Educate Underprivileged Children in India

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Here at Prime Trust we believe that education is vital for the alleviation of poverty.
We currently run:

- Remedial schools; where you have the opportunity to teach English to children from low-income backgrounds. These classes occur after school, supporting their schooling during the day. As well as improving their second language skills, these classes also boost the self-confidence of the children. If you are proficient or specialise in another subject, you are welcome to run such classes as well.

- Janani Home for Girls; an orphanage which we run, providing food, shelter and support for young girls born into deprivation. Here you have the opportunity to carry out activities and classes with the girls. Past volunteers have conducted music classes, yoga, meditation, arts and crafts, gardening, English classes and more. We welcome you to share any interests or skills that you have with the girls, providing experiences and education which aren't available at school.

  • Flexible classes and activities
  • Opportunities for self-development, allowing you to decide how you can contribute
  • Involvement with an organisation where you can see the efforts required for development and poverty alleviation
  • Develop ties and relationships with local people that tourism alone could never offer you.
  • Contribute to decision making processes that will have an impact beyond your stay at the project.


Born out of a desire to combat poverty and serve those in need, Prime Trust welcomes volunteers who have the skill, ability, passion, and the profound willingness to make a positive difference in this world. Is that you?

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Yes, I recommend this program

Music lessons with Tarun

Volunteering with Prime Trust was a lifetime experience!
The staff is extremely nice and helpful. They will show you around and will always be happy to answer your questions. The volunteering stay is a nice stay and close to the shops and projects. Pondicherry is overall a nice city to stay in, it has everything you need. Also the project has made some nice day trips to give you the opportunity to see some more of the environment.
Volunteering here is a good opportunity to do something for the people and experience their culture.
I was a music and English teacher at the Janani Home for Girls, the Evening Tution and the Sabari Primary School. I doesn't matter where you come from, everybody likes music, it connects people with each other. This was something I experienced during the project.
As a formal Indian citizen, I am blessed to had this opportunity to work this close with the Indian people and their culture. Prime Trust thank you for this amazing experience!

Feel free to ask any questions.
If you are interested check out my blog of the journey:


What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Don't rush. The Indian culture is sometimes quite hectic. Take it slow and accept some things will go different than you are used to. Don't forget to enjoy your time!
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Yes, I recommend this program

A life changing experience

I was a volunteer for Prime Trust and it changed my life completely! The experience was life changing and I had fun too! Working with them helped me to be more open and it was amazing helping them ! The city it’s charming too and you have a lot of activities to do besides your volunteering. It’s safe and the stuff it’s there to help you ! I had the opportunity to visit the houses of some of the students and see their reality ! It was really good they were really thankful. Also Pondicherry it’s a nice city to explore and you make friends from other countries to ! experiencing a new culture was amazing too! Food, new activities and a new way of living changed the way I was living ! I can’t wait to go back hopefully soon! It’s one of those trips that you enjoyed and look forward to have it again !

What would you improve about this program?
Making the programs more clear and having a consistency with volunteers