18 Month Poverty Program in Malawi and Mozambique
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18 Month Poverty Program in Malawi and Mozambique

This is a comprehensive work-study program on global poverty. You will learn about the conditions of the billions of people living in poverty and how it affects their health, education, freedom, economic opportunity.

During the first six months you will begin preparation on campus. You will take courses on irrigation, sanitation, HIV/AIDS prevention, and why there is so much poverty in the world. You will also work with practical studies with farming, building water tanks, cleaning water and much more.

The next six month service period you and your team will travel to your project run by Humana People to People. You will work with the communities to educate and empower them to change and better their lives. You will use all of the skills you learned in the first period to use.

During the third and final six month period, you will work together with your team to create a final project back on campus. You and your team will then bring your final project to the public.

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There is a $400 enrollment fee that reserves your space on the team.
The tuition fee is $4900.
These fees along with fundraising and outreach cover your courses & training, housing, meals, vaccinations, visas, travel to and from the service period, health insurance during the service period and much more.
You are responsible for your travel to and from campus.
We recommend you bring additional money for souvenirs.

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24 years old
In Korea

It was so precious time in my life.


I used to think that it is for only those who get prepared fully to help with the poor people.

Since I met this program, the answer of my doubt said "No"

We all are responsible to make a better world.

In a small picture, you're part of helping with the poor people as long as you considered the global issues like global warming and climate change where the poor suffer from those issues based on the examples of "Water conflict between Kenya and Ethiopia"

Every single thing we do may impact on hugely in the other side of the earth either good or bad.

Being aware what is going in the reality.

How can this program be improved?

As we meet a lot of people from all over the world, I could learn many things.

The more people are involved in and aware of it, the closer we moved a bit in a better world.

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32 years old
South Bend
Indiana University- South Bend

A Great Opportunity!


Thanks to this program you can try out a different lifestyle and learn a lot about other cultures, global issues and even yourself. Living in community is not always easy, but it definitely teaches us a lot about who we are, what is the power of a collective and how we can solve issues together.

The experience is challenging and rewarding.

Just do it!

How can this program be improved?

The program would be better if more people were involved. The more the better, so it can be more dynamic and fun!

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