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Our community partnerships in Fiji date to 1993. These deep roots mean that we have friends in every village we visit and our expert local staff members make students immediately feel at home. Arriving students are welcomed to their programs with a traditional sevu sevu ceremony and invited to share a taste of kava. Our Fiji programs visit villages on remote islands and in the mountainous highlands, locations not available to the average tourist.

Sailing through the islands of Fiji feels like you’re in a postcard brought to life. Whether you are in the highlands or among the islands, you will constantly be surrounded by calming tropical scenery. The warmth of the Fijian people make you feel at home and you will find yourself easily adjusting to island life.

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Hey Sarah! I had the exact same question when embarking on my trip to Fiji. Being my first Rustic trip I followed the packing list completely. Which you should do because some of my friends did not have some of the stuff I had. I wish I brought more lounging, comfy clothing. Everything says on the website "no leggings", but everyone wore leggings and comfy lounging clothes when we weren't in...
I used a huge duffel bag, along with a day pack on all of the Rustic trips that I went on. I found that to work very well rather than a suitcase, as a suitcase would be harder to lug around, and duffels are made to carry easily.
I wouldn't consider the experience as a "tour group feel" whatsoever. You get really close with the other travelers, as you spend all day every day with them. There are activities put in place to break some ice and learn names, but after that initial "awkward" stage of not knowing anyone else, you'll find that you bond with the other kids really easily. Everyone in the group doesn't want to "tour"...
Yes! The entire time I never questioned anything that was going on in terms of my safety. When we stayed on SomoSomo island there was a guard who watched our camp site throughout the entire night.


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Miss it every day

I don't even know where to begin. I have loved the Rustic trips I've been on, they've all been different, but all great in their own ways (Costa Rica, Australia, Fiji, India). The people in Fiji are great--I became friends with a lot of the Fijian staff. The country itself is also breathtaking--literally. It's exquisite.
We were split up into groups and each day did volunteer (my group mostly worked in schools), and the weekend consisted of one day going to Koropita and the other day an optional trip where you get to pick between things like skydiving, going to the beach, island hopping, and much more. This was in 2008, so I know things have changed, but I'm certain only for the better.
I still keep in contact with some of the friends I met there and see them occasionally (living all over the country makes that a little difficult though).
Truly life-changing experience, truly unforgettable, and is definitely something different from the every day hustle and bustle of life in your town.

Yes, I recommend this program


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