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Come to Jamaica for a chance to give back and lend a helping hand to the less fortunate. We have a wide range of volunteer programs for you to choose from, regardless of your level of skill or expertise. Whether you are looking to travel abroad to work with children, families, animals, teach a foreign language or work with the environment, we have a project available to help you further your cause.

Some of our most popular volunteer programs are:

Volunteer Teaching Abroad
Orphanage Volunteer Programs
Sports Volunteering Abroad
Human Rights Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad Business Development
Volunteer Abroad Women's Empowerment
Humanitarian Volunteer & Sponsor A Family Or Child
Building and Maintenance Volunteer Abroad
Teach Foreign Language in Jamaica
Environmental Conservation Projects
Medical Volunteer Projects
Women's Rights & Development
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Asimina Kosti-Stavri
Yes, I recommend this program

Lifetime Memories

In Jamaica, with Jamaica International Projects, I had a wonderful and unforgettable experience. It really taught me a lot. Although I was the one teaching the kids, I myself also learned a lot about Jamaica, its culture, and its people. I was very happy seeing the kids smiling because of me. This of course, needed effort and a lot of work but it was totally worth it. I was preparing for this trip long before I got there. I was from the first moment very excited about it. However, I did not expect to have such a great time. I taught french and volunteered in an orphanage. Each gave me something different to remember and I can admit that I really miss it now. I think about it very often and I would really like to go back or at least do something similar the soonest possible! I love offering my help to the others and in Jamaica this happened under the best circumstances; the people were polite, the place was beautiful and safe. I recommend it to everyone who has the will to help and who wants and likes to work hard. Volunteering is not about saying that you did a good deed but about working hard and wanting to do what you are doing!