Volunteer in Crete, Greece - Teach Children & Adults!
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Volunteer in Crete, Greece - Teach Children & Adults!

Join Global Volunteers for one to two weeks and teach English in Crete, the captivating Greek island. Volunteers in Greece have the chance to help hopeful young students succeed in the professional world with English language skills.

We're looking for volunteers to work on improving students’ pronunciation and usage of English throughout the year. Volunteer teachers, who are aided by pre existing classroom materials and curriculum, don’t need any previous teaching experience, only general knowledge of syntax, diction and idioms. Volunteer activities include informal language training, field trips, scavenger hunts, games, and more. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the coast on the island of Crete as a volunteer with Global Volunteers!

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Global Volunteers tax-deductible Greece program fee starts at $2,795. The fee includes all meals, accommodations, airport transportation, transportation within volunteer projects, project costs, administrative expenses, and support from Global Volunteers staff. Discounts are also available for students, family and multi-person groups, and returning volunteers. Free-time activities, airfare, or other travel are not included in the fees.

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Contributing to a brighter future

At 24, I took a year off work to go explore the world. I backpacked around Europe for 4 months and volunteering in Greece was by far the highlight of my trip. It was a meaningful experience to teach students with eager, bright minds. The Greek Crisis spurred the volunteers to work together to reach team goals in order to contribute to a bright future for these kids and their families. As volunteers, we were lucky to be given a window into authentic Greek culture with welcoming locals, delicious food and soaking in their sunny daily life surrounded by family.

Yes, I recommend
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Many ways to help in Greece....................comments from our host community

I returned from my second Global Volunteers stint in Crete about a week ago. My program was in Gazi, Crete working with Morfosi English school from 5p-9p every evening. It was fun, rewarding and a great cultural experience for me. Wondering if it's possible to have impact on student from a short term volunteer project as this is I emailed the teacher, Matina Papoutsidakis when I returned and asked her thoughts. Her response:

"Hi Lynn, We have had volunteers from Globlal Volunteers coming to our school for a few years now. The students are excited every time as they enjoy the opportunity to hear native speakers. For most of the students it is the first time they got to speak and spend quality time with foreigners.
They get to look through "a window" and find out about places far from their own towns. They get to see that there is a whole world beyond Crete. The teams give them a chance to broaden their horizons - it's truly a special experience for them".
My time in Crete was appreciated and very satisfying....I'm heading back next year. I particularly enjoy the location, the people, the food
and welcoming hospitality that is shown to volunteers.

How can this program be improved?

When I tell others about this program the only issue that continues to
challenge their commitment is the price. The location and options
for free time are amazing.

Yes, I recommend
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Fantastic experience!

I loved teaching in Crete! The students are enthusiastic (and very cute little kids) and their families are so grateful. The country is absolutely beautiful and you have plenty of time to see the sites. The family run hotel we stayed at was welcoming and the homemade food was delicious every day. I enjoyed this volunteer trip so much I went back again the next summer to do it again.

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching children abroad on the island of Crete in Greece

I spent 1-week in Gazi, Crete teaching children English- what a wonderful experience!

HQ Review: I arrived in Gazi & was met by the Sam, the local country manager, who kindly brought me to the hotel where we stayed. Sam & the hotel owners were warm & very accommodating, making everyone feel very welcome.

Teaching: The children of Gazi were enthusiastic, warm & very eager students! Daily lesson planning takes effort, but over time & with experience using the materials available, preparations became easier. The daily interaction with the children was very enriching- learning about their lives in Crete made the experience wholly rewarding.

Location: Gazi is a charming and safe village with a beautiful coastline. All of the local people we met were so very kind and extremely hospitable- they added to the richness of our volunteer program. The village is very close to the city of Irakleion, nearby some very key archeological sites of interest e.g., Knossos. One can find many things to do in Gazi, including swimming, site seeing, local shopping, etc. and learning about the rich history of Crete. Other towns are easily accessed by car or bus.

Summary: Would return to Gazi again as a global volunteer- the people are so very grateful to the volunteers and all that they do on behalf of their children's futures!

Yes, I recommend
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Volunteering in Crete is a unique and wonderful experience!!

The Global Volunteers Crete program leader is particularly good at assuring that you are taken care of, and that you have a great cultural experience. She is very knowledgable about the culture and shares her knowledge openly. She also includes her family in the activities. Working with the children is fun and challenging.

Yes, I recommend
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great program!

This was a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Greek culture. Beautiful surroundings, fresh food, friendly people- it was amazing. Teaching children English= priceless. You can't imagine how even the simple things (playing duck, duck goose) make such a difference. The kids are so excited to learn and so curious about their teachers from afar. Days were scheduled, but plenty of free time to see and experience things around the island. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching in Gazi

In 2008, I spent two weeks of my life in Gazi, teaching fourth grade children. Two weeks have never impacted my life more. Not only were the students awe-inspiring in their determination, enthusiasm and spirit, but also being in Crete on the Mediterranean was breath-taking. We stayed in a quaint hotel that catered to our every need. We really got to know the staff, it felt like family! In the mornings we taught children, in the afternoon we relaxed on the beach (my happy place) and at night we hit the town and had an absolute blast. The people of Crete were so open and friendly! The weekends were for sight-seeing and more beach dwelling! I went on a ferry ride to Santorini and toured a volcano, it was amazing. If you want a trip that will allow you to get to know local culture, be relaxing and have an active nightlife, this is THE trip for you! It also looks GREAT on a resume!

