Aliore: Live with and teach English to a family in France!
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Aliore: Live with and teach English to a family in France!

Teach English to a French family and enjoy free room and board!
Aliore places native English speakers in home-stays throughout France. Teachers typically spend 15 hours a week teaching English to their host family. These exchanges can be formal or informal depending on the preferences of the family. This is a great opportunity to be immersed in French culture, and improve your linguistic skills. Placements are usually in southern France, however, positions are available in Paris, and other areas in France. We send volunteers to France year round, inquire about a placement today!

  • Travel at low cost and live like a native!
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All the coordination, in-person visits and communication necessary to organise the placement with a host family in France (placement includes accommodation and meals)
Orientation information, and all in-country informational materials.
Transfer from the airport/ train station to the host family
Guidance from in country coordinator throughout your stay
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Depending on how long you plan to go to France, the costs vary! 4 weeks : 390 € 8 weeks : 490 € 12 weeks : 590 € Hope that helps! Here's the link for more info:
Yes if your English is perfect, then it is possible to take part to this programme and if your native language is Spanish, it is even more interesting as we have families interested in practising both languages!

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A truly fulfilling experience!

I took on this program straight after completing A level French in the hope of improving my confidence in speaking before starting French at university. The team found the perfect family as the young girl I taught had the same proficiency in English as I did in French and we both helped one another with a great use of 'Franglais' when necessary!
I stayed in the beautiful Cévennes, was welcomed warmly by the family and given a room with a view of the mountains. The location was truly picturesque however spending a month in rural France is obviously an enormous change for a born-and-raised city girl and at times it was extremely quiet. I would urge those who enjoy the night-life available in the city to think carefully before committing to a month, however for those who prefer peace (or want a challenge) it is the most wonderful place to spend your time teaching!
At 18, I have only recently completed sixth form and the thought of becoming a teacher was extremely daunting. Of course, a little resistance to the lessons was to be expected of any teenager during the summer holidays and it takes a patient and determined spirit to keep searching for ways to captivate and enthuse the student with various exercises and games. I communicated only in English with my student, so as to provide continuous speaking practice, and she responded enthusiastically to the challenge, gradually improving her pronunciation and expanding her vocabulary base. When it came to teaching grammar, she was obviously not as enthusiastic and I had to search around on the internet for little quizzes to interest and involve her as much as possible.
Ultimately the experience is as worthwhile as you make it, so it is vital to have the courage to throw yourself into life in France and take on the opportunities presented to you. I found that, despite going out to be a teacher, I in fact learned so much myself and feel ready to begin French at university with greater confidence. I would absolutely recommend this trip as it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I cannot thank the Real Gap team enough for making it happen!

How can this program be improved?

The links to teaching websites were not very helpful, therefore sites with useful lesson plans and activities on offer would be much appreciated.

Yes, I recommend

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