitely in need of our help, and we felt that our hard work was appreciated...but most of all, we gained a wonderful new perspective of the love and culture of the people in Calderon. This volunteer experience was sandwiched between a trip to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos, but if you ask my kids their favorite part of the trip, they all say it was volunteering in Calderon.

Yes, I recommend this program


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