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching English in Crete

I have had many opportunities to teach English abroad as both a volunteer or a staff member. My experience in Crete was wonderful in every way. The children were enthusiastic, the local staff was welcoming and the Global Volunteer support perfect. There were opportunities to really teach and time and materials for lesson preparation. As for free time, there were unlimited possibilities within easy reach by walking or public transportation.

Yes, I recommend
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St. Spiro's - Crete

My group consisted of 8 University of Minnesota students who signed up to Teach English in Crete to young school children. Due to the Greece's economic situation, and the various austerity measures, the teachers were on strike. For this reason our group withheld from teaching English as volunteers (which would promote resentment of paid teachers) and instead paved the road for Global Volunteer interaction with the St. Spiro's center for mentally challenged (whom are far from disabled).
Perhaps Global Volunteers foresaw this issue (of striking teachers) before we had departed, but we were not informed until we had arrived. My guess is that they were hoping for the best, as we were told our first day of a pending decision to help out at St. Spiro's. It was my understanding that this center had been seeking volunteers for some time. These requests were not met due to some uncertainty from Global Volunteers, but quickly faded after the successes of our group, indicated by several missions after this.
At St. Spiro's we worked on arts and crafts with these members, played activities such as basketball, danced, observed them instruct young students from a nearby school on driving practices, and helped them practice for a parade. What we were observing and helping to develop, was a greater sense of the abilities of mentally challenged individuals rather than their disabilities. Below I have provided a link to a review written in June 2011 in "The Coastal Journal" in which our team leader, Sam, is mentioned discussing some of these issues.
One thing that I noticed while working with this center was the strong sense of community. An unfortunate incident occurred where one of the members of this center hit another member. When this happened many of the others consoled the abused member, and shunned the abuser. It shouldn't at all be remarkable to me that they stand up for each other, and protect each other. Again, they are far from disabled.
To say more about the rest of my experience, besides it having been too short, it was wonderful. We arrived out of tourist season and so the beaches were mostly barren and strewn with debris that washed up from the ocean. Within days though people were out and about, working diligently to clean up for Summer tourist season. It was nice to see an alternative aspect of Crete that a real tourist wouldn't see, to see Crete in another light.
We stayed with at a family-run hotel (Hotel Handakas) in Gazi. My only regret here is that I was unable to speak with them about their experiences. But this didn't prevent us from interacting. For instance, one afternoon we all came down to the pool area to bask in the Mediterranean sun (note that inside it can be quite chilly, but outside the sun burns). When we asked to use the sun-chairs they immediately set about washing them off for us, after they had been stored for the winter. And so, we helped. Our group and this family set up a sort of assembly line. It may seem like a trivial incident, but it's little things like this that demonstrate the extent that our hosts will go to accomodate us.
I shouldn't say too much more, so I will end with these words: the food is amazing, the people are great, don't be afraid of the dogs, don't count the shrines at the edge of road to St. Spiro's (and don't ask what they're for), and try a local orange if you can-they're amazing.

Yes, I recommend
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Life Changing Experience

This program changed me for life. I came back with a new sense of appreciation, knowledge of a different culture, and memories that I will carry for ever. I met amazing people, both from Greece and the volunteers, that impacted me in ways I cannot described. I recommend this program to any one, any age, from anywhere.

No, I don't recommend
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Great program, great experience!

I had a wonderful time in Greece teaching english in summer camps on the island of Crete. The kids were grateful to have us there, the community was wonderful, our hotel staff were so friendly, and the country coordinator gave it the extra special touch by allowing us to get to know her kids and spending time with us outside of the volunteer hours. Words cannot do justice for what I felt and feel about this program. I plan to make it back again! Crete is a lovely place and we had plenty of time to explore our beautiful surroundings as well as participate in the service program.

Yes, I recommend
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A great experience in a wonderful country

From the time I was a child I wanted to travel the Greece. Once I started volunteering abroad, Greece placed high on my wish list. Global Volunteers was that perfect fit and opportunity to get to know the Greek people and their culture, yet remain in a safe, comfortable environment. We spent the days finding fun, interactive ways to work the children on their English skills, and the late afternoons and evenings exploring the local communities and beyond with other members of our volunteer group. Global Volunteers does a good job of structuring your stay and providing opportunities for cultural exchanges with local community members. Samantha "Sam" - the Greece Coordinator, and her family make you feel right at home and embrace you as a family member during your stay. The children at the Gazi Summer School Program and a joy to work with and kept us very busy. You will also have additional time to travel during the weekend between your 2 week service program. If you've ever wanted to travel to Greece, this is a great way to help the children yet see and experience the beautiful country!

Yes, I recommend
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Volunteer in Crete!

The bus ride every morning through a beautiful landscape on your way to St. Spiros at the top. Sam always greeting us with a smile and a "Kali mera". An amazing experience that I will never forget. Thank you Samantha and Thank you Global Volunteers!


Yes, I recommend
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An Amazing Experience with Global Volunteers in Greece

I spent two weeks at the Gazi Summer camp in 2010. It was at the beginning of the economic troubles in Greece and there had been rioting in Athens. What amazed me was that I never experienced what I had been reading about in the newspapers here. There were no riots when I was in Athens and the island of Crete was wonderful, the people were friendly, and I always felt safe. I think of the kids I met there often, some of them still e-mail me. I am hoping to return, that's how much I loved it.

Yes, I recommend
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Beautiful Crete - true heart of Greece

I loved my time w/Sam and the wonderful Global Volunteers staff on Crete. Loved working at the Agia Pelagia school with Father Antonis (sp?) This unforgettable experience broadened my horizons and changed my worldview. Thank you, GV, for an amazing time!

Yes, I recommend

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