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4 to 52 weeks

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Year Round
Small Group (1-15)
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Starting Price
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The costs of the program are (subject to exchange rates):

---> 250 USD / 227 EUR one time registration fee

---> 168 USD / 150 EUR per month for a private room in the volunteer house

---> 48 USD / 44 EUR approximate cost of one-way taxi ride from the Chennai airport to volunteer house in Pondicherry

---> Personal costs for toiletries, food, travel around India, etc will vary depending on the volunteer's choices.

India is very cheap compared to Western countries and most volunteers find it easy to afford a comfortable standard of living while in Pondicherry.

*Discounts may be available for volunteers who stay longer than 6 months. Contact IVC for more information.
What's Included
Activities Equipment Meals Transportation Wifi
What's Not Included
Accommodation Airfare Domestic Airfare Airport Transfers SIM cards Travel Insurance Visa
May 03, 2023
Dec 02, 2015
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About Program

Change lives through India Volunteer Care! Located in Pondicherry, India, IVC was created to connect volunteers with local NGOs who cannot gain the attention of a worldwide audience. We believe that all volunteers have unique services to offer, so while staying with IVC, committed interns have the freedom and support to use their skills to aid a diverse range of local organizations. As a result, we can achieve a stronger NGO sector in Pondicherry.

Many of our programs focus on education and societal awareness, often resulting in economic independence and an improvement of life quality. Our programs include:
- Teaching English
- Empowering Rural Women
- IT Tutorials for all ages
- Capacity Building, Elderly Care
- Women’s Counselling
- Safe Sex Awareness
- Environmental Awareness
- Caring for Disabled Children
- Advocating Gay Rights... and much more!

Visit our website for more details, and please help us to improve the lives of a deserving community.

Consider your impact: Volunteering abroad can be a rewarding experience for both volunteers and local communities, and at Go Overseas, we believe all volunteers should have the resources to make informed decisions about the type of volunteer project they want to partake in. However, despite best intentions, some organizations offering placements in orphanages may unknowingly place children in danger. You can read about the potential dangers of orphanage volunteering here. Learn more about how India Volunteer Care is promoting ethical volunteering.

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Program Highlights

  • A unique working environment with a direct influence on the livelihood to the those supported by you
  • Opportunities for self-development, allowing you to decide how you can contribute
  • Living in Pondicherry, a fantastic flavour of India with a rich culture and exciting experiences to offer

Program Impact

Born out of a desire to support local NGOs with their invaluable community work, India Volunteer Care welcomes volunteers who have the skill, ability, passion, and the profound willingness to make a positive difference in this world. Is that you?

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No, I don't recommend this program

Not impactful, more fun than volunteering

Unfortunately, the work that India Volunteer Care do is actually very limited. Most of their project do not receive recurring funding because of their lack of success and deliverables but as volunteer stints are short it's often difficult to see this.

Furthermore, the business model is sustain on volunteer donations, as such volunteers are given work to do only to justify charging them for the experience of staying. Unfortunately, while at IVC I found evidence of wilful finance mismanagement and misappropriation of funds.

While I wish I could be more positive, I feel that actually, people should be aware of the realities of working for this organisation.

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Response from India Volunteer Care

We are sorry you feel this way about your time with us. Furthermore, we wish that we could have reached an understanding so that you could have continued volunteering with us. We do have rules for IVC volunteers, and when you were unwilling to follow them after repeated requests, we did need to ask you to leave. Keeping 5 dogs within the volunteer quarters was not respectful to other volunteers, to our property, or to the working and living environment we try to maintain.

To address some of your specific concerns:

India Volunteer Care gives volunteers a lot of freedom in choosing what programs they are interested in, and how they'd like to help. We also try to be flexible with volunteers' timetables, if they are only able to volunteer for a short time we find that as an opportunity to share in our community to learn and help help, if even for a couple weeks.

We do use volunteers' fees to help support our programs, but that translates into a positive, not a negative. Volunteers are meeting and seeing the underprivileged women and children their fees go to support. They are participating in, molding, and creating the programs that wouldn't exist without this volunteer support. Many of our volunteers turn out to be our greatest donors as well, after they return home they and friends and family continue to support us - as they feel they know and have seen the good work we do.

For more information on our business model, where volunteer fees go, our annual reports audited by the appropriate government offices - anyone can visit our website at www.indiavolunteercare.com for this information.

If you, or any others, have further questions please feel free to contact us here, through our website, or e-mail us at admin@indiavolunteercare.com .

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Experience

Hi ! My name is Max. I am 22 and I am from Belgium. I am doing a 3-months internship in India Volunteer Care for my studies.

