Volunteer in Crete, Greece - Teach Children & Adults with Global Volunteers!

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Volunteers in Greece
Volunteers in Greece
Global Volunteers in Greece with children
Global Volunteers in Greece with children


Join Global Volunteers for one to two weeks and teach English in Crete, the captivating Greek island. Volunteers in Greece have the chance to help hopeful young students succeed in the professional world with English language skills.

We're looking for volunteers to work on improving students’ pronunciation and usage of English throughout the year. Volunteer teachers, who are aided by pre existing classroom materials and curriculum, don’t need any previous teaching experience, only general knowledge of syntax, diction and idioms. Volunteer activities include informal language training, field trips, scavenger hunts, games, and more. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the coast on the island of Crete as a volunteer with Global Volunteers!

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Hi, Varsha. Yes, non-native English speakers can definitely apply. Our service programs are conducted in English and so volunteers must be fluent, but native fluency is not required. We have had many non-native English speakers report a wonderful experience in service!

Hi Michelle: The earlier the register, the better. Our volunteer teams can fill up quickly depending on what season you're thinking about serving. June is a perfect month to apply, because we have an unbeatable opportunity to save right now. As a first-time volunteer, you qualify for a $500 discount on any international service program! $1,000 per couple! It's simple - register in June for any...

Hi Myriam, Volunteers stay at a secure, beach-side hotel in Greece. It features private bathrooms with hot water, twin beds, in-room safes and telephones, and very friendly staff. Most rooms offer wireless internet, balconies and beautiful views of the swimming pool. Accommodations are included in the service program contribution. You can view pictures of the hotel on our Greece page:

Hi Melissa! Yes, Australians volunteer with us. If you would like, we can put you in touch with others who have served through Global Volunteers from Australia.


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Yes, I recommend this program

A Beautiful Experience!

This trip is my very favorite one out of the many worldwide volunteering trips that I've taken over the years. I really cannot praise the whole experience enough! Global Volunteers stay at the Handakas Hotel in the village of Amoudara, located near the capital of Crete (Heraklion). The hotel was the best one that I have ever stayed at! It's no Hilton, but I would take it over a Hilton any day. The atmosphere is peaceful (and occasionally very fun- I'll get to that), the building itself is beautiful, the food is always fresh (they have a garden), the owners are lovely people, and the bedroom conditions are very satisfactory. The team manager of the Crete program often brings her family over to the hotel, and it seems that the owners also bring their family and friends to the hotel for an evening dip in the pool, or just to hang out. It's a very relaxing scene!
A special note on the food: the meals that you have at the hotel are always very tasty. You will get a few repeats, but that shouldn't be a problem in the big picture. It's possible to get soda and sweet things at the hotel, but they usually bring out water to drink and a peach for dessert, unless you ask otherwise. They have a nice little bar in the dining room, as well as a radio that you are free to control, and a good working space to plan out your teaching lessons (in the same room). The food outside of Handakas is great as well. If you are a vegetarian, it won't be an issue (I don't think vegans would have trouble either, but I can't be too sure).
The program itself is a summer school in Gazi. Volunteers help to teach the students English, but in a summer-school type of way. The children are a true joy to work with; they are always bursting with enthusiasm to learn and have fun, and they seem to really enjoy having people from different countries visit their own. The only downside of the school is the lack of air conditioning, which can get to you. But once you accept this fact and get over it, any trouble with the matter is easily forgotten.
The town of Amoudara is a lovely place to be. Whenever you pass by an oleander bush, the sweet scent fills the air around you; wherever you go, people are always welcoming and glad to have you there; and it doesn't hurt that there's a great beach nearby! During the weekends, you are more than able to go around to different places in Crete (in the general area, so as to ensure your presence at school on Monday) and explore the island, whether by seeing the history, the nature, or just being a tourist in general.
The team that I worked with all bonded terrifically over the course of the standard two-week stay. We're all good friends, and we still keep in touch two years later. If you take this trip, I guarantee that it will stand out among any other trips that you have taken, and if you are a first-timer to "voluntourism," I guarantee that you will be a convert. There is something for everyone here, and I cannot recommend this trip to you enough.

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Yes, I recommend this program

THE best volunteer opportunity evoooor!!!!

Teaching English to the children of Gazi during their summer camp was one of the best experiences of my life. It was so incredible that I went back a second year to do it all over again. The leader of the program, Samantha Pinakoulaki is a gifted and caring leader. She gave us everything we needed to teach the kiddos, provided us outstanding recreational activities (we were on Crete after all), and helped us forge lasting friendships. The children are eager to learn English and the parents and community were not only supportive, but amazingly grateful for our efforts.

Each day the team ate breakfast together and prepared for the day. We were bussed to the school in luxury where frequently the students were waiting for us to arrive. After a brief time of gathering materials, we began with our morning song, and then it was English lessons taught with stories, songs, games, puzzles, conversations, crafts, along with lots of laughter. My co-teacher and I enjoyed the children, and since we are teachers by profession, made our classroom into a bit of an American one. The children responded well and were soon acting just like our usual students. After camp, we returned to our hotel (run by the sweetest man in all of Crete) to plan the next day's adventure. After lunch we were free to explore the island with its amazing history (the ruins of Knossos and Festos; a Byzantine fort, the port of Heraklion, to name just a few) and beautiful beaches and coastline. At the end of our two-week session, we were celebrated with a pot-luck Greek-style, Greek dancing, and presentation of certificates from the mayor and school principal thanking us for our generosity in giving our time to help the children of Gazi.

The children can be challenging. Working with new people has its ups and downs. The heat can be unbelievable. But at the end of the day, those kids are just the cutest thing going; new friends are now closer than some old ones; and nothing can compare to cooling off in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

If you are looking for a fulfilling experience in a beautiful setting, this is the experience you must have. Efharisto poli, Global Volunteers!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Global volunteers in Crete

My Husband and I spent 2 wonderful weeks working with mentally disabled adults at a center in the mountains of Crete with Global Volunteers. We worked with our friends on craft projects that they sell to support the center. We stayed at a friendly family hotel in Gaza (just outside of Heraklion) and had a great group of volunteers from around the US. Our country manager and project leader, Samantha, was well connected in the community and helped to ensure that our volunteer time was well-spent. I have written a blog on our trip at http://mygrecoromanholiday2011.blogspot.com/2011/04/two-day…