I decided to volunteer with IVC for three main reasons.
First, IVC is working in collaboration with Prime Trust, another NGO in Pondicherry. This NGO is active in many different projects. Indeed, they offered to volunteers different projects such as a Microcredit program, a women empowerement program, children projects, etc. At the beginning, I was supposed to work on the microcredit program seeing my background in Economics and Management. But once arrived in Pondicherry, I also gave French lessons to spirited children aged 10 to 16. I had never taught any French lesson before but after a few days it became an easy job. I was supposed to give French lessons for only one week but their rapid progress incited me to continue teaching.
Second, IVC provides assistance and accommodation in a guest house during your stay. This is an undeniably advantage of this NGO. Living together with other worldwide volunteers in the same gest house is really nice.
Third, doing my internship with IVC was a unique opportunity for me to visit India, a country I have never been before. It is not a usual tourist experience because I have lots of contacts with local people especially children and women.

Anyway, this internship is a unique experience and I enjoy each minute of my stay.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Summer in Pondy

I'm back in the United States now but the time spent in Pondicherry, India volunteering with India Volunteer Care will always remain with me. The people, culture, food, and the opportunity to develop and maintain programs that help create positive change in a community are all amazing gifts to appreciate. This may have been my first volunteer experience abroad, but it certainly won't be my last.

While working with IVC I was involved with two projects/daily operations: developing media content and teaching English for the after school program. These are my main skills, and because IVC allows its volunteers a huge amount of freedom in pursuing their interests, I felt my time was used correctly and efficiently. This freedom is a bit daunting however as each volunteer is responsible for themselves and the projects they're pursuing. Though there are weekly meetings where the staff and volunteers discuss the work completed during the week, no one will force you to give it your all. That conviction comes from within, and, hopefully, a person's desire to create change will drive them to work to their full potential and not take advantage of living safely in a foreign city. Bottom line: a volunteer has the ability to work on ANY project she or he wants, with the full support of the staff, but making the most of that project lies with the volunteer.

In terms of the facilities and Pondicherry itself, the new IVC website gives a very accurate and detailed description of what you can find there (the accommodation provided, the local restaurants, the sights to see). Any other questions about the organization can be found there as well.

Lastly, if a person decides to partner with IVC they will have the amazing opportunity to work with an amazing human being, Rajesh, the Volunteer Coordinator. Though there are other great staff to interact with as well, Rajesh is one of the kindest, warmest, and sincerest persons I have ever met. He will help any volunteer with any possible need they might have, and he is a dear friend to all who know him.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Summer in Pondicherry

I've spent 8 weeks here so far, and to think I'm leaving in 4 weeks greatly saddens me. Keeping in mind working and living in India is just that, working and living in India, being a person from the United States I've found after small adjustments that this is one of the most wonderful places I've ever lived and worked. The staff (specifically the director) is extremely open to any projects or ideas the interns have. It should be noted that Prime Trust will not require much of you, interns must be self-motivating with projects - but the staff is always there to assist you in whatever you're interested in pursuing in your time with them.

Specifically, I've been involved teaching English to the children in the evening schools, as well as much computer work - fundraising, grant writing, updating our blogs/facebook/website, and things of that nature. There is much work to be done here by international interns, so if one is motivated enough to take on projects and manage their time well, I think you'll leave feeling like you've really made a difference - either directly to the people Prime Trust serves, or indirectly by building the efficiency and capacity of Prime Trust as an organization.

Living here with other interns has been a big part of my growth as a person as well. People from all over the world are always moving in and out of Prime Trust's guest houses, and there is always some to go eat eat dinner with or to take out to the cinema.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A true South Indian experience and a lot of support from the Indian staff

For my Dutch MSc program International Management I was looking for a NGO internship in India. Via India Volunteer Care I was assigned to work for Prime Trust, a microcredit organisation that aims to improve the standard of living of women in the Puducherry community. I am now in the third week of my ten week internship and so far I have had a wonderful experience.
Prime Trust organised a pickup from my hostel in Chennai and brought me to the IVC Guest house in Puducherry, where I now live with four other volunteers. The accommodation is cheap and absolutely well worhty; we have a big living room, a kitchen, a shower and Western toilet and even an office with a desk that we can use. The neighbourhood is safe and friendly and I feel totally comfortable walking outside alone by day and night.

With regard to the internship, Prime Trust gave me (and all others) a big amount of freedom in choosing what I wanted to do. The first week included an introduction to all Prime Trust's programs. I visited the orphanage, a remedial school, the micro credit office and a Self-Help group (a group of women that together apply for microcredit).
I am now spending most of my time on fundraising in order to raise funds for Prime Trust's programs, wirting newspaper articles in order to make Prime Trust more known, and conducting awareness programs to the Self-Help Groups. Furthermore, I teach English and am involved in the organisation of activities for the children of the remedial schools and the orphanage.

For me, my internship at Prime Trust (via India Volunteer Care) has given me the opportunity to truly experience the South Indian culture. The staff is very committed and very supportive and open to all new ideas. I can recommend everyone to come to Puducherry and work for Prime Trust!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering experience

I had wonderful experience with India volunteer care. They have offered what I came with my own expectations. I was offered a nice place to stay, good guidance about the project and periodical interactions with me and regular feed back made me feel happy.

In addition to that I had an opportunity to learn tamil lessions, yoga and south indian cooking.